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Yehudit - Expert Psychic Advisor

My name is Yehudit. I've been doing psychic readings for over 50 years. I come from Hungarian Gypsy ancestry on my mother's side. We all have the gift.

I became a psychic because I felt like with this gift, I'm able to help people. There's so much suffering and sorrow in the world. It's wonderful to be able to give people information so that they can have a better life.

I've worked on other psychic lines, and I really like MeetYourPsychic. They treat all of us really well. They're kind, they're helpful, and they're informative with us. I think that their pricing I always meditate before I go online to make sure that I'm reaching out to the highest possible point of consciousness. I say a prayer so that we can connect with your higher-self and guides and angels, as well as mine. There's some protection that I do as well, so that negative influences can't enter in. I open up my third eye and my chakras, so that I'm in alignment. I open up my heart too, so that I can really connect with you.

The most important advice I can give is to go into the reading with an open heart and an open mind. This is new to you, and I know it's a strange experience to have somebody tell you all kinds of private stuff, but we really only have your best interests at heart.

Most of the time, when I read for a client, I'm channeling energy and I don't remember what I said. So please, do have a paper and pen handy. We do record it (if you purchase the recording of the session) but a paper and pen make it a quick way for you to refer back to the information.

Psychic readings are a way for you to be objective. You can find help in the middle of difficult situations, discover life solutions to problems. A reading from an accurate psychic like myself, can give you insight into situations where you're normally not very objective, because you are too emotionally involved. We can show you the true vision of what your life might possibly be.

This gift lets me see the lines of energy, so that I can see how your cards are connected. If I'm doing a tarot reading and get further information, different parts of the cards will light up. I also get information through clairsentience, which is a form of simply knowing how things are going to be and how someone feels towards you.

When I'm connecting to your departed loved ones and your spirit guides, I do channeling to communicate with them. I use no tools, simply tuning in through my third eye, centering myself, and opening my heart. When it comes to the dear departed, I'll ask you to focus on them. I'll tune into their energy through you.

With other concerns, I use different Tarot decks — one for day-to-day concerns, the other one for deeper, more intense concerns. I'll also get clairsentient impressions through the reading and use tarot to confirm the answers and give us more detail.

Online psychic readings are every bit as accurate as face to face readings, probably more so. I'm not reading your body language; I’m not checking out the way your eyes move or face responds. I'm reading your energy, connecting to your soul energy and to the collective unconscious mind. These things don't depend on reading in person. Universal energy is everywhere. If you have the skills, you can connect to it and interpret it as I do.

One of my favorite stories involves a woman. Her aura was just dark, gray, and heavy. I looked into what was going on in her home. I just had a feeling and it turned out that her niece was staying with her and she was a psychic vampire! In other words, she was pulling off all her positive energy and turning it into negative energy. The woman had tried to launch a business and everything she did, failed, even though the business was really well put together. It should have done great. Great timing, great everything, and great location. So after me telling the lady what was going on, she said, "Oh, yeah, she's been making me uncomfortable, and I want her out of here.”

So, she set up her niece in her own place, got her in rehab (the girl had been doing drugs) and helped her get back into school. Her business was making lots of money within 30 days. It was really a great story.

I just wanted to say that all of us here at MeetYourPsychic are really looking for your best interest. We don't have an agenda, and we want you to know the truth. Sometimes that's not easy to hear. Like when you ask us, if your lover is cheating? Oh, yes, they are. If somebody is interested in you? They're really not, you’re just in the friend zone. Those things aren't good to hear. So, please understand that we're not trying to make you unhappy or give you doom and gloom predictions, we just want you to see the truth. I hope you'll consider what we say, even if it's unpleasant.

By the same token, I often see things that lie ahead for you that you would never even have picked up. Things that are amazing and huge opportunities. We give you clues so that you can take a certain fork in the road that you might otherwise ignore, because it's not your normal path. Knowing which fork you can choose can be life changing.

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