Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit my application?
Our Site Administration Team will review your application to verify that you are eligible to proceed forward. If you have the experience and skill set needed to partner with, you will be contact by phone within 3-5 business days. During this phone call, we will schedule your Service Presentation appointment.

Do I need to have experience?
You do need to have experience that extends beyond readings for only friends and family. We seek psychics that have honed their psychic skills so that they are capable of performing accurate, specific, empathetic readings that are not “tool” dependant (tarot cards). Having experience doing psychic readings over the phone is requested, but not required. We expect our psychics to present themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times.

What skills are you looking for in an Advisor?
Qualified psychics that partner with have spent years honing their craft. We seek psychics who are able to provide direct, specific, accurate and honest psychic sessions via phone, chat, email and text. Some of the tools utilized by the psychics that we partner with are (but not limited to) tarot, angel cards, I-ching, oracle cards, runes and crystals. The psychics that we choose to partner with foster ongoing, trustworthy relationships with their clients. We especially seek psychics who can provide their sessions without the use of tools.

What kind of psychic readings do you offer?
We currently offer phone sessions, email readings, chat readings, mediumship readings (phone), dream analysis readings(email), past life regression readings (phone), distance energy healings (phone) and text readings. Email readings are a session where the client asks the psychic between one and four questions and the psychic responds with a one to two paragraph answer per question, via email. Text questions are a 150 character question with a 150 character answer.

Do I need to offer all types of readings to partner with
No. However, you must offer phone sessions and email readings to be considered eligible for partnering with The more styles of services that you offer, the more likely you will succeed. Please only offer the types of sessions where you are truly proficient.

What is a service evaluation?
A service evaluation is a 10-15 minute psychic reading that you perform for one of our Site Administrators. This enables us to evaluate the services that you intend to offer on our site. The recording of the session as well as a report of the accuracy, professionalism and overall experience of the session is reviewed and approved or denied by management.

What kind of equipment do I need to partner with Meet Your Psychic?
You will need a reliable computer, tablet or smartphone. In addition, a headset for hands-free speaking, high speed internet service and reliable phone service.

What type of documents will I have to provide to partner with Meet Your Psychic?
You will need to sign an online independent contract agreement (outlining our business relationship), a high quality digital picture, biography for your profile, a completed IRS W-9 form, bank name, routing number, account number(to receive your commission check transfers), a copy of your social security card and a state issued I.D.

Do I have to use my own picture?
You need a high quality photo of yourself for your profile. You must provide your legal right to use any supplied image.

When will I be scheduled on the network?
As an independent contractor, you design your schedule that matches your needs. We are currently open from 5:00AM Pacific - 12:00AM Pacific, 7 days per week. We have found that our heaviest call flow times are from 5:00AM - 10:00AM and 4:00PM - 10:00PM.

Is there are minimum amount of hours that I need to provide for my schedule?
As an independent contractor, there are no minimum requirements nor maximum limitations to the hours that you can choose to log onto the site. We have found that the psychics who create a schedule where they are available 4-5 days per week and at least 20 hours, enjoy greater success with

Can I use a pseudonym (false name) on Meet Your Psychic?
You may choose to either use your first or middle name. You may also choose to use a pseudonym. We do not allow last names on our site.

How much do psychics make on your network?
The commissions that you can make on our site are limitless. Our top psychics make over $1000.00 per week. Your ability to perform accurate psychic readings and professionally manage your business will increase the repeat clients that you attract. The psychics who create a consistent schedule of availability are able to grow their clientele quickly. We issue commissions twice per month and the commission funds are transferred directly into your bank account.

How do I receive my commission checks?
You will receive a percentage of your gross sales of all your sessions within the pay period. Our pay period run from the 1st - 15th and the 16th - End of the Month. Commission Checks are transferred to your bank account on the 20th and 5th of the month, after the pay period ends.

Will you do a background checks?
Yes, we run a background check on all psychics before offering a contract to partner with us.

I live outside the United States. Can I still partner with Meet Your Psychic?
At this time, we only partner with U.S. based psychics.