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We are all on this physical plane for a finite amount of time.  Losing a loved one can challenge you in ways you never imagined.  With MeetYourPsychic, you are never alone. Learn how to grieve and heal the deep wounds of loss through the guidance of our Psychic Advisors.

When we lose someone we love, our world is upheaved. Everyone deals with grief differently, but the advice our psychic mediums offer here comes with lots of wisdom and experience. During times of grief, you will feel an ebb and flow of both extreme s... Continue reading

Most of us become familiar with grief at some point in our early lives, but it may not take shape for others until we are an adult. When we experience loss later in life, it may become more challenging for us to cope. Having compassion for others who... Continue reading

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, especially when they have passed away unexpectedly. 2020 has been especially hard for many people, and we are collectively grieving on a multitude of levels. You can ease your grief by processing it at you... Continue reading

Grief is never easy, but for a lot of people, it is worse during the holidays. We tend to spend most of our best times with our loved on during cherished times of the year. This year has been especially hard on everyone and even more so for those who... Continue reading

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we are grieving is to journal through our pain.Writing out our emotional ups and downs not only gives us a long term perspective about our loss, but it also helps us cope daily.When we go within a... Continue reading

When we are processing our grief, we often ask ourselves if we will ever have closure. Will this process continue forever, or will we have closure. The answer is complicated, but psychic mediums can assist you with coming to terms with your loved one... Continue reading

Moving through our grief can be one of the hardest struggles we may face throughout our lifetime. Grief takes on many forms, and changes as we grow older and our relationships change along with them. How do we move through grief? This is a question m... Continue reading

Grieving shifts our energy and, in turn, shifts our relationships with others. Sometimes these shifts are temporary, but more often, they are permanent. These shifts can compound a person's sense of loss, so the best perspective to have when this is ... Continue reading

You may have heard that millennials are embracing the concept of death with positivity rather than avoidance more than previous generations. Some are already planning their own funerals even though they are still in their twenties with no terminal il... Continue reading

My guides wanted me to share with you some of the things they told me to do to help me through my own time of loss.I was incredibly stubborn to tell you the truth. And when I lost someone that I deeply loved, I clung on to every little last bit of gr... Continue reading

Feeling lost is not the end, but the beginning of real and positive change. Today's segment focuses on how to navigate through this transitional period in your life.After a loss of any kind, you may feel angry, confused, emotional (unexpected emotion... Continue reading

Life. Death. What do we do when we lose a loved one? We all have this experience during our time here on planet Earth. I feel death is only a change of state — Nothing more, nothing less. We will die in a physical sense, but energy cannot be destro... Continue reading

Healing from grief can be a lifelong process. There is no one way to grieve appropriately or thoroughly, especially when it comes to losing someone who has passed unexpectedly. Whether it is a spouse, a friend, a child, a furry friend, or a parent, h... Continue reading

Grieving is a step-by-step process that can create a whirlwind of emotions to come and go throughout our life. Its shape comes in different sizes and depth and can strike us when we feel we have already let go. To help us with our grief, we need to w... Continue reading

When we go through a breakup, it can be hard to move forward for a time. It's okay to grieve the loss of a relationship. Grieving is a healthy expression to reflect on what is gone and meant so much to you. Not every relationship is expected to last ... Continue reading

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