Sophia - General Manager

MeetYourPsychic Employee:

Hi, I'm Sofia. I'm the general manager here with MeetYourPsychic.

Years with MeetYourPsychic:

I started with MeetYourPsychic back in 2014. So, I've been with the company for a little over six years now.

Favorite Part of Working with MeetYourPsychic:

I would have to say it's the ability to change lives. We speak with so many different people with a range of different questions, concerns and issues. Knowing that you're making a positive change in that person's life and you're helping them, definitely goes a long way.

First Time Calling a Psychic?

If you're considering a psychic reading for the first time, I would definitely say just be open. Don't have any expectations, go in with an open and clear mind. Don't be afraid of any type of judgment, the psychics are not here to judge you. Our customer care representatives are not here to judge you. We only want to provide help, that's what we're all here for.

Psychic’s Positively Impacting Member’s Lives:

One client gave me a call one day and she said to me, “Sophia, this psychic is great. This psychic has really helped me get through a really, really tough time.” She began to explain a bit of the situation of how she lost a loved one. If that wasn't bad enough, she ended up having to go through probate court to deal with issues stemming from that loss. It was a very stressful and hard time for her.

A lot of the times when she would call, you could hear the stress in her voice. During the orders, just placing her order, she would be fighting back tears. When she called happy that day, it just brightened up my day so much. It's one of the things that really sticks out in my mind. She was so happy that everything was finally over and that she got the positive outcome that the psychic told her she would get. Not only did the psychic let her know about that positive outcome, but she was also there throughout the process for her to talk to and be able to get that support that she needed during that difficult time.

Communication Styles:

We offer a few great ways to connect with your psychic. We have phone readings, which gives you the ability to actually speak to your psychic in real time. You can hear their voice. You'll be able to connect with their energy a lot better. You'll be able to get answers to all the questions that you have. If you didn't select enough time initially, with just the click of a button on your phone, you can even add time during that call so that you can continue receiving the advice and insight that you need.

We also offer text readings. If you're on the go and you don't really have time for a phone session, choose a text reading. Maybe you just have one quick question and you're just looking for a very quick response back, then a text reading is a great way to be able to do that.

We also provide chat readings, which is another real-time, back and forth communication experience with your psychic. Maybe you're in an area where you can't really be on the phone. Maybe you're at work and you can type, but you can't talk. So, chat readings are a great way to be able to get back insight that you need from your psychic.

We also offer message readings, which are very similar to email readings. You'll be able to get a lot of information to your psychic, so that they can get the background of what's going on and understand the situation a little bit more. You'll be able to get those details to them, ask the questions that you need to ask and get a very detailed response back.

Member Satisfaction Guarantee Provides Peace of Mind:

If it's your first time reading with a psychic, you may have some concerns. We've all heard of Cleo from back in the day and we all know that there are people out here who don't take the business seriously. Some people are just looking to get over on people. One of the ways that we lead (in the industry) is that our psychics go through a very rigorous hiring process, before being accepted with MeetYourPsychic. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee. That way you have the ability to speak with the psychic (and make an educated decision).

If anything feels off to you, doesn't feel right, or you don't feel like you're getting the advice that you need, simply disconnect that call within the first five minutes. You receive that five minute credit back, one time per psychic. So if it's your first reading and you're just trying it out, you basically get five minutes free to see if this psychic is going to be a good fit for you.

Psychic Reading - How Much Time Do I Need?

If you're wondering how long you should spend with a psychic, I would say typically about 15 minutes. 15 minutes is a reasonable time to get two to three questions answered. You'll be able to get detailed responses. You'll be able to provide some information (to your psychic) within that time frame. If you have more questions, then you may want to purchase a bit longer. But, I would say typically a 15-minute reading is about the average.

When Should I Call My Psychic Again?

If you're wondering when to follow up with your psychic, listening to your gut is the best thing that I can tell you. There's really no one-size-fits-all timeframe for everyone. If you're feeling you need some additional insight, you need some clarity on a situation, or if you're feeling things aren't going the way you thought they were going to go and you just want to see exactly what's going on, (if anything has changed) then that's going to be the best time to follow up with your psychic.

I also recommend consulting with your psychic as to when you should follow up. They will know the situation and what's going on with you. They can provide great insight into how often you should speak with them.

Closing Thoughts:

So to ensure you get the most from your experience with MeetYourPsychic, I would say always be open to the advice and the insight that you're going to be given. There may be some things that don't immediately resonate with you, but then a week later, something may happen and you're like, that's what the psychic was talking about. So just be open. Let go of any expectations that you have and allow the universe, your psychic energy and Spirit to give you the information that you need. The insight is definitely going to make a difference in your life.

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