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Janeen - Member Care Agent

MeetYourPsychic Employee:

My name is Janeen and I work for MeetYourPsychic.com. I work as a member care agent and I also handle the quality control.

Years with MeetYourPsychic:

I have been a member care agent with MeetYourPsychic for 2.5 years.

Favorite Part of Working with MeetYourPsychic:

I love working with clients. My favorite part of working with MeetYourPsychic is client interaction. I hopefully get an opportunity to turn their day around before I turn them over to a psychic advisor. I get to greet them in the morning. I am probably one of the first people they talk to. So, the energy that I put out is very important to me, because I want them to have an exceptional experience.

First Time Calling a Psychic?

If I had any advice to offer anyone having a psychic reading for the first time, I would say definitely do your research. I would say prepare your questions in advance and be specific as possible because this will allow for a specific response. The last thing, keep a journal. We often forget and misunderstand. So, in order to have something to refer back to, keep a journal and write everything down. It is very helpful.

Psychic Positively Impact Member’s Lives

My favorite story is when clients call back immediately after the reading. Often, they want to say that they did receive a direct answer to their specific questions. But, they are often quite surprised when their psychic redirects the conversation to a topic that was never mentioned by the client. It just provides so much amazement for the client. It is very exciting because the spirit has always a way of letting you know what needs to be looked at.

Communication Styles:

Phone readings are very much the primary readings. Phone readings are a one-on-one experience. It is a minimum of 10 minutes and up to 120 minutes. You can customize anywhere in between, if you don't have a lot of time. You can do a 17-minute reading, you can do a 43-minute reading. It is up to you. You get what you want. It's between you and your psychic. You can also add a recording for $6.99. This way you have a record of the advice that is provided. You can refer back to that whenever you feel stuck.

I think some people that choose chat readings are looking for a little extra privacy. They can chat back and forth, and have an important conversation, even around other people. But, you can have a conversation anywhere and no one knows! It's really private.

Message readings are basically email readings. The psychic advisors have a 24 to 48 hours response time. So, definitely exercise patience here, because they are giving you the best feedback possible, as they are very focused.

Text readings with MeetYourPsychic.com are very awesome. They are a one question and one answer reading. As soon as you get your question out there, you get your answer back. It's in real-time.

Member Satisfaction Guarantee Provides Peace of Mind:

Our member satisfaction guarantee with MeetYourPsychic is quite amazing. It gives the client peace of mind. If they are not feeling a connection with the advisor or if what the advisor is saying to them is not resonating, they have the opportunity to disconnect. We can offer back the first 5 minutes to your account. (* One time per psychic) Your funds go back into your psychic cash account. Then, you can redeem your reading with another psychic advisor. 

Psychic Reading - How Much Time Do I Need?

How Much Time Do I Need? Psychic readings typically take as long as you want them to take. You can spend as little or as long with your psychic as you want because we offer you the opportunity to disconnect once you have received your guidance.

When Should I Call My Psychic Again?

I think a follow-up reading with your advisor is pretty personal and your advisor will indicate so. They will advise you when is a good time to follow-up, depending on the topic at hand. Some things could get a little bit deeper; some things are not quite as serious. So, maybe every other week, maybe once a week, maybe just once a month. It really depends upon what you discuss with your psychic.

Closing Thoughts:

I feel that in order to have the best experience with MeetYourPsychic, always create a very quiet and distraction-free environment. This is very helpful so that you can focus, stay as calm as possible, and be open to all possibilities. Enjoy!

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I’m a channeling spiritual advisor.

Selene Auset


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I am an experienced tarot reader and medium.



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