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Psychic Lady
I have been reading tarot for 13 years, I give highly accurate readings. I do readings with the following tools in areas of tarot, astrology, chart readings, rune readings, pendulum readings, give unbiased readings. I can help you because I understand the soul but also what it wants, needs, desires, dreams, hopes, fears. I do readings for love, dating both long term and short, sexual desire, money, spiritual hurdles, career opportunities, challenges: with my tools of: tarot, astrology chart readings for individuals, and couples, I do sun and moon sign readings, I compare signs for love readings and compatibility. I channel with my intuition and throat charka with Archangel Micheal to deliver messages that are need to know. I do yes/ no questions with my pendulum, I read candle magic, life path readings, love readings, life challenges readings. I do dream interpretations and give direct textual resources and pop culture references as well to help my clients to make connections from their dreams to their waking life. I also use art historical connections to make accurate predictions as well as many different tarot decks that my clients pick out. I have been working with astrology for 9 years to present, during my past years doing readings I have learned to include astrology or leave it out depending on my clients needs. I have learned in my years of experience how astrology impacts and echoes truths in readings regardless of time lines. I have been working with runes for 10 years now and I love to add them as additions to my tarot readings, but also to read them solo. With runes I use viking mythos and stories to relay to my client, energies that are showing up in the reading.I have been working with herbs and candle magic since 2013-present. Herbs; so many to work with and it can be confusing which ones to use if you want attract, love, money, opportunity, challenges, dating, ect. I like to combine my knowledge of herbs with crystals for healing of the charkas and how they work with the body. Crystals; I have been working with since 2015, I have gained experiences by working with them in grids, with jewelry, divination, manifestation and so much more. I started reading with my crystal seer stone since 2017, is a recent exercise of my channeling abilities with crystals. Though I natural channel while I have been giving readings these past 13 years. I also read candle magic as well, it is not easy to read the out comes of candle magic but I have been doing it since at least 2012. It helps especially if you were working a ritual or casting because it will also give you lots of clues as to how the outcome of the ritual will be. I am constantly expanding on my psychic ability, through lectures, hands on approach, attending meetings, and meeting with fellow mentors.

Tarot, Crystals, Pendulums, Oracle, Runes, Astrology, Angel Cards, Dream Interpretation, Psychometry, Animal Totems, Archetypes, Remote Viewing

Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships, Career, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Distance Energy Healing, Life Purpose

Types of Intuition

Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Direct Channeling, Empath, Spirit Guides, Angel Guides

Reading Style

Spiritual, Blunt and Direct, Conversational, Compassionate , Direct Channeling, Life Coach

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