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What is the cost of your Psychic Readings?

What is the cost of your Psychic Readings?

You may have noticed already that we do things a little different than most psychic services. We have made a decision not to offer expensive per minute rates, but rather easy to understand affordable flat rates for all Psychic Sessions and products.

For New Members we have 3 amazing introductory offers!

1. A 10 Minute Psychic Reading for only $10.00!

2. A 15 Minute Psychic Reading for only $15.00!
3. A 30 Minute Psychic Reading for only $30.00!

Question: So why do you not offer per minute pricing?

Answer: We at MeetYourPsychic believe our members should always know the total cost of their session (before it begins). This allows our members to make an educated decision regarding their psychic purchase. No hidden costs and no recurring billing. This means, no surprises on your billing statement! True psychic counseling takes time. In our experience, per minute pricing places unneeded stress on the Member and the Psychic to get the reading "over" as quickly as possible. We also feel it is highly unprofessional for a reading to be ended in mid-sentence, simply because you ran out of money in your account. Psychic Readers will end the call when they feel they have conveyed the spiritual guidance you have requested. Even if it may take a couple of extra minutes. Our advisors are highly trained professionals in their field and they conduct their sessions to reflect that truth.

No hidden costs, recurring billing and no expensive per minute fees!