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Attracting the Confident Co-Worker

​People are the same, no matter the gender attached to them. From blushing when you speak to them, or acting all tough and hard when you're around them, people give off all kinds of signals as to when they are attracted to someone. This even goes as far as creating competition with the person just because they are so devastated with themselves for liking the person they like! Usually when this happens, it's because it's not the typical type they go for. With my Venus-guided intuition and relationship specialty, let's jump in and focus on the similarities confident people in the workplace have when it comes to attraction and how to capitalize on it in a healthy, relationship-developing way. So, pick your preference and dive in!

The financial office has this stunning officer who not only knows what he's/she's doing, but struts with so much confidence that he/she turns heads the second he/she walks in the door. The hottest part is that he/she KNOWS he's/she's good at what he/she does, so he/she doesn't need to prove to people how amazing he/she is... Well, you'd think not until he/she set eyes on you and you are, in that moment, his/her main objective to impress you. You're the only person who doesn't find him/her all that, but you respect him/her for what he/she does at work and how well he/she does it. Or you do like him/her, but everyone in the office fawns over him/her. If you'd done the same, you'd be right in with everyone else! But, he/she likes you! With this type of person, you have to remember something ladies and gentleman, he/she ATTRACTS people to him/her all the time. He's/she's not used to actually having a challenge and this can be his/her opportunity if you play your cards right.

With a man or woman who has such a presence, letting him/her pursue you would be the key right? Well, that's not always the case. If you share the same interest as anyone who likes you, the best way to get that date is to be open to it. The emphasis is that he/she attracts people, but people that obsess over him/her. What will make you stand out is if YOU approach him/her and treat him/her as an EQUAL. As if you are two like-minded individuals having a conversation and getting to know each other. This shows confidence in yourself to pursue a conversation first, especially if you like them. Flirting should always be held back for at least after three to four conversations, of course making sure that you two are compatible enough to even flirt. Watch for those social cue. But, by you treating this successful bachelor/bachelorette as a regular Joe, he'll/she'll want to prove to you he's/she's something special. It's not manipulation of any sort, but the thing to remember about this whole situation is that he/she IS a human being and not just a delicious specimen to fantasize about. The approach is to show him/her that you'd like to see him/her for who they are and assess them as a potential partner who can work together on an equal playing field. 

Someone who's visually stunning, or has the wits to dazzle you so hard you remain that way until you go back to work the next morning just want to be seen as equals, humans. They know they are captivating, but they want to be seen for who they are. (Works great for a Leos, Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorns or Aquarians, by the way). So treat them as someone NORMAL and the romance and action can begin.

Best of luck!

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