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MeetYourPsychic Reviews from our Valued Members

Psychic Testimonials:

When Amanda focused right in on the situation without me giving her any details....she had my attention. I will be calling her back when I am ready for my next psychic reading. I think she’s very gifted and one of the best psychics here. I appreciated her advice!!! Her psychic readings really helped through some very difficult times in my life. I am looking forward to my next psychic reading with MeetYourPsychic.

Jennifer S. - Costa Mesa, CA.

I chose Alice as my psychic because she doesn't say things like, "I think," or "I feel." Her psychic readings are straightforward and to the point. She does not sugar coat anything or tell you what you want to hear. You only get the real truth. I have been speaking with psychic readers for many years. There is not a topic or question she cannot handle.

Marsha R. - Dallas, TX.

This morning I had a chat with Lunasha for the first time and I agree with all the compliments written in the reviews. She picked up on two energies around me without me uttering one word and described the situation, as well as my personal feelings towards it, with accuracy and connected really well. She quickly answered all my questions, without wasting by minutes. She was trying to establish time frames, but I reassured her that it was not of importance because I'm aware that time is fluid...…...in words, time it's an illusion! With business, she made a prediction which resonated with me 100%. The psychic reading was totally in line with slow down and pick up periods that are common in my line of work. Thanks, girl! I got what I wanted. You'll be hearing from me again neighbor!

Samantha T. - St. Louis, MO.

Speaking with Diana for the first time, I was blown away by her direct delivery of accurate and specific information. She was so confident in her messages that I felt I could trust her immediately. Straight and to the point, but with compassion. She was even able to connect with my son via remote viewing so that we could understand what stresses were in his mind. I now have a new person to call for my phone psychic readings. The best!

Thomas K. - Miami FL.

I've read with Hummingbird twice. The 1st time, her reply was accurate and I added her to my list of readers...the 2nd time, she left me with NO doubt of her abilities. Without any background, she knew what was going on and was able to provide guidance! The perfect real-deal. If you want to get accurate answers to your questions, she is the one.

Tiffany K. - Colorado Springs CO.

Daisy is awesome! Her psychic readings are always on point! Tunes in right away with very little information given. She's helped me so much with her accurate and compassionate psychic readings. Kind and caring. She's transparent and easy to talk to. One of the best psychics I read with. I will definitely recommend my friends get a phone or chat reading with her. Skip the other sites….MeetYourPsychic has the best psychics by far!

Maria L. - Reno NV.

Wow...not only did she tune in quickly, but she was extremely accurate during our multiple psychic readings. I asked some tough questions and she didn't sugar coat anything. Exactly what I want in a psychic. If you're looking for a psychic advisor to tell you everything will be okay, keep looking, but if you are keen to seek the truth, give Doreen a call. She will help you to identify the needed action and she is available when you need her. She is the expert for accurate psychic readings. Meet Your Psychic is one of the best psychic websites and I can’t wait to call again.

Eliza S. New York - NY.

Evon definitely has a God-given gift. She provided me with a lot of clarity and quickly connected to my current situation. She is honest and will advise you even if it is something that is hard to hear. Her psychic readings reflect the truth. For that I am grateful. She will not disappoint! One of the best psychics you can have.

Rochelle D. Las Vegas, - NV.

Ruby gave me an excellent psychic reading. I felt it gained power and clarity as it went on. She understood my basic situation completely within minutes. The way she offers her psychic readings is very unique, and she especially hit home with my present situation involving my parents. Ruby was very accurate about my job concerns as well. It’s so refreshing to speak with a true psychic. What a great experience!

Jonathan W. Portland - OR.

LOVE her & the Angels who she channels. Their messages have helped me SO much!. They have given me much-needed clarity, higher understanding, comfort, love, wisdom, empowerment, strength, & healing. A weight has been lifted off of me & I have healed so much trauma. Most of all my Angels have helped me to understand that I must love myself enough to honor my heart. It is okay to say no” to others. Words could not express how thankful I am for Lisa & all my Angels. Thank you for such honest and effective psychic readings!

Shelia P. Seattle - WA.

It’s impossible to read with Shira and not notice her kind and caring personality. I have read with her many times and wow... she has gained quite a following at MeetYourPsychic. If you want to catch her, I would highly recommend getting in her queue. I could not be more pleased with my last reading. A+++ It is so convenient that her psychic readings are online. No more driving down to my local psychic for me!

Nichole R. Providence - RI.

Aliyah was able to give me a key piece of information and advice on my love life and career when I was needing it the most. She has got years of experience offering online psychic readings and knows how to utilize it. Thank you spirit and Aliyah for giving me this information! I will for sure be calling her again.

Tina D. Bangor - ME.

Joy, you are above and beyond any number of stars (can I give you a million?) Even when the information you deliver is hard to hear, it’s always right and never generic. You told me he would message before Wednesday and though it was “tense”- you nailed it! Much gratitude! The best psychic I ever met. Words could not describe how happy I am.

Aileen G. Dayton - OH.

Mikaela was very thorough and explained my life situation with little no information from me. I normally call to get my online psychic readings, but instead this time I tried a message reading. I could not be more surprised. Reading her response was like reading an email from a friend who had known me for years. Although the answers she provided to me were not what I was hoping for, she provided me hope as well as action to take. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Francis K. Memphis - TN.

Carole is one of my favorites and I have read with her for years! She has great insights of the non-physical world. Her readings are clearly connected with the perfect combination of spiritual insight with real-world guidance. Her assistance in navigating the “lessons and blessings” in my life has in a short time, proven invaluable! Probably one of the best psychics at MYP. Thank you!!!

Roberta K. Los Angeles - CA.

One word that I constantly use for Rastolin is "AMAZING". I am always surprised that she can jump right into a reading and remember past guidance (even from months ago). She is compassionate, detailed, and comforting. Privacy can be sometimes challenging to talk to her, so we often chat. She simply asks what I need and off we go! Her guidance always resonates with my heart. I have been reading with Rastolin for over two years and will continue chatting and calling her when insight is needed to clear the confusion. She is an exceptional, loving person that delivers messages with precision. Whenever I am in doubt, I call her as so much of what she has predicted has come true. Thank you Rastolin!!!!!!

Marlene U. Durango - CO.

Beach was spot on in perfectly seeing me and my current life situation. She knew the people I was struggling with. Her clear insight and wise perspective were so helpful, reassuring and empowering. What a special, kind, and loving soul. The best psychic I ever encountered. Thanks to God, I found a platform like MYP.

Jeridan T. San Diego - CA.

Lisa, you have been and continue to be such an indispensable ally in my journey. It has been hard to follow through with your sage advice, but I'm finally hearing you and know that your insight is honest and accurate and would help me reach my goals. I find peace of mind in your tarot readings. The phone reading was incredible. I can't thank you enough! You are always there when I need you. Thanks, MeetYourPsychic for connecting me with the best online psychics.

Cynthia R. Austin - TX.

AngelAlise is my top psychic reader. The information she shared with me tonight made so much sense and she just has so much to offer in terms of guidance.She always helps me to understand not just the details of the situation, but the bigger picture as well. She is truly gifted. One of the best psychics to connect online. She helped me, I know she can help you if you just ask.

Bernadette D. Trenton - NJ.

Marlon is the best psychic reader on here! This was my first online reading. He knew the names of people in my life I was asking about - just incredible! He made me comfortable and was able to spiritually connect with me immediately, because of his relationship with God! Marlon is my go-to on this site from now on! Thanks Meet Your Psychic to have a team of such incredible psychic readers and tarot card professionals. Plus, the pricing per minute is highly affordable, when compared to the other sites out there. Don’t waste your time and money, MeetYourPsychic is the way to go.

Julia E. Harlem - NY.

To help you locate the best psychic for your needs, make sure to view the 100’s of 5 star rated online psychics and their profiles, describing their expert psychic reading services. Regardless of your question or concern, we are here to help.

For over a decade, MeetYourPsychic has been voted the best online source of top tarot card readers, online psychics, and spiritual advisors. Our goal is to provide 100% member satisfaction. We are experts in providing helpful psychic guidance for real-life questions and insights into your future. With millions of successful psychic readings served, we are the site you can trust.

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