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I’m a channeling spiritual advisor.
Selene Auset

Selene Auset


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I will help you find the center of peace.
Most Valued!



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Master Psychic. Accurate Timelines. Reunite Lovers



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Do you have questions regarding love and relationships, career or finance? Our honest psychic readers offer accurate readings via phone, chat, message and text. Need a cheap reading? No problem! For a limited time, new users of the MeetYourPsychic website can talk for up to 20 minutes at only $1/min + 3 FREE Minutes! Our live Member care agents are standing by to assist you. Why Wait?
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Types of Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings by Phone


Psychic Readings by chat


Psychic Readings by Message


Psychic Readings by SMS


psychic-profiles How it Works

Ready to get started?

Follow the steps to the right for an overview of how to get started. If you haven’t already done so, Step 1 is to Create Your Free Account!

We have made the process of connecting you to an online psychic as seamless and easy as possible. Once you create your free account, we will walk you through each step to get your account set up and verified.

If you have any questions during the account setup process, call our team at 1-877-987-7792, and we’ll be happy to help!

Create Free Account

Step 1. Create Your Free Account

Click here to Create Your Free Account. Fill in your details and verify that you have both a valid email and phone number which is how we will provide you with our services.

Step 2. Add Funds to Your Account

Add a credit card to purchase Psychic Cash, which will be debited according to your chosen psychic’s per minute rate. First time? Check out our New Member Special to get your first 3 minutes free!

Step 3. Choose a Psychic

We have hundreds of psychics to choose from with a variety of talents and tools who specialize in the nearly any topic you’d like to discuss.

Step 4. Making The Call

You will receive a call and a text message when your psychic is available to speak with you. Once you answer, we will attempt to connect you to your chosen psychic.

Step 5. Love Your Reading

Our goal is your success, satisfaction and peace of mind. If you are ever dissatisfied with your psychic experience, please Contact Us right away. Your psychic may be covered by our 5 Minute Guarantee.


Low Account Balance

If your account balance runs low while you’re on a phone call with a psychic, you will hear an automated voice come on the line and ask you if you’d like to continue your call and request that you authorize a charge for additional time in 10 minute increments or to hang up so that you will not be charged further.


5 Minute Guarantee

For returning members, we are happy to inform you that your experience with your Psychic may carry a 5-minute guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will credit back your first 5 minutes, so you may apply this credit to an alternate Psychic Advisor. Our guarantee will not apply to any Psychic for which you have received a previous Psychic Cash credit and must be claimed within 24 hours of the call.


10 Minute Minimum

You must have at least 10 minutes worth of Psychic Cash in your account balance to begin a call. As soon as you are connected, our system will deduct the psychic’s listed per minute rate from your account balance every minute.

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Our world renowned Astrologists offer FREE daily psychic guidance to assist you in achieving the best possible future. Sign up today and receive your horoscope by convenient text message.

Why Trust MeetYourPsychic?

  • No hidden fees or monthly charges
  • All advisors are extensively screened
  • All Psychics carry a 5 minute guarantee
  • Live member care is ready to assist

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Psychic Cash, and how do I add money to my account?

Psychic Cash serves as a virtual currency for MeetYourPsychic.com. Services on the site are redeemed through Psychic Cash. You may pre-load your account with Psychic Cash, by clicking on “Psychic Cash” at the top of the home page or purchase Psychic Cash during checkout.

PSYCHIC CASH BALANCES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE TO THE ORIGINAL PAYMENT METHOD, OR ANY OTHER PAYMENT METHOD. Please see our Terms of Use for full details regarding the purchase and use of Psychic Cash.

What is the 5 Minute Guarantee?

Our 5 Minute Guarantee allows you to speak with a psychic and decide if it is a fit for you within the first 5 minutes. If not, you may hang up with your psychic within that first 5 minutes and use those minutes with another psychic. This must be claimed within 24 hours of the reading taking place.

Please note that you can only apply the 5 minute rule ONCE time per psychic and it acts as a block feature to ensure you will not encounter a negative experience with that psychic again. Once utilized, you will no longer be able to see or communicate with that psychic. Beware that using this feature revokes payment from the psychic and should only be used in cases of extreme dissatisfaction.

Will my private account information be shown to the Psychics?

No. The only information that a psychic will receive prior to your order is your first name. Per our code of ethics and agreement, advisors may never attempt to acquire or provide personal contact information. It is also strictly forbidden for a psychic to attempt to solicit services with a MeetYourPsychic.com member outside of the network.

What if I can’t answer the phone when my psychic is trying to call me?

No problem! If you can’t answer, your Psychic Cash account will not be debited and you can place another order at a time that is more convenient for you.

Why doesn’t my psychic have a schedule?

Our psychics are independent contractors (not employees) who enjoy the freedom of a flexible work schedule, or when they simply find time to do so. Some may post a schedule if they wish to keep regular hours, but it is not a requirement. If you require someone that can reliably speak with a consistent time frame, we do have quite a few who set a schedule and would encourage you to browse someone that is compatible with your needs or to politely request that your psychic set a schedule.

How do I get in line to speak with a psychic who is offline?

By purchasing at least 10 minutes of time with your desired psychic, you will be placed in their queue and the psychic will immediately be sent a text message with your first name and that you are waiting to speak with them.

How do charges appear on my credit card statement?

For your privacy, your approved payments will be displayed on your statement as “MYPFUNDINGS8779877792” or similar.

When it is your life, experience matters.
Our Psychics have helped over 500,000 members concerning:

Love and Relationship Advice & Tips
Love and Relationship Expert guidance for marriage, dating, and soulmate connections.
The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Finance
Career and Finance Expert guidance for discovering the path to abundance and success.
mediumship and grieving
Mediumship and Grieving Expert guidance for coping with the loss of a friend or family member.
Discovering Your Life Purpose and Destiny
Destiny and Life Purpose Expert guidance to uncovering your true karmic purpose.

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