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Trust and Courage

Trust and Courage. Enormous words. I have rested many times in their solace. Especially during the difficult periods of life when my direction had not made itself apparent. Who or what do we trust? Where and how do we access courage? The forever resource of existence is always at our disposal, always flowing with abundance, encouragement, and creativity but do we remember to listen?

For many of us, our negative self-talk is dominant. It urges us to expect and believe the worst. These negative programs have been so well installed in our cellular memories. Each time I remind myself to have trust and courage, my physical dimension relaxes into the depths of existence. This important signal, relaxation, points to what is nurturing to us. Negative self-talk has the opposite effect. It contracts us physically and energetically.

Trust and courage reminds us to review our past accomplishments and take note of how we achieved them. If we look closely, it is step-by-step; each simple task executed. I was once told we are never given more than a spoon to handle anything in life. The spoon is a symbol of what we need to handle each day to accomplish what we envision. But many of us think we need to be a genius making great strides (using shovels and cranes) each day and magically our life is in place! If I look back at my greatest accomplishments, they consisted of very ordinary spoonful tasks…that I accomplished each day. And in such an ordinary way, an entire organization developed. An acting career was created. Motherhood happened.

So if it so easy, why don't we just do it! What blocks us from consistently staying in the "know"? Simply our thoughts. Become aware of your thoughts, your self-talk. What is it telling you? How is it manifesting in your life? What is it you are creating?

Take full responsibility that your life is what YOU are creating and then for a few days, each time you hear your negative self-talk, repeat the words trust and courage. And celebrate your awareness!


In loving awareness of the existence and oneness of all! Sangit

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