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Psychic Emilia
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Psychic Emilia
It's my goal and my life's purpose to help you live in a way that makes you truly happy, every single day. The spirit world wants to help you succeed and live your best life, but sometimes they aren't the best communicators. If you can't receive the messages your guides, your departed loved ones, and the greater universe have for you, you're missing out on opportunities to get what you desire in life. If those messages aren't coming through loud and clear for you, I can help you to hear what they're saying. I've been honing and practicing my psychic abilities since I was a child, working towards greater connection and understanding with the spiritual world and the universe as it works in partnership for us to live the greatest lives we can imagine. Join me on this journey to greater spiritual fulfillment and to work in partnership with the universe to achieve your goals and dreams.

Tarot, Crystals, Pendulums, Runes, Astrology, Angel Cards, Dream Interpretation, Tea Leaves, Animal Totems, Aura Readings, Archetypes

Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Past Lives, Mediumship, Children's Issues, Distance Energy Healing, Physical / Spiritual Well Being, Chakra Balancing, Life Purpose

Types of Intuition

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath, Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Angel Guides

Reading Style

Spiritual, Blunt and Direct, Conversational, Compassionate , Life Coach

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