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Do you have questions regarding love and relationships, career or finance? Our honest psychic readers offer accurate readings via phone, chat, message and text. Need a cheap reading? No problem! For a limited time, new users of the MeetYourPsychic website can talk for up to 20 minutes at only $1/min + 3 FREE Minutes! Our live Member care agents are standing by to assist you. Why Wait?

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Our Psychics have helped over 500,000 members concerning:

Love and Relationship Advice & Tips
Love and Relationship: Expert guidance for marriage, dating, and soulmate connections.
The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Finance
Career and Finance: Expert guidance for discovering the path to abundance and success.
mediumship and grieving
Mediumship and Grieving: Expert guidance for coping with the loss of a friend or family member.
Discovering Your Life Purpose and Destiny
Destiny and Life Purpose: Expert guidance to uncovering your true karmic purpose.

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About Us

Get the best online readings today!

If you are searching for reliable psychic readings, we are here to help. Our psychic readings are available via phone, chat, message and text. So, why wait? Consult with our professional Psychic Readers and receive personalized psychic answers to life’s most challenging questions. New users can experience a Psychic Reading for only $1.00 per minute, up to 20 minutes + your first 3 minutes are FREE!

Since 2009, our trusted psychic relationship experts have provided love and dating advice to assist you in achieving the soulmate connection you desire. Even if you feel it is too late to get back your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend, we may still be able to guide you to your desired outcome. Most of our affordable psychic readings are conducted using no tools, but some prefer our true psychic empaths to provide insight through a love tarot card reading. If this is you, just ask!

If you are suffering from a loss of a loved one, you may want to consider speaking with an ethical, caring and professional psychic medium. Their spiritual specialty is to connect you with the eternal energy of your friend or family member. We look forward to providing you the healing and peace of mind you deserve through honest and accurate psychic reading online.

What is a Psychic Reading?

A psychic reading is a form of information that is discerned and delivered through the use of heightened senses and perceptive abilities. The person who provides these readings is called a psychic.
We are all a form of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. By consciously raising their personal frequencies, psychics access information in the non-physical world and interpret potential manifestations.
Psychics are gifted. And once they discover that, they spend several years honing their talents of spiritual intuitive communication. Using their cosmic insights, they help clients achieve a profound understanding of life.
A psychic reading doesn’t predict your future. But it does present various possibilities and perspectives so that you can make a decision to steer your life any which way you want.

What do people consult with Psychics?

Psychic guidance can help you in more ways than one. Some people consult with psychics to communicate with their deceased loved ones or to seek advice regarding their romantic relationship or career trajectory. Psychics can also help people examine their past so that they can take certain actions in their present in order to shape their future.
Many people tend to forge an ongoing relationship with their psychics as they keep on benefiting from their clairvoyance. The psychic world focuses on the mind, body, and soul connection and how each aspect of your life is influenced by the others.

How can I prepare to have the best Psychic Reading possible?

Preparing for Your Psychic Reading:Psychic readings require your 100% attention. Find a location where you can focus on your reading without any distractions. Turn off your devices, lock yourself in a room and ask family members not to disturb you during the session.
Find yourself a quiet corner where you can sit down and gather your thoughts for the reading. If you are feeling anxious, use this time to calm your nerves through a brief session of yoga or meditation.
Keep in mind that you get a limited amount of time to receive advice. So try to organize your thoughts prior to your reading. If you have any questions, write them down. Try to be as specific as possible and tie in context with every question to avoid confusion.

During Your Psychic Reading:Your psychic is aware of the limited time allocation to your reading. So they are going to be sharing very specific information with you. Pay attention. Be concise with your questions and answers. Don’t dismiss any information, no matter how trivial it may sound at that moment, as you may not realize its depth and relevance immediately.
Also, in the non-physical world, the concept of time is not linear, which means the information about your present, past, and future might not come through in chronological order.
When your psychic shares any guidance that is ‘spot on’, acknowledge that immediately in order to let the psychic know that they are on the same page as you. On a similar note, if you don’t understand their message, allow them to offer a detailed explanation, in a way that’s easier for you to understand.

After Your Psychic Reading:After the reading is complete, it’s time to reflect on the information you received. To start with, review your recorded session and jot down crucial details in your personal journal, which you can revisit later. In case you find something confusing, you can clarify with the psychic during your next session.
By now, you will have the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions in your life. Our psychic will show you the path, but it’s you who have to go ahead and bring about the change.

Can a psychic reader really predict what is "going to happen" before it "happens"?

Yes and no. We are always on a path to somewhere. If we are driving and following our vehicle navigation system, we can make a good prediction of the turns and stops that we are going to execute. However, we have free will and can decide to ignore the navigation system at any time. Psychic readings tap into your “energetic navigation path” providing you the knowledge to make the most educated choice of which path to follow. So yes, psychics can “see” the path that you are currently following. Also no. Because the future has not occurred as of yet, you have the ability through free will to change it.

Are psychics 100% accurate?

No individual can guarantee 100% accuracy in their respective field. The information that psychics receive is fragmented and non-linear in terms of time frame. It’s like assembling a jigsaw puzzle - piece by piece. As soon as the psychic begins to have a meaningful picture, that information is then conveyed to the client. On occasions, the psychic may misinterpret the information, and then there are times when the client cannot fathom the depth of their readings until a later date.
If you are unable to make sense of your readings, do not hesitate to seek clarification. No question is too small or silly.

Can psychics cast spells?

Psychics can create affirmations that will help you raise your vibrational frequency (what you believe is possible) to receive what you consciously focus on creating. However, you must perform the affirmation for it to be effective. No one has a “magic wand” that can make things happen, or control other people in your life. No one can override another person’s free will. In order for another person to affect your life (negatively or positively), you must recognize their perceived power over you, and allow it.

How long has your network been in business?

MeetYourPsychic has been in business since 2009 and is A+ Rated with the BBB.

I normally use a psychic near me. Are online readings possible?

Yes, we have provided over 1,000,000 successful readings through our psychic websites.

Do you offer psychic love spells?

No. Our psychics do not offer love spells. Our readings are based on the premise that you should be the one in charge of your love life. Using spells to control others is an unethical and unreliable ritual that is often connected to psychic scams. To learn more about our top psychic advisors, please check out our top psychic reviews today.

What type of questions can I ask my Psychic?

Our Psychics have been offering readings for years, helping clients navigate through life’s twists and turns. Here’s a partial list of common areas of your life where you may require psychic guidance.

Love and Relationship: Finding the love of your life and then sustaining your relationship with that person requires commitment, followed by consistent effort. In this session, you can gain clarity on how to resolve conflicts and address issues such as commitment phobia, low self-confidence, and negative feelings. Your psychic can also provide you with spiritual tools to attract a situation that is more favorable for your relationship.

Career: Discover your ambitions and unique talents to attract a suitable job or a business opportunity that can help you flourish. This session will also focus on your destiny that may lead to your life’s purpose and help you create a long-term roadmap for your career.

Family: Some family dynamics are a bit complex to understand and sustain. Choose this session if you want to manage your relationship with other family members better. The psychic reading will help you gain new perspectives of your family’s decisions and come to terms with parental issues that are now far behind you.

Financial: Do you have a dreadful relationship with your finances? Choose this session to improve your financial situation by identifying and mending certain decisions that landed you in a financial mess.

Health: This session focuses on understanding the imbalances in your body and what needs to be done to promote healing. Sometimes these imbalances are a direct or indirect manifestation of certain challenges in your life, and a psychic session can help you establish that connection.

Legal: A psychic reading focused on the speedy resolution of a legal conflict. Size up your legal opponent and formulate a strategy through psychic exploration to achieve desired outcomes.

Mediumship: Communicate with higher energies or a loved one who has crossed over into the after-life through a medium. In this psychic session, a medium relays the information from the spirit to the mortals in the physical realm. Choose this session if you have unresolved matters with a person who has passed away or want to reconnect to make your grieving process a bit easier.

Past Life: This psychic session reveals insights into your life that you had prior to this incarnation. Choose this session if you want to understand your fears or your inexplicable attraction to certain places, people or things.

Pet:This psychic session will help you understand and connect with your beloved pet, whether alive or deceased. Choose this session if you want to understand psychological and physical issues that your pet may be experiencing but cannot express in words.

Spiritual:This session focuses on spiritual healing to help individuals experience a greater sense of success and satisfaction. Choose this session to unveil your destiny, life purpose, karmic agreements, and how you can connect with your surroundings more effectively.


Psychics use certain physical items as divination tools in order to interpret information from the non-physical realm. These tools are often mistaken for the source of energy or the information. However, that's not the case. These are supportive tools that allow the psychic to channel information from the present, past and future and connect with energies (a beloved pet or a family member) who have crossed over into the non-physical plane.
Here’s a list of tools and methods that are used by psychics.

Angel Cards:Using Angel Cards, the psychic focuses on the direct messages and guidance that your guardian angel is shining upon you. During this session, you access the sacred space around you where angelic communication takes place. And your psychic helps you interpret and understand the information that they receive on your behalf. A full psychic reading can be carried out using Angel Cards.

Astrology: It’s a system that links the relative positions of celestial bodies with the individual’s birth and also explains the influence that these positions have on their character, personality, destiny and various events that may occur along their life’s journey. Astrology is a tool that can be used to analyze the ever-evolving universe and how the position of celestial bodies impacts an individual’s everyday life.

Crystals: Crystals are perceived to have clear energies which help psychics clear their mind to receive and interpret messages from the non-physical realm. This psychic tool has multiple forms. It could be a crystal ball, a crystal pendulum, or several crystals arranged in a specific fashion on a table. By focusing on the crystal, the psychic taps into their intuitive communication channels and receives information from the present, past or future.

Dream Interpretation: Dream interpretation is an ancient practice that helps individuals make sense of the events that appear in their dreams. Dreams can be a manifestation of your repressed thoughts or a prelude to a possible illness or future event. Dreams can also be a wake-up call for you to address and rectify certain issues that you may have been withholding in the back of your mind. Interestingly, a small percentage though, certain dreams are prescient and hold immense value if interpreted and acted upon in time.

I Ching: Originating in China, the I Ching dates back to approximately 4000 years. Also known as the book of changes, it is one of the oldest known books in the world. This book can be credited with the earliest surviving method for intuitive decision-making. It focuses on the ideas of the dynamic balance of opposites, the evolution of events as a process, and acceptance of the inevitability of change. I Ching’s information, originally in book form, was accessed and interpreted by throwing yarrow sticks and later coins. More recently I Ching decks have gained popularity in the West. Similar to Oracle decks, they have become a tool for divination.

Numerology: Numerology is an ancient study that involves various beliefs and systems, focusing on the mystical relationship between numbers and physical objects or living things. The methodology of numerology is based on the premise that the full name a person was given at birth along with the day, month, and year that person was born, has a significant influence on the character and personality of the person. This system uses the numbers 1 through 9. Numerology also impacts the events occurring during the course of your lifetime. The most commonly used numerology system is the Pythagorean system, which was possibly invented by the father of mathematics, Pythagoras around 600 BC.

Oracle Cards: Oracle cards can be used as a tool for deviation and introspection. It consists of a deck of cards that are free-wheeling from the set structure of traditional Major or Minor Arcana. Many current spiritual authors have released oracle decks following the teachings in their books. While Oracle and Tarot cards are two different things, Oracle cards can be used similarly to a Tarot deck to discover new perspectives, clarity and guidance. Oracle decks often differ in the number of cards, ranging from 40-80. Spirit guides, fairies, angels, mermaids and unicorns are some of the common themes found in the Oracle deck.

Pendulums: Pendulum Dowsing is used for a variety of purposes including finding lost objects, cleansing negative energy and healing purposes. Similar to any deviation tool, pendulums involve a degree of faith and open-mindedness. Pendulum dowsing works by tapping into your intuition. However, psychics often use this along with other divination tools to interpret information from the non-physical realm. Pendulums are also used in Chakra clearing. They are made from a variety of substances including, but not limited to gemstones, crystals, polished stone, and coral. For more information on how a pendulum is used, please see the crystals entry above.

Rune Stones: Rune is an ancient Germanic alphabet that dates back to roughly 200 BC. Runestone is an ancient Norse method of divination believed to have been derived from the Roman or Greek alphabet. The ancient Teutons secretly taught these letters and their meanings within the confines of their culture. In a number of Indo-European languages, the word "rune" stems from "mystery" or “secret”. When the runes were used for divination or spells, they were cut into the branches of fruit-bearing trees. And because of this reason, it is believed to hold the most divination power when carved or written on natural materials. It is a powerful method of fortune-telling and protecting sigils. Nowadays, rune oracles can be found with symbols carved into stones, crystals or small pieces of wood. There are also card decks featuring rune symbols.

Tarot Cards: One of the most popular deviation tools, the Tarot deck is a collection of 78 symbolic cards featuring ancient and universal archetypes. Tarot cards don’t tell fortune, rather the deck is used to gain insights into the psychology and metaphysics of a person. It can also be used to receive specific information from a person‘s life and situation. There are several theories of the Tarot’s birth, but most scholars agree that it originated in Italy in the 1500s. The original deck, Rider-Waite, was the only deck available up until the mid-1900s. With the increasing mainstream interest of New Age spirituality, nowadays there is an abundance of styles of Tarot decks ranging from simple to ornate.


There are numerous ways an experienced psychic can connect with their clients. Here is a list of abilities and methods available from our Ph.D. Certified Psychic Advisors.

Angel Guides: A type of spirit guide, Angels have been present since the beginning of time. Angel guides are spirit messengers from God, Universal Source or the Divine. They are ageless and sexless, and will provide immediate assistance regardless of a person’s faith or spiritual beliefs. However, depending on the situation, they might take male or female forms when necessary. It is commonly believed that Angel guides take the forms of animals. They bring messages from the Absolute to all earthly life forms along with offering aid when necessary. Contrary to popular belief, human beings do not become angels when they die.

Clairaudient:Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic messages. It involves receiving information about an object, person, location, or physical event through a voice coming from a source inside or outside your head. This is the sixth sense of “hearing” in the mind, which is also called “whispers in the mind.” This spirit-guided voice can sound like one’s own or a loved one’s voice. Clairaudience is a pathway for discussing topics and gaining insights from spirits in the non-physical plane.

Clairsentient: A Clairsentient possesses the ability to interpret psychic information about an object, person, location, or physical event through sensing and feeling surrounding energies. This makes it possible to understand other people’s feelings. This tool can assist people with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages and issues. Being sensory receptors, Clairsentients can help individuals understand information and make decisions.

Clairvoyant: Clairvoyance stems from 17th century French with clair meaning "clear" and voyance meaning "vision". Clairvoyants possess the ability to “see” information concerning an object, person, location, or physical event, through the sixth sense. Clairvoyance works much like a dream or vision. This format is sometimes similar to watching a movie in one’s mind, where information is revealed in unfolding scenes. The information may also be communicated through flashes of pictures and symbols. This is a psychic pathway to seeing people or events in a distant time and space.

Direct Channeling: Direct channeling is the practice of a psychic allowing a spirit or collection of spirits to speak through them. When the spirit or entity is channeled, the body language, the vocal tone, handwriting and physical mannerisms will be altered and distinct. Such an entity can be an angel (often Michael or Gabriel), an Ascended Master (i.e. Ramtha or Lazaris), or a collection of energies (Abraham or the Emissaries of the Third Ray.) The channeled entities can use speech, automatic writing, or even tools such as Ouija boards or Tarot Cards.

Empath: An Empath is a person who has the ability to sense the feelings and emotions of another person or animal. It is a powerful gift that includes stimulation to any or all of the five senses, as well as the sixth sense. Empaths may be able to understand another person's emotions without being verbally informed or without palpable visual clues. Since Empaths sense energy, the location of the subject doesn’t impact the ability to connect.

Mediumship: Mediumship is a practice that involves bridging the gap between the living and the deceased. A medium is a psychic communicating with non-physical souls who have crossed over to the other side. The spirit which has transitioned in the after-life has a “conversation” with the medium in order to connect with those in the physical realm.

Pet Psychic: A pet psychic has the ability to communicate with animals, regardless of whether they are living or deceased. They can sense, understand and interpret physical and emotional issues that the animals may be facing.

Spirit Guides: Spirit Guides are powerful energies in the cosmic realm who provide guidance and assistance throughout physical lives. Many psychics utilize the aid of spirit guides while channeling for psychic readings. Spirit Guides are always present, whether the challenge is large or small. However, spirit guides will not intervene without request. Every individual can connect with Spirit Guides, regardless of their faith, religion or spiritual belief. Spirit Guides can help you make informed decisions about different life paths.


No, however, new members may receive their first phone or chat reading for up to 20 minutes for $20.00 + your first 3 minutes are FREE!

Do your psychics offer any psychic predictions for the upcoming year?

Yes! Check back soon for the latest yearly predictions from our best American Psychics!

Can you help me select my psychic if I am unsure who to choose?

Absolutely! Our friendly and knowledgeable Member Care agents are standing by to assist.

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