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Psychic Kourtney

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Psychic Kourtney
If you found your way to this page you are searching for something beyond the realm of traditional for personal growth and advice. After having a kundalini awakening a few years ago, I know that awakenings and a desire to maintain a healthy outlook on life take an inner knowing that only spirit can facilitate. I directly channel spirit and work with your team of spirit guides and ancestors, as I am also a medium, to pull guided visions about how to fully improve all aspects of your life. My style is dictated by the work you want to put in and the time you have to do so. I am a Quaduraple Twin Ray with a precognitive death sense and am able to guide you on your path to acension. There is a new world order and it is kind and benevolent. Karma is a thing of the past and mindfulness will reign supreme.

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Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships, Career, Financial, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Children's Issues, Physical / Spiritual Well Being, Life Purpose

Types of Intuition

Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Direct Channeling, Mediumship

Reading Style

Conversational, Compassionate , Direct Channeling

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Week of Mar 24, 2019


Week of Mar 24, 2019

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Korutney is a beautiful soul and very insightful! Thank you for your time and your patience teaching me more about my spirituality. Wishing you lots of light and love my dear.

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