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Cancer Sign Dates, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Zodiac Cancer

Cancer Facts


Element: Water

Polarity: Negative

Quality: Cardinal

Ruling Planet: Moon

Rulling Houses: Fourth

Spirit Color: Violet

Lucky Gem: Ruby, pearl

Flower: Orchid and white rose

Top Love Matches: Taurus & Pisces

Cancer Sign Dates - June 21 to July 22

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and associated with the fourth house of the birth chart. Cancer natives crave a long happy family and are all about forming deep bonds everywhere they go. They find comfort with their roots, which gives birth to their nurturing nature.

Being the harbingers of peace and harmony, they avoid fights and confrontations at all times. They tend to get attached extremely easily and end up getting hurt when feelings are not reciprocated. They are extremely emotional and keep experiencing highs and lows.

Cancer Traits & Overview

Those born under the Cancer zodiac sign wear their heart on their sleeves. They are temperamental and give more importance to things that have a high sentimental value. Being one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac, they try to make their second-half feel like home all the time.

Since they belong to the water element, they are intense, passionate, and intuitive. They are also helping, patient, tender, and loving. They live life by the values instilled in them by their friends and family.

Being the hopeless romantic creatures that they are, they don’t give up on people easily. They are great listeners and believe in problem-solving.

Typical Cancer traits - frequent mood swings, tenacious, highly imaginative, emotional, sympathetic, and insecure.

Cancer Symbolism & Myth

The Cancer constellation has a lot of significance in ancient mythologies. The most famous reference being in Greek mythology.

The Second Labor of Hercules, Kill the Lernean Hydra. King Eurystheus of Tiryns sent Hercules to kill the snake-like Hydra. Seeing Hercules win the struggle, goddess Hera sent the Crab, Karkinos to distract Hercules. Although Karkinos didn’t stand the chance to win in front of the almighty Hercules, its bravery to risk life for the goddess Hera earned him an eternal position in heaven.

In Egyptian mythology, the sacred crab is the symbol of immortality.

Cancer Element, Mode, & Season


Element - Water; Mode - Cardinal; Season - Summer Solstice

Cancer is the second cardinal sign of the zodiac that kicks start the Summer Solstice. Ruled by the moon and associated with the water at the same time, Cancerians for, extremely emotional and passionate individuals. They have a deep connection with their own feelings, and that’s why they can relate to other people more easily.

Summer Solstice

The solstice marks the beginning of the astronomical summer in the Northern Hemisphere. This is that time of the year when the sun shines bright on our heads, spreading warmth and light everywhere. It also represents the second most important season of the year.

The Sun’s energy is mirrored by native Cancerians with nurturance, protection, and the ability to form strong bonds with everyone around them.

Cardinal Mode

The cardinal modality of Cancer helps the natives benefit from limitless love and compassion. They are deeply connected to the maternal aspect of the caretaker of the signs. This nourishing seasonal quality defines the typical Cancer characteristics.

This cardinal sign mostly leads by heart, but sometimes uses the force of feelings to manipulate others and get what they want.

Water Element

Water, the second heaviest, fluid element is associated with Cancer. The binding quality of Water makes Cancerians the best confidants and friends. They are extremely loving, caring, and giving.

The element water is known to fertilize earth so that life can grow on it. Similarly, Cancerians depict nurturing qualities, making sure everyone stays safe.

Cancer Planetary Rulership


Being ruled by the Moon, the Cancer zodiac sign is completely in tune with the earth’s rhythm. Cancer natives are peaceful creatures that find solace in nature. They are extremely intuitive and are well aware forming strong bonds in the present will reap them benefits in the future.

Domicile of The Moon

Moon, known to be the protector of the earth, rules Cancerians moods and inner self, so it only makes sense that the Crab with the hard shell and soft underbelly often feels a sudden rise in their emotional energy.

Cancer natives are sensitive and all about personal care. This attribute comes straight from the moon, and encourages them to indulge in some “me time”.

The moon in the Cancer zodiac sign also displays maternal, positive energy. Therefore, Cancerians are known to be good protectors.

Detriment of Saturn

Natives born with Saturn in Cancer suffer from emotional vulnerabilities. They have protective barriers around their emotions, and don’t let anyone intervene in their personal space. Forming strong, close relationships is generally difficult for such people.

They carry a huge baggage of their past life and are likely to hold grudges easily. When it comes to love, they don’t trust anyone with their heart and end up being alone and sad.

Saturn in Cancer may strengthen their otherwise strong emotive energies.

Exaltation of Jupiter

Jupiter’s placement in the Cancer birth chart is rather beneficial to these natives. The leadership, intuitive and benevolent characteristics of the planet blend quickly with the Cancer’s maternal qualities.

People born with such a sign placement are considered to be exceptional in the field of education and politics. They make great educators, spiritual guides, and parents.

Fall of Mars

Mars is said to be in fall in Cancer, which is rather an unfavorable situation for the typically aggressive planet. This sign placement pushes Cancerians out of their comfort zone. The soothing, caring, and nurturing nature of the natives is overshadowed by the assertive, compelling nature of Mars.

Rather than confronting others, they try to suppress their emotions a lot and end up bottling up their frustrations. This may turn out to be specifically dangerous for them if they don’t find a way to express their anger.

Cancer House Rulership

house rulership

The house ruler is the planet ruling the sign located at the cusp of the respective house in the horoscope.

Cancer is associated with the fourth house of the birth chart, which is all about home and family. It is a house of inheritance, family values, and strong beliefs. This house positions exceptional opportunities in the career of a Cancer.

What’s more, Cancer natives born in this position are governed by their emotions and protective expressions.

The Third House

Emotional, intuitive, and straightforward, Cancers are said to have good psychic abilities. They are often great advisors and help their friends come out of challenging situations. They are good communicators, and in it for a long, heartfelt conversation.

Whenever they sense white lies, they immediately distance themselves from such individuals. They are not a fan of small talks, and that’s why they feel overwhelmed during social gatherings and festivities.

In the love life, Cancers are extremely giving, passionate, and committed. They are firm believers in the existence of higher powers in the world, sometimes to a fault.


Cancer personality traits make this zodiac sign all about self-care and contemplation. The sign has an active internal life and works hard towards giving wings to their imagination. They are driven by the Moon to indulge in self-pleasure and follow their heart.

Not only do they take on their role as a nurturer very seriously, but their urge to always feel protected, safe, and secure gives fuel to their anxiety. They are sensitive, kindhearted, and look for the best in people. Even when scenarios go against them, their mystical abilities keep them calm and stable.


Highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, and sympathetic, Cancer is quick to reach the root cause of an issue. Being the persuasive creatures that they are, they turn situations and people in their favor with the blink of an eye.

Governed by a strong intuition, these natives can decide the right course of action even with their eyes shut. This magical power is something the other signs must learn from.


While Cancer is too quick to judge situations at hand and is mostly right about them, they may not like sharing their opinions with others. This attribute creates serious trust issues and also affects Cancerians’ mental health. Communication is key, but if they choose to do otherwise, they can end up suppressing their emotions, and feel weak.

Although they love making others feel like home around them, sometimes, they get too emotionally vested that they may feel lost and find it difficult to let go.

Cancer Compatibility


Cancerians are dedicated, extremely loyal, and committed to the love of their lives. Their emotional personality is the reason they often end up making unhealthy compromises just to keep the family image happy.

The most compatible signs with Cancer are Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces. The least compatible signs with Cancer are Aries and Libra

Cancer Health

Pent-up frustration, tension, and stress are the most common causes of illness among Cancerians. Their constant mood swings and emotional imbalance can cause them stomach issues and digestive problems in the later years.

Their stress eating habit can also make them prone to unnecessary weight gain. In order to keep themselves warm and active, these natives are advised to indulge in meditation, exercises, and follow a strict sleep schedule.

Esoteric Cancer

The Three Decans of Cancer

According to traditional astrology, each zodiac sign forms a 30-degree piece of the 360-degree band of constellations. The thirty degrees of each sign are further divided into three decans of ten degrees each. Each decan contains a slot of 10 days, and every decan is governed by different planets and different characteristics are attached to it.

First Decan of Cancer: Venus

Born from June 21 to June 30 (Degrees 90 through 99)

Venus is the ruler of the first decan of Cancer, which makes the people born in this range loving, benevolent, soulful, and attractive. These hopeless romantics may crave for security and comfort in long term relationships.

Second Decan of Cancer: Mercury

Born from July 01 to July 10 (Degrees 100 through 109)

Mercury is the ruler of the second decan of Cancer, which makes the people born in this range highly intellectual and idealistic. Their knowledge of the world and good communication skills may help them excel at careers in counseling and psychotherapy.

Third Decan of Cancer: The Moon

Born from July 11 to July 21 (Degrees 110 through 119)

Moon is the ruler of the third decan of Cancer which makes the people born in this range emotional, outward, aggressive, possessive, and sentimental. Moon’s energy displays their strong nurturing abilities and psychic intuitions.

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