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Psychic Libra
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Psychic Libra
Hello! I am Psychic Libra, Libra sun & Taurus moon. I have a deep love of helping and guiding people. I am a natural born empath, a deep gift inherited through my mother's side of the family. I have used my gift my entire life, helping many people through relationship issues & giving guidance through difficult life choices. My gift has led me to spend years studying psychology & sociology at a well known university. This gives me a deeper understanding of human behavior. I have been studying and practicing tarot for a couple of years now, and I use an intuitive tarot reading method, intertwining the messages I see through tarot with what I feel empathically. My reading style is simple: I meditate frequently to clear my energy field and to connect to the energies around me. I use candles, crystals, and energy clearing herbs during my meditations. I am clairsentient, so my spirit guides communicate with me through feelings and changing energy frequencies. I also receive direct messages from my spirit guides through messages given to me directly, and detailed dreams, a lot of I remember years later. I read on love & relationships, family, career, as well as offering dream interpretations and healing meditations. I am honest and compassionate, and my goal is to help guide you in your journey and through whatever you are struggling with. Thank you for trusting me to help you.

Tarot, Crystals, Oracle, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation

Areas of Expertise

Love and Relationships, Career, Family, Spirituality and Faith, Distance Energy Healing, Physical / Spiritual Well Being

Types of Intuition

Clairsentient, Empath, Spirit Guides

Reading Style

Spiritual, Conversational, Compassionate , Life Coach

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