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There are many ways a person can work with a psychic. However, with the advancement, availability, and convenience of cell phones and the internet, online phone readings have quickly become the preferred choice for the savvy client.

Our psychic intuitives have decades of experience. All psychics on our site must perform successful sample readings and pass multiple levels of screenings to be cleared to offer their services on our site. 

We all need a trusted guide in our lives to discuss our innermost thoughts and desires. This is why MeetYourPsychic.com was created over a decade ago. 

It is common for some of our Members to feel a bit anxious when their reading begins. Just take a breath and relax. Our Psychics will ease you into the conversation. There are no questions too large or small. 

Our Psychic Readings by phone are the perfect option for individuals who are new to the world of Psychic Readings. If you are a first time user of our site, we welcome you to experience our Psychic Phone Readings at only $1 per minute for up to 20 minutes + 3 FREE Minutes. There is absolutely no risk, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Relax in knowing you may ask as many questions as you like. Our advanced phone system will alert you when there is one minute left in your reading. If you need more time, you can simply reserve more time without ever leaving the call.  

Our goal is to provide you accurate readings related to your career, love interests, finance, or any other topic or questions that may be of concern to you. Our Psychics will also help you understand the true meaning of your reading and how this information may help you achieve the future you are seeking.

When a psychic works with a member, they may provide a vast amount of information during the course of their reading. A great feature of MeetYourPsychic is your ability to order an .mp3 audio recording of your psychic reading for only $6.99. Never again forget important information or be distracted by taking notes during your reading. Make sure to choose the recording option while placing your order online, or simply let Member Care know you would like to order a recording of your reading, as you place your order.

Can an accurate psychic reading be performed over the phone? 

Yes! Countless people from around the world reach out to psychic advisors by phone each and every day. No longer do you need to waste time traveling to your psychic. Your psychic can now come to you with the click of your mouse or the swipe of your smartphone.

Today’s modern psychics have honed their skills to become sensitive to the voice vibrations of their clients. You absolutely can achieve a successful psychic reading from the comfort of your own home.

How can I get the most value from my Phone Reading?  

For best results, find a quiet area in your home and confirm your phone network is strong. We all know how annoying dropped calls can be! However, if your reading is interrupted due to technical issues, there is no need to worry. Your Psychic Cash account will only be debited for the time on the call. You can simply place another reading order and quickly pick up where you left off.

Do you find yourself thinking about your past relationships or worried about where your current relationship is going? Are you living with a feeling that your partner is slowly drifting away? 

Our amazing love psychic readings will focus on your energy and help you understand your past.  But even more importantly, your psychic reading will show the path you are currently on and what you may experience in the future.

Our psychic readers can address relationship questions and make honest predictions for your future. We know that what you desire is the truth and this is what we are here to provide.

Our top rated, honest, and live psychic readings will help you connect with your true spiritual destiny. We are here to guide you through key areas of your life with compassion and non-judgement. 

Your advisor fully understands the importance of your questions. Their mission is to help you by providing accurate and useful guidance, while utilizing their heightened perceptive abilities.

We are here for you seven days a week / 365 days a year. Through the years we have provided over 500,000 psychic readings and have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. We look forward to serving you today! Our live Member Care agents are standing by to assist you.

Ready to begin the path to the happiness you deserve? All it takes is one phone call to 1.877.987.7792. Why wait? Achieve the peace of mind you deserve with MeetYourPsychic.com today!

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Do you have questions regarding love and relationships, career or finance? Our honest psychic readers offer accurate readings via phone, chat, message and text. Need a cheap reading? No problem! For a limited time, new users of the MeetYourPsychic website can talk for up to 20 minutes at only $1/min + 3 FREE Minutes! Our live Member care agents are standing by to assist you. Why Wait?

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