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Are online readings as effective as in person readings?

Absolutely.  Phone psychics have honed their skills for years to become sensitive to the voice vibrations of their clients. The psychics on MeetYourPsychic successfully speak with Members from around the world and they can assist you as well today!

What types of ways can I communicate with my psychic?

It is our goal to make speaking with your Psychic as simple and convenient as possible. This is why we offer more communication options than any other psychic network! Click on the “Learn More” button below for detailed information regarding these psychic reading options.

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How long have you been in business?

MeetYourPsychic has been providing access to the nation’s top Psychic Advisors since 2009.  Since then we have received multiple top psychic review rewards and successfully provided 1,000,000’s of readings to over 500,000 clients.  We look forward to serving your psychic needs today!

For phone and chat readings, do I need to use all my purchased time in one reading?

No. You may speak for as little or long as you like with your Psychic Advisor. Psychic Cash will only be debited from your account for the number of minutes you speak on the phone or type in chat with your Psychic Advisor.

What types of topics can I receive advice for?

When it is your life, experience matters. Since 2009, our honest, trusted, and truthful psychic advisors have helped over 500,000 clients find solutions, guidance, and answers to life's most challenging concerns. We are experts in questions regarding: Love and Relationship, Dating, Career Guidance, Finances, Mediumship, Destiny and so much more. Consult with a psychic today and sleep better tonight! Click on the “Learn More” button below for detailed information regarding these psychic topic options.

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How do your psychics differ from one another?

Each psychic you work with is an individual with their own specific style and talents. Below you will find useful information regarding how out talented psychic advisors can assist you in all areas of life. From general future readings, connecting to loved ones in the afterlife, lost objects, and soulmate connections. Click on the “Learn More” button below for detailed information regarding these psychic topic options.

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Can I provide a testimonial regarding my readings?

Yes. After each and every completed service, you will have the opportunity to provide a testimonial regarding your psychic reading experience.  You may reply via text or from the testimonial section of “My Account”, when logged in. We look forward to your feedback, as we use this information to achieve the best service possible.

Are the Psychics listed on the site, employees of MeetYourPsyhic?

No. Psychic Advisors are independent contractors.  MeetYourPsychic does not train or direct the advisors in any way concerning the manner or method they provide or perform their services. MeetYourPsychic is solely a technology and communications platform that provides access to the services you desire. When you purchase a psychic reading, your relationship is with that psychic advisor and not MeetYourPsychic.

Can I trust this site with my payment information?

Yes. Your payment and account security is our top priority. Our site has been deemed PCI Compliant, which is the top security standard required for processing online payments. We do not store your full credit card information, but only the last four digits for your security and convenience when approving additional orders. In addition, we have an A+ rating with the BBB and live member care, seven days a week.

What is the minimum age to use our service?

The minimum age to use our service is 18 years old.

How do I know if a specific psychic is right for me?

We offer many features to assist you with this process. Firstly, we invite all clients to review the list of psychics currently online, found on the homepage of the site. Here you can listen to their audio bios and review their full profiles. The psychic profiles contain detailed information such as: Areas of Expertise, Styles of Intuition and Reading Styles. You may also review client testimonials. In addition, we offer a filter to help you choose the type of psychic you prefer. Finally, member care is only a phone call away at 1.877.987.7792. We are always happy to help!

Are the psychics on your network qualified?

Yes. We take the service of providing psychic guidance seriously.  We know how important your questions are to you and we want you to have an amazing experience.  For a psychic to be considered for placement on our network, all applicants must provide sample readings, agree to our code of ethics and undergo multiple screenings.  We also closely monitor their performance throughout their time with our network. Due to our high standards, we only approve 10% of psychics who apply.

Can I save favorite psychics in my account?

Yes. You can save your favorite Psychics by clicking on the “heart” in their Psychic Profile. You may also review a list of your favorite psychics by clicking on “My Account”, once logged in. If you opt in, you may also receive “Psychic Login Notifications”, via text. With this feature, you will always be one of the first to know when your favorite Psychic is available to answer your questions.

Will my private account information be shown to the Psychic Advisors?

No. The only information that a psychic will receive prior to your order is your first name. Per our code of ethics and agreement, advisors may never attempt to acquire or provide personal contact information. It is also strictly forbidden for a psychic to attempt to solicit services with a MeetYourPsychic member outside of the network.

What if I forget my password or PIN number?

You can easily receive a reminder of your password or PIN number by clicking in the “Forgot Password / PIN” link on the “Sign In” area on the homepage, and follow the simple instructions.

Where can I find the price per minute of a Psychic?

The price per minute is clearly shown within each psychic profile and shopping cart for your approval, prior to checkout.

Can I share my reading with another person, or gift a reading for a friend or family member?

No. To receive a reading, you must have an account with MeetYourPsychic.

Can I have more than one account?

No. Each member may only have one account. Multiple accounts may result in denial of access to our services.

How do I place and order for a phone or chat Psychic Reading?

Simply go to “Online Psychics” for a list of Psychics that are currently working, or “View All Psychics” to view our entire listing of Psychic Advisors. If the Psychic’s status is marked “Available”, you may speak over the phone or via chat with them immediately. If the Psychic’s status is marked “On a Call”, you may speak over the phone as soon as they are available. You may view “Estimated Availability” for approximate wait time. If the Psychic’s status is marked “Offline”, you may order your reading now and you will automatically receive a call to speak over the phone with your psychic at their next login.

If you're a new member,  you will be asked to set up an account before being connected. If you're an existing customer, you must log in first to be connected with a psychic. You can also call 1.877.987.7792 for member care support with any order.

How do I place and order for a message or text Psychic Reading?

Simply go to “Online Psychics” for a list of Psychics that are currently working, or “View All Psychics” to view our entire listing of Psychic Advisors. If the Psychic’s status is marked “Available” or “On a Call”, you may order a message or text reading immediately. Text readings are generally completed within a few minutes. Please allow up to 48 hours for message readings to be replied to by your psychic. If the Psychic’s status is marked “Offline”, you may only order Message readings.

What length of phone or chat Psychic Readings do you offer?

For new members, our introduction phone or chat readings are twenty-minutes. Our standard phone or chat readings range anywhere between ten minutes and one-hundred and twenty minutes.

What if I used all my purchased time during my phone or chat reading and would like to continue?

At the end of your purchased time, you will be provided an opportunity to approve an additional 10 minutes of talk time at the Psychics’s current price per minute to your primary method of payment. For phone readings, simply press the “*” key when prompted. For chat readings, simply click “OK” when prompted. This process may be repeated as many times as you wish.

When are psychics available for readings?

For your convenience, Psychic Readings are available seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Can I use a friend, family member or spouse’s credit card for payment?

No. It is strictly forbidden to use a card where your name is not specifically listed on the front. Use of another person's credit card may result in denial of access to our services.

How do charges appear on my credit card statement?

For your privacy, your approved payments will show at MYP Advisor Fundings.

Are there monthly membership or recurring fees?

No. You are only billed when you personally approve the purchase of a service.

What forms of credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do you accept gift cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What is Psychic Cash, and how do I add money to my account?

Psychic Cash serves as a virtual currency with MeetYourPsychic.com. Services on the Site are redeemed through Psychic Cash. You may purchase Psychic Cash during checkout, or (recommended) you may pre-load your account with Psychic Cash, by clicking on the “Buy Psychic Cash” link found on the home page. By pre-loading your account with Psychic Cash, you have the option to take advantage of Psychic Cash Reward credits (when available / sign-up required). PSYCHIC CASH BALANCES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE TO THE ORIGINAL PAYMENT METHOD, OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT METHOD. Please see our term of use for full details regarding the purchase and use of Psychic Cash.

Do you offer an “auto-bill” feature, if I do not wish for my reading to be interrupted when I have used all my purchased phone or chat talk time?

Yes, this can be feature can be enabled or disabled at any time from “My Account”. For your convenience, you will be notified during your reading when auto-bill has extended your reading for an additional 10 minutes.

What if my psychic is not available? / Do you offer appointments?

No. We cannot guarantee a specific time for your reading, due to the ability for any member to extend their readings if they desire more time beyond their original purchase. However with phone readings, we do offer a queueing system where you can place a request for your favorite psychic to call you back (even if their profile status states "On a Break", "On a Call" or "Contact Me". Once you place your order to the queue, you will be called back when the psychic is next available and in the order your request was received.

What if I can’t answer the phone when my psychic is trying to call me?

No problem! If you cannot answer, your Psychic Cash account will not be debited and you can place another order at a time that is more convenient for you.

Do you offer any specials or discounts?

Yes! Make sure to sign up for Psychic Cash Rewards. Also, keep an eye out for text and email notifications regarding other weekly site wide promotions.

Do you offer free daily horoscopes?

Yes! Make sure to subscribe to our FREE daily horoscopes on our homepage for universal insights into your future.

What are Psychic Cash Rewards?

Psychic Cash Rewards is our loyalty program where you can earn up to 4% back on each and every purchase you make with MeetYourPsychic (signup required). Once you have earned $10.00 or more, you can apply up to $10.00 per purchase when you pre-fund your account with Psychic Cash. Click here to learn more about this program and receive (for a limited time) an instant $20.00 site credit when you sign up today.

What type of information is available in “My Account”?

“My Account” is the brain center of your account. We recommend you check it regularly for the most up to date information on the following:

  • Auto Bill
  • Psychic Cash Balance
  • Signup for Psychic Cash Rewards
  • Psychic Cash Rewards Balance
  • Your PIN
  • Primary Credit Card
  • Billing Information
  • Testimonial Response
  • Change or Delete Primary Credit Card
  • Add New Credit Card
  • Manage Billing Address
  • Manage Saved Phone Numbers
  • Manage Username / Password
  • All Account Activity
  • All Fundings
  • All Phone Readings (and recordings, if purchased)
  • All Chat Readings (and transcripts, if purchased)
  • All Message Readings
  • All Text Readings
  • Upcoming Readings
  • Manage your Text Preferences
  • Your Favorite Psychics
  • All Site Credits

How do I close my account?

All requests to close accounts, must be done in writing by visiting the “Member Care / Contact Us” messaging portal on the homepage.

Do you offer live customer service?

Yes, we are happy to offer live Member Care seven days a week by calling: 1.877.987.7792. You may also reach us via our messaging portal, by visiting the Member Care on the homepage and navigate to Contact Us.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes! MeetYourPsychic is home to the “5 Minute Guarantee”. For more information on this amazing program, click here.

If I am an experienced Psychic Advisor, how can I apply to offer my services with your network?

We are always searching for the nation’s best Psychic Advisors to join our team. If you would like to take the first step, click here.

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