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DIY: Making your own cleaners!

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my blog to first timers or returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and following.

This goes out to all the DIYer's!  Here is my recipe for making your own energy clearing and pet/kid safe cleaners for your home or business.

You will need:


Cooking Twine

Small quartz crystals

Crumbles Sage and lavender

Gallon purified water or spring water

white distilled vinegar

Spray bottle for cleaning

Bundle the following up in cheesecloth:

Quartz Crystals

Sage and Lavendar

then tie off the cheesecloth with the twine.


the water on the stove so that it is hot, but not boiling:

Place the herb and crystal bundle into the water.

Set aside for 24 hours. 


The quartz crystals for the next batch.


the remainder with the water infused with the herb and crystal energy.


Use it to clean all surfaces and even add it to your laundry.

You Can Also:

Place the water in a container alone, and spray it around your home, business, or car for a quick energy clearing.


In Divine Truth and Love, 

Shira <3

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