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Welcome. The vision for this blog is to create a platform for all to share views on spirituality, psychic development, and the overall improvement of our lives. This is a place on of non-judgement, so please refrain from such behavior. We are all entitled to our individual perspective of the world around us. Thank you! Meet Your Psychic

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Professional intuitive advisor, with more than ten years experience using Tarot cards as a tool to assist in not only finding answers to your questions, but better questions. Guidance in many areas of life including but not limited to relationships, career, financial, dream interpretation or purpose. I will ask you to focus on your question, or just being open to guidance, and take a deep slow breath to center and calm yourself, now just tell me when you are ready and we will begin. Every session is of course as individual as you are. Everyone is at a different place on their journey through life and will be on an accordingly unique search that will change and evolve as they do.

Psychic Karey

I am Psychic Karey.

I am a medium and specialize in those who want to empower themselves with right choices and happy life. Soul readings help one see the view from a well rounded perspective. There is a lot to be learned when looking at one’s soul.  I can channel angels, saints, Masters, relatives, friends, pets, situations, etc. I am trained in many modalities of bodywork and can do Theta, Cranial Sacral and hypnotherapy right over the phone.  I teach you how to handle ghosts, astral projections and other low energies frequencies while maintaining your optimal vitality.

Relationships of all types can be enhanced by soul readings. They allow us to understand others in a workable ways. Love, career, family and friends are all relationships that require attention and understanding. For answering a quick question, healing or to planning/executing life change, I am here for you.

I have channel the Masters since I was 7 and have actively been a healer/teacher since 1991. I am trained in Theta, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, massage, reflexology, cranial sacral and magnetic healing. Currently, I train in Feldenkrias, Cranial sacral, Herbs, dreams and lots of interesting subjects.

Blessings to you and Thank you for your interest!


Bio -  “As we are part of the land, you too are part of the land. This earth is precious to us. It is also precious to you. One thing we know: there is only one God. No man, be he Red Man or White Man, can be apart. We are brother after all." Chief Seattle

To the Lakota Native American people they have a phrase Mitakuye Oyasin. This phrase is translated to mean, to all my relations I give acknowledgement that we are created from one and the same thing. This expression is frequently spoken during prayer and ceremony to invite, acknowledge, and remind people of their personal relatedness to everything that exists.

It is also a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life.  Mitakuye Oyasin honors the sacredness of each person's individual spiritual path and acknowledges the sacredness of all life; be it human, animal, plant or stone.  It creates an energy of awareness which strengthens not only the person who prays but the entire planet.

Everything is related because it all emanates from one source and has purpose. Truth can be found in Native philosophy, Buddhism, Christianity, Judism, Islam, all belief systems, because they are all related.

As a Psychic Councilor I take you into a sacred circle, that is yours and yours alone. From that place all that is related comes through to you. Via be past family members, review of your past lives and how you are still connected to them, messages from your Spirit Guides, Distant Divine Healings, Messages from the Angelic Kingdom, Astrological questions or whomever you share your Divine Connection with.   In the sacred circle is where you call forth for your answers and I am here to help you and serve you for the highest good of all creation. Through you have found me and I have found you. For all that is related, let us find out and discover together what has been waiting for you.

Psychic Faith

I am a 3rd Generation clairvoyant psychic. I specialize in relationships, career, money, business, dreams, in all problems of life, such as Love marriage, family, health, removing negative blockages, stress, I will help you gain love & light in your life, to help you to move forward, Are you tired of being alone? or without having trust in your love life, do you need insight & understanding in your life? are you stressed? confused? over thinking? are you unsure if he or she is the right one for you? or if he or she is cheating? Do you need advice to lead you in the right path? LET ME TELL YOU YOUR PAST AS YOU ALONE KNOW IT, YOUR PRESENT AS IT IS, AND YOUR FUTURE TO COME!!!

My goal is to help you on the journey of self understanding giving guidance and clarity. I use methods that can be classed as psychic. My readings are driven by a strong desire to help and be empathic to your problems and getting them resolved. I specialize in both tarot and psychic readings, Crystal readings. I have been blessed with the gift of prophecy and visions since a child. Let me show you where you are going in the years to come

Psychic Walt

“Is he the one? And if he isn’t, who is? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I try to be a good person; why are things so hard? And of course: How can I finally be happy? These are the questions everyone has, let me help you find your answers. “ Psychic David W. has been walking the Mystical Path for over a decade. He is the author of more than 300 articles on love, relationships, spirituality, and the Law of Attraction. He has helped thousands of people all over the world figure out what it is they truly want, and more importantly: How to get it. Let him help you reclaim your power!

Psychic Molly

For over 35 years, I have used my natural born talents as a Clairvoyant, Psychic, And Life Coach  Spell Caster and chakra balancing to greatly improve many people's lives. and I want to share my amazing abilities with you, so you can finally start moving forward with your life's dreams.

Let me begin by saying this: more than anything else, I am focused to giving you honest and accurate answers to all of your qustions. I want nothing more than to provide you with straightforward and precise information which will help you along on this journey we call life. Let me clear the fog from your life's path so you can see which way to turn. Let me lift the of confusion you are so tightly wrapped up in. Using my Clairvoyant gifts, I can consult the beyond in order to do these things for you.

Beyond providing honest answers from the universe, I can also quickly and easily cleanse your aura of any negative energy you are carrying. After this negativity is shed from your aura, your spirit will be free to travel down its true path of positivity. I have done this for many of people with the upmost success. Now it is your turn!


NOVEMBER 2013 and AUGUST 2012 MVP: MOST VALUED PSYCHIC! Get straightforward, candid insights on your love, career and money, shared with a bit of humor and a ton of compassion. I’m a clear intuitive, which means I don’t need to use tools like cards unless requested by you.

During our safe, non-judgmental time together, I’ll share information via clairaudience (hearing messages to you from Spirit), clairvoyance (visions of your life path and future), and clairsentience (sensing the non-physical energies ready to create your future and loved ones who’ve passed over).

Psychic since childhood, my intuition and visions significantly increased after a severe head injury in a near fatal car accident blasted open my “third eye” at age 19. After getting out of the hospital, I ditched organized religion and began my lifelong quest for metaphysical and healing knowledge. Spirits and angels began appearing to me as guides and messengers. My third eye visions became stronger and more frequent. Finally, I left my corporate consulting life and became an intuitive consultant, energy worker and healer.

I’m the author of countless books, blogs, videos and articles, a public speaker and instructor of local workshops, online tele-classes and webinars. I’ve been featured on TV and radio. My readings over the past 20 years have guided clients on six continents to find direction, inner peace and healing in this high-pressure world.

Get YOUR Angelight Insight today via phone, text, or email!


I use my gifts as an Intuitive and Empath, my skills as a Psychic, my adeptness as an Energy Healer and the art of the Tarot to offer caring readings that provide insight, clarity and guidance. My abilities arise from an inner knowing that there is much more to life than the physical. I am also a life coach and relationship specialist and have an extensive work background and years of experience to assist you on any matter. I'm compassionate and energetic, and my mission is to help you understand where you are now and how to get where you want to be in life. I will help you to focus, to adapt and to constantly strive for improvement on your road to achieving your goals. I will work with you on a deeper level by understanding your values, beliefs and the issues that stopped you from moving forward. Thank you for the opportunity to assist you with answers to your life's questions, and I look forward to helping you along your journey. Taking thought beyond that which it is, Ravenstar

Psychic Angela

I uncovered my intuitive abilities at the age of 13 after experiencing unspeakable tragedies in my life. Due to these experiences, I felt alone and faced despair. I found that unlike most children my age, I spent a lot of time in nature to soothe the grief these troubling events caused. In those sacred spaces in nature is where I found my calling. There was a stirring in my soul, and I sought ways to fulfill the curiosity of my spirit. I discovered I could see colours surrounding people, animals, plants, and even buildings. My burning curiosity fuelled my need to unearth what the colours meant. Over the last two decades, I have come to recognise what each colour means (to me) and how they apply to others. Along the way, I picked up some friends (as I call them): crystals. I could feel the unique quality of each stone. The sound of them jangling together became incredibly soothing to me. I found that when I cast the crystals on my charts, they verify what I already see. I also became friends with runes and angel cards, and I have become quite adept at interpreting dreams. Most recently, in this process of my healing, I have had angel visitors bringing me messages. I look to them for guidance. I hope I can be of assistance to you in whatever you face in your path at this time.

Psychic Mona

Bio - I have been a psychic all of my life.  Since I was a child I have used my gifts as an empath to shed light and healing to those who needed help and clarity. I am also clairsentient. I has been reading professionally for 16 years.  
I believe in telling clients what I see instead of what they want to hear.  Though very difficult at times, hearing the truth will lead one on the path to freedom and empowerment. I consider it an honor to have and use these gifts to help people on their journey on the spiritual road and also on the mundane day to day tasks. ~ Mona


In her very early years, Angela Theresa began speaking to spirits, and predicting the future for friends, family and strangers! There were times adults would say her presence comforted them. Cats and dogs, shy or skittish of strangers, would come and sit on Angela Theresa’s lap. By her late teens she studied metaphysics and learned to read palms, communicated with spirits and on ghost hunts. By her college years, Angela Theresa was doing psychic readings professionally! She has taken classes in channeling, Angelology with top teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Past Life Regressions, and Hypnotherapy. Angela Theresa speaks with Spirit Guides, Archangels, Saints, and your loved one's on the Other Side. She also communicates with people and pets, living and crossed over. Angela Theresa gives you fun and creative ways to improve your situation, manifest your dreams and curtail negativity! Her clients come from every background, including celebrities, forensic investigators, housewives and playwrights. Her gifts were utilized by the Maine Police Department to solve a missing child case. Angela Theresa is very happy to empower others and help them live up to their highest and fullest potential! Life is meant to be filled with fun, love, prosperity, happiness, and fulfillment! She'd love to hear from you! Love, Light & Laughter, Angela Theresa

Divine Soul

I am an ancient soul who has reincarnated many times. I have lived many lives in different eras and different worlds. Although this world is not my original home, I have chosen it in this lifetime to heal your soul and heart, as I am a master of healing. I repair broken and damaged trust and guide you to discover your soul through past life regression.

I am always learning about who I am and with this knowledge more awareness is revealed. I am an eternal student and my third eye is very open. I am in progress of mastering love and intuitive with higher self with mantra of the divine connection. Allow me to assist you in discovering who you are and who your soul is meant to be. With me, I only see the truth and not the false face and the time of my experience is not an issue for I am always evolving and that is for me the true importance!

I am Divine Soul, Master of healing. I was born a healer and a spiritual vessel that carries all those who are in pain to worlds were they can unburden their souls. As a healer I can remove your body, heart, and soul pain through chakra healing and angel awareness meditation. My instruments are the magical harp for calming the soul, the quartz crystal for clearing energy, the moon for raising awareness, and the grass for promoting new growth.

I am on this world for a short time; my mission is a light worker. I am here to heal your soul and explore together what the universe has to offer you.

Divine Soul, Master of Healing

Jenny's Sight

I specialize in loved ones that have crossed over. I have been doing readings for 30 years. I can help you deal with any problem. With spirits in your home, I can identify them in your pictures. I am currently studying spirits of all types. I can help you understand the demons and angels in your life and how they interact with you. I also perform automatic writing. In addition, I am also able to pick up energy of items around a person, so please have pen and paper with you before you call, or purchase a recording.

Many blessings!

Psychic Vanessa Star

I'm a born gifted clairvoyant psychic with over 15 years experience, I tell past,present and  future I use many tools  along with my natural talent to give you the most accurate Reading

Specializing in tarot,crystals,auras and chakras

I'm a spiritualist who believes In cleansing the mind body and soul,And can advise,guide and direct you down the path to your own success. I'm a great listener and look forward to being your psychic.


Welcome to your Hearts Desire:

You are the new beginning, and everything becomes easier with the energy of your hearts desire. To find this new beginning is the adventure and the inspiration that many people dream of who seek the correct actions we all need. Success is the day of your birth if only we could see more clearly. Every relationship is the bridge, and the single steps cross over the fears and the storms of life until we can hear the voices speaking on the other side. To find your own voice within your true relationship is the nectar of your new beginnings. In every season there is the greater creative calling, the book that remains unfinished, the new investment, the children that love to say your name, and your love who is a flame of inspiration are all the voice of the hearts desire that is soon of your everyday, The simple beauty and the garments of success are the fabric of community. Correct actions at the right time are what is needed for the steps you take to have everything of hearts desire. This is why you have come to the best source at exactly the correct time for the next step, the unfolding of the real life we all need. Very often, a knowledgeable servant can assist the unfolding of the flower that is our destiny. Soon your doubts are vanishing as each reading brings you closer to harmony and the better choices that were always available to you and those you love. The deeper reading is like the finest perfume, it lingers and brings harmony to those around you and to the very special ones you have yet to meet. The Intuitive listens to every nuance of your questions, examines the conflicts and the field of opportunity that is always available to you and those you care about. Your guides speak and assist you in your quest for the happiness and the joy that is certainly available with the correct advisor in these beginnings of your deeper hearts desire. The better finance, the admiration of others, the adventure of travel and romance or a new child of destiny. Sometimes we might make an uncertain step across the bridge of the heart, but with the correct advisor at the correct time, nothing is lost. Destiny is a creation, the new creation is you as we untie the ropes of bad choices, forgetfulness, punishments, insult or injury, youth or age the same. Your intuitive is your best friend and wants you to have fun and success as your heart truly desires.

Clarity, Honesty, Rebirth !

I have sustained 20 years of creative consulting with various artists, corporations, and holistic based start-ups. As a very young child I was exposed to the physical science of breathing, natural development and discipline. This led to a greater inquiry into the relationship of metaphysics as a practical guide to problem solving and compassion as action and as was examined while abroad in no less than thirteen countries.


Jewel's main body of work for over twenty years has been to courageously combat the uncertainty of the unknown through the written and spoken word. In doing so, she has inspired an enormous number of audience members to seek the truth of their journeys. Her truth telling had ripple effects which healed her family. This breakthough was made public by the international media and as a result, countless people began to ask Jewel for advice. Not everyone was a candidate for storytelling, so Jewel began to intuitively analyze people who came to her for help, based on their vibrations. She discovered that she had a gift with static visions and analysis. Some of her abilities had been passed down to her by her highly psychic mother and her father who had studied at the University of Vienna under the legendary Sigmund Freud. At a very young age, as a result of listening to her father speak about Freud's famous book The Analysis of Dreams, Jewel had become passionate about dream analysis. Her guidance has helped so many to see their choices in growing past blockages, and given them a much clearer understanding as to their best path, encouraging energy to move out of dark places and into a more joyous existence.