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Psychic Ember
I am a passionate bridge builder. Since I was a child I have made it my mission to be the link between people and the universe using my innate empathic, psychic, and channeling abilities as well as the energy of Creator. As a certified energy healer, I specialize in helping you dive into you with everything from past life reading, remote trauma healing, connecting with your guides and higher self, to physical healing and manifesting your tomorrow. Together, you and I will solve your mysteries and master your future. I can't wait to join you as you cross your bridges and awaken your destiny.

Tarot, Crystals, Oracle, Animal Totems, Aura Readings, Remote Viewing

Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Past Lives, Mediumship, Children's Issues, Distance Energy Healing, Physical / Spiritual Well Being, Chakra Balancing, Life Purpose

Types of Intuition

Clairvoyant, Direct Channeling, Empath, Mediumship, Pet Psychic, Spirit Guides, Theta

Reading Style

Spiritual, Conversational, Compassionate , Direct Channeling, Life Coach

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Week of Jan 13, 2019


Week of Jan 13, 2019

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4.0  (1)
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I liked her!

She tuned in pretty quickly. She offered me a variety of styles of readings and went with what I chose. She was able to tune into things she could not have known. She read the situation accurately without asking questions. Her predictions are several months from now, so I cannot say if they will come true, but for now I would read with her again and see how it goes.

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