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33 Journal Prompts To Help You Move Through Grief and Loss

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves when we are grieving is to journal through our pain.

Writing out our emotional ups and downs not only gives us a long term perspective about our loss, but it also helps us cope daily.

When we go within and dig deep to discover the threads of our loss, we may see and release buried pain in our relationship with our lost loved one as well as pieces of ourselves that were pushed aside and need to be revived.

We often forget how we lose ourselves in relationships. We get caught up in them and don't see that we may have even sacrificed parts of ourselves to make the relationship harmonious without even realizing it. This disconnection can make experience grief more challenging and more complicated.

This is how journaling helps. It helps us rise up that awareness and work through our pain, remember with love, and forgiving in the process. It is a journey of discovering our unconditional love and can be a time of significant personal growth.

Work with the prompts that speak to you at the moment. Take your time and honor your emotions. Be kind to yourself. Grief ebbs and flows so we must always honor our emotions and give ourselves the time we need to process, heal, and reintegrate ourselves back into life. 

Journal Writing Exercises for Grief and Loss

What kind thing have you done for yourself today?

How do you react when a heartfelt memory comes up at an inconvenient time?

What type of emotional support plan have you developed to help you through your loss?

How often do you go out on walks or exercise?

When was the last time you danced, and when are you dancing for the fun of it just by yourself?

What activities do you do to work through your anger?

How often do you forgive yourself for doing nothing and allowing yourself to just sit with your emotions?

When was the last time you cried?

When was the last time you laughed and didn't feel guilty? How did you move past any feelings of guilt?

What do you do that honors your loved one?

What do you do that honors yourself and your future?

What self-care rituals do you do daily? Which ones do you need to do more of?

How often do you meditate or allow yourself to relax and unwind in silence?

When was the last time you took a nap and enjoyed it?

Do you have any furry friends? How do they help you? If you don't have pets, have you considered now may be a time to get one?

Are you in any support groups, and do you find them useful?

What triggers have arisen for you since the loss? How do you cope with them?

What is your favorite memory?

What is your least favorite memory?

Is there something that you now take pleasure in doing that you couldn't before? Does it bring up mixed feelings for you?

Have you decided to try something different? Learn a new skill, go to a new place, make new friends?

What steps do you take to ensure you sleep well at night and eat well during the day?

How often do you indulge in things that make you feel guilty? How do you let go of that guilt?

What four things do you look forward to in the future? If you can't think of any, think of four things you want to work toward.

How often do you write letters to people, by hand or by email? Does it make you feel better to have a longer form of communication?

How often do you take breaks from social media? Are there some platforms that make you feel better than others?

In what ways do you incorporate your grief into your daily life, and how is it both healthy and unhealthy for you?

When people are insensitive to your loss, what do you do to unpack that later emotionally? How have you learned not to take their comments personally?

In what ways do you incorporate unconditional love into your wellbeing and mental health attitude?

What role do affirmations play in your grief?

How often do you speak with psychic mediums about your grief? How often do you talk with your spirit guides about tit?

How do your spiritual beliefs help you through your loss? How do they hinder?

What would you tell your younger self to prepare for grieving?

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