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Miledys - Expert Psychic Advisor

Hi, my name is Miledy's at extension 1162. I've been performing psychic readings for the past 3 years. However, I grew up with tarot cards surrounding me. So, I would be picking out cards for my mother when she read to her friends from the age of 5 to 13.

I was at a holistic fair where we do psychic readings and there was a beautiful psychic reader who encouraged me to take my readings to the next level and start going online, to see how I would do as a psychic online. I was so inspired that I applied to MeetYourPsychic.com.

Where do I begin? MeetYourPsychic is such a wonderful platform to work for. They allow you to set up the time that you have available, to be part of the community with tarot card readings. They also allow you to create blogs for yourself, as well as give you an opportunity to promote yourself. They also have this beautiful timer where you can tell when a client session is almost over, and that is perfect, especially when we have last minute questions during the meeting. There are so many opportunities with MeetYourPsychic. I'm so happy to be part of it.

The general way I perform my meetings is by connecting with the client. At first, we do a small brief session and from there we jump right into their questions. Due to the time frame, we want to make sure that we get all the big questions answered on time. So, a general reading or a three card spread is one of the main things that I do.

My advice is to have fun and come in with a clear mind. Always remember that it's advice and you have the ability to change the way you take a route and your path of life.

The amazing gift about psychic readings is you are able to have clear advice on which route to take. Whether you're choosing to relocate yourself to a different state, or country, or even city. It gives you clear direction and helps you skip over the bumps that you would have experienced, if you didn't have the psychic reading.

One of the main important things that I do is to call in the angels. Our angels and all of our spirit guides (I ask) for the client to come into the meeting and provide the clearest answer. One of the things that I do is I ask the client to breathe together with me. We sync our energies together and that provides clear answers.

The tools that I use are tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulum, and astrology. I use these tools to make sure that the client receives the answer that they're looking for. There's not one way when it comes to psychic readings where you can receive an answer. Taking all those ways into account will allow the client to see what they came to see. Their truth.

The difference between face to face readings and online psychic readings, is there isn't any. It's all about your energy. The only reason why we may feel as if face to face is more accurate is because you can actually see the cards in front of you and you can see the psychic reader. When you're over the phone, it's all about an energy exchange. You can really tune into the frequency of the client and really provide them with the answer that they are looking for.

During one of my readings, I did have a client who was seeking clarification when it came to her love life. She was stuck between a karmic relationship where she has to learn her lesson and a spiritual relationship. Overall, through a psychic reading, she was able to understand her options and is now in a stable relationship where she is spiritually connected.

Don't be afraid to get a psychic reading, don't be afraid of the death card. It just means death to a situation. Don't be afraid to change, change is needed. Extra advice is always needed and it is better coming from someone who doesn't know you, over the phone. Sometimes be curious, you never know what you'll find out!

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