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about psychic readings

About Our Sessions

Understand our Areas of Expertise, the Metaphysical Tools our psychics use and how Spiritual Communication through a talented and compassionate intuitive can improve your life. Have you already scheduled your Psychic Reading?  Read how to Prepare for your Reading to make your experience the best it can be!

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email readings

Email Readings

Meet Your Psychic offers you the opportunity receive accurate Email Readings and Email Dream Analysis Readings sent to your email inbox.  Are you on a tight schedule?  Do you prefer to read rather than to listen?  Let us provide you with affordable and convenient psychic guidance that you can read anytime at your own leisure.

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Astrology Charts

Are you ready to unlock the wisdom of the Universe?

Allow to create your Personal Astrology Chart. Astrological influences on your life can be explained through our accurate and meaningful reports. This convenient and economical source of essential information and guidance will assist you in your decision making process as you plan for your future.

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past life regressions

Past Life Regressions

What is the difference between a Past Life Reading and a Past Life Regression?

During a standard psychic session (Past Life Reading), your advisor may receive information regarding experiences and connections you have had in past lives.  In a Past Life Regression, you experience moments and connections from your past life directly.

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nrg_hands_picDistance Energy Healing

Distance Energy Healing or “DEH”  is a method of healing when the receiver or “client” is not physically present with the practitioner or “Psychic Advisor”.  According to Quantum Physics, we live in a world of energy.  With “DEH”, energy is directed and can be guided by the mind. In the world of energy, there is no such thing as time or space.  “DEH” is based on Quantum Physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location.

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  • Our Readings

    Accurate Psychic Readings Are Now Available in a Wide Variety of MethodsIf you’ve ever desired insight into what the future may hold, our Psychics can help. Throughout life, all of us experience monumental and sometimes confusing events on the horizon. More and more, people choose to connect with a psychic network for guidance.  Now, doing that is easier than ever!  Meet Your Psychic is the internet’s only Ph.D Established Psychic Advisor Service, and we offer several ways to communicate with ethical, professional and tested psychics intuitives.

    Psychic Telephone ReadingsOur professionals have spent years honing their skills in the art of spiritual intuitive communication, meaning they are able to provide accurate psychic readings over the phone without the need for you to be physically in their presence.  Additionally, we have recently introduced a feature where phone psychic discussions can be digitally recorded and delivered to you via email in an .mp3 format. Then, you can relax in knowing that you will not forget the important advice that was conveyed in your session.

    Psychic Text Questions, Psychic Chats and Psychic E-mail ReadingsAre you always on the move?  We understand how many of our clients use their mobile smart- phones as their primary means of communication. We are pleased to offer affordable psychic questions in a text message format. This option is ideal when you are on a budget or do not have the privacy needed to engage with a psychic by phone. For only $20, you can send a question via text and get a response as soon as your chosen advisor is available. Note: This psychic reading service is for a single question and does not allow for follow-up texts or any other clarifications.  Finally, it’s possible to get an answer from a reliable psychic, even if you’re out and about. Talking with your psychic advisor via chat is another great option. Chat Psychic Readings are priced the same as those conducted by telephone, and offer the advantage of being able to e-mail or print out a copy of your chat transcript for future reference. Additionally, E-mail Psychic Readings are similar to online Psychic chat, but are preferred by many clients, particularly when they have very specific questions to ask and desire more time to collect their thoughts.Email Psychic Readings can be ordered in one, two, three or four question formats.  Please allow your psychic 24-48 hours to return your guidance.

    Past Life Regressions, and MoreDo you believe in past lives? If you’re curious about whom you were in a past life, schedule a Past Life Regression today! By understanding where we have come from, we can more deeply understand who we are in the present.  Contact us today for a complete explanation of this 1.5 hour meditative experience.  

    Frequently Asked QuestionsDo you offer free phone, chat or email readings?  No.  However we do offer amazing new member specials starting at only $10.00. Do you offer love tarot readings? Our advisors are not reliant on the use of tools in their sessions due to their advanced intuition and psychic powers.  However, tarot, crystal, astrology and other styles can be requested.  Do you offer psychic love spells, palm readers or fortune tellers?  No.  We believe that only you have control of your path.  Spells attempting to control others are an outdated, unreliable ritual and are often connect to psychic scams. We strive to provide ethical services at affordable rates. Please check out our psychic reviews online today. Do you offer any famous psychics on your network?  Yes.  Psychic Kileen K and Psychic Eric K. are known nationwide for their unprecedented ability to forecast and have provided guidance to thousands of satisfied clients.  Who is your best or top psychic?  The best psychic for your needs can only be decided by you.  However, please feel free to call our live Member Service operators and they will be happy to make a recommendation! Do you have psychic mediums or clairvoyants?  Yes.  We have experienced psychic advisors that offer all types of spiritual guidance.

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    Meet Your Psychic Weekly Coupon!

    We at Meet Your Psychic are aware that you have many choices for your psychic guidance.  As a thank you for your continued Membership, we would like to offer the following money saving coupon:

    Use the promo code "pearl" to receive a free recording with any phone reading! Cannot be combined with any other offer/ discount/ psychic cash reward. 1 per customer.

  • New Member?


    What is the Cost?

    You may have noticed already that we do things a little different than most psychic services. We have made a decision not to offer expensive per minute rates, but rather, easy to understand affordable flat rates for all Psychic Sessions and products.

    For New Members we have 3 amazing introductory offers!

    1. A 10 Minute Psychic Reading for only $10.00! 

    2. A 15 Minute Psychic Reading for only $15.00!

    3. A 30 Minute Psychic Reading for only $30.00!

    Register for your FREE Membership Now!

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  • Private Parties!

    Private Psychic Parties and Events in

    your area!

    party_new_picMake your next party or event a night to remember! Have a Psychic(s) perform at your next event or party. Your guests will be amazed and you will be the "host with the most"! We cater to all size events from 10 to 10,000 people . For more information on rates, to check availibility in your city and to make a reservation call Customer Service at 1-877-987-7792.

  • Daily Horoscopes


    Daily Horoscopes

    Are you curious how your day will unfold?  SIGN UP NOW for your FREE daily horoscope, provided by Psychic Eric K. will detail your potential future on a day to day basis by evaluating your Sun sign. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more about your specific sign and what your day has in store for you!

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  • Testimonials



    I must say, I almost gave up the concept of finding “real” psychic advice online.  Thank you Psychic Kileen K. for guiding me through my divorce.  I could tell by your attitude that you really did care and I wasn’t simply just another call.  Like you said, it took me about 6 months to be ready to date again.  I am now in a happy relationship and will be calling again.  You’re the best!
    — Jane1002

    Dear Psychic Eric,
    After losing my Father to lung cancer, I really lost faith in God and feel into a deep depression. Your view of life after death and information you picked up about him really helped me to accept and move on.  P.S. I quit smoking like you asked!  Thanks.
    — Funnyal10 

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  • Are you Psychic?

    Are you a Gifted Psychic Entertainer?


    Hello!  Do you currenly own and operate a licnesed psychic entertainment business, but would like to partner with as an independent contractor as a way to increase revenue through our generous referral comissions?  If so,we are very excited to speak with you further in regards to joining the family of expert psychic entertainers!


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