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​Love is all around us. When I look outside I see love everywhere. God is love and he made everything. Energy is everywhere. Sometimes we have positive energy, and negative energy. Sometimes we are happy and everything is going well. Then other times we are mad or sad and everything seems to be going bad. To recharge your energy the best way is to use mother earths energy. She has a lot of love and energy to give. Just go outside and put your bare feet on ground then deep breathe once or twice. Then relax and meditate imagine the energy is flowing like through you and she is giving you love. This will help balance and energy. Another way is the sun, the sun has a lot of energy it is made up of energy. When the sun is bright you should go outside and relax, deep breathe twice and feel the sun sending you positive energy. I found this helpful when I feel sad or angry. I relax outside and meditate feeling the love and positive energy from mother earth and the sun. These are just one in a hundred ways to uplift your energy and vibrations.

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