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The Essence is Love

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking sharing, and subscribing!

Today's topic is love, unconditional love and acceptance.  Regardless of the energy healing system I am learning or upgrading my knowledge of, I find that the common thread in all systems is the  holding the intention of unconditional love.  Oftentimes, though, you and I feel that we are coming from this energy, when there is still the presence of judgement, anger, resentment, and the lower vibration emotions.

You know you are operating at Unconditional Love when:

*You can love and forgive those whom have hurt you.

*You can see something good in everyone you meet.

*You wish abundance for everyone.

*You are happy for other's success.

*You stop thinking about and focusing on other people's Karma and how they are going to "get it in the end."

*You are able to easily set negative feelings aside when they arise.

*You are able to stay in Divine Flow despite the energy around you.

*You learn to love and forgive yourself first, and know how to expand your heart's energy.

*You choose people with this same loving intention to be in your inner circle, and are careful with whom you call your best friends.

Set your filters to unconditional love,gratitude, forgiveness, and your personal growth.  When you are focused on these aspects on a daily basis, things flow much more easily for you, and time moves at a quick pace.  Making sure that your home is reflective of your inner state is essential to your growth.  I go through my home on a daily basis, including interior spaces, to keep the positive chi flowing in my home.  I can tell when I need to smudge or go through my home when my beloved dogs start to get cranky with each other.  I do smudge and pray in my home throughout the day, and I do include my car for that is a place of high energy, too.

It take Tibetan Monks years of focused and daily practice to successfully attain the state of enlightenment.  I believe that each of us can reside on unconditional love each day.

I lock this state of mindfulness in with small repetitions throughout the day.  Such as exhaling, washing my hands, and through positive prayers and affirmations during the course of the day.  I also stay away from people who gossip or bring drama with them, and have learned the power of no.  You are taken much more seriously if your yes is applied with the intention of being 100% engaged, rather than saying yes to placate or people please.  

When you are connected to unconditional love, the anxiety, fear, anger, judgement, and the lower state emotions drop away and you are left with boundless heart energy.

I often wonder what would happen if we all joined in this kind of love.  How would our world be transformed?

I love you and I believe in you.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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