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Aquarius Sign Dates, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Zodiac Aquaqrius

Aquarius Facts


Element: Air

Polarity: Positive

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Rulling Houses: Eleventh

Spirit Color: Sky blue

Lucky Gem: Amethyst

Flower: Orchid

Top Love Matches: Sagittarius

Aquarius Sign Dates - January 20 to February 18

Independent and philanthropic, Aquarians belong to the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Those born under the Aquarius zodiac sign are extremely unique, so much so that it can be difficult to describe them as a group. They don’t like labels or stereotypes defining who they are, even if you bestow them with the best adjectives that exist.

This zodiac sign is all about change. They work hard to achieve gratification and make this world a better place for all. Being referred to as visionaries, they have a strong sense of social justice & responsibility. They like to be the initiators of change and are quick to involve others in the process.

Aquarius Traits & Overview

The Aquarius zodiac sign belongs to the element air, which makes Aquarians wise and analytical. They are original, disciplined, and quick thinkers. Although they are captivated by new discoveries and inventions, they may not like to express their curiosity. They are also adventurous and social which makes them very attractive.

In spite of their charm and charisma, they find it difficult to maintain relationships for so long. They may get acquainted with a lot of people in order to do some social good but they may be close only with only a few.

Aquarius Symbolism & Myth

The constellation of Aquarius gains importance from the mythological youth Ganymede in Greek mythology. Ganymede was a beautiful Trojan youth who caught Zeus' eye, which promoted God to transform into an eagle and carry Ganymede off to Mount Olympus and serve as the cupbearer of the gods.

In the old Babylonian astrology, Aquarius was associated with the ruler of the southernmost quarter of the Sun’s path, Ea. But this connotation is rather negative.

Aquarius Element, Mode, & Season


Element - Air; Mode - Fixed; Season - Winter

Aquarius zodiac sign belongs to the Air element, and its fixed quality is the most difficult to understand. This combination is the reason behind the typical Aquarius traits. Air is always flowing, but when it is fixed, it feels trapped in its ever-dynamic movement. This explains why all Aquarians feel trapped inside a system, and want to break free of it and bring about a change in the world.


The Aquarius season begins when the sun has lost its power and the days are getting colder. It comes with the middle of winter and stands for the coldest time of year. Being born when ice blankets the streets and cool winds blast in your face, Aquarians have cool and remote qualities.

People born under this zodiac sign are said to be more creative during the colder months.

Fixed Mode

Apart from Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio, Aquarius is a fixed sign of the zodiac. Right after winter begins with a bang, the fixed sign of the Aquarius comes to calm the situation and bring stability.

Persistence and determination are the typical Aquarius personality traits that depict the power combination of the element, mode, and season.

Air Element

Air is the element of Aquarians. Being the light, flowing element, air lends innovative, intellectual, and creative qualities to this zodiac sign. This element adds another dimension to the Aquarius archetype.

Since Water Bearer is the symbol of this zodiac, Aquarius faces unique challenges representing its emotions, something that the other Air signs don’t.

Aquarius Planetary Rulership


The ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Uranus was designated the day ruler of Aquarius while Saturn was to be its night ruler.

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and freedom. It’s the energy of Uranus that provides Aquarians with the ability to think creatively and stand against the injustice prevailing in the world. On the other hand, Saturn is the planet of limitation and life’s experiences. It rules over certain personality traits that may be the reason for low self-confidence in Aquarians.

Domicile of Saturn

Those born with Saturn in Aquarius display exceptional intellectual powers. They are excellent learners and become great educators, judges, and administrators. Other Saturnian qualities that influence the typical Aquarius traits are patience and harmony.

Detriment of the Sun

Sun is said to be in detriment in Aquarius, which makes it difficult for Sun to express its influence over the Water Bearer’s sign. Since the sun is not supported in acting in accordance with its own nature, Aquarians may still be considered unique individuals who think outside the box, without inviting much drama to their life.

Modern Ruler: Uranus

Since Uranus was discovered by astronomers during the time of societal and political upheavals, its revolutionary nature was assigned to the rebellious and righteous nature of the Aquarius.

Aquarians’ need to fight for justice, and travel towards the path of righteousness comes from the presence of Uranus in their zodiac sign.

Aquarius House Rulership

house rulership

The house ruler is the planet ruling the sign located at the cusp of the respective house in the horoscope.

The Eleventh House

The eleventh house is the house of friendship and assigned to the Water Bearer’s sign. It represents the liberation a person needs from constraints bestowed upon us by society. These people are brave warriors to lead in the fight fought for the benefit of others.

They have many close associations they can rely on.

The Twelfth House

Saturn, co-ruler of Aquarius is said to find “joy” in the twelfth house - the house of “Self-Undoing” in the birth chart. This is a house with the Latin name “Carcer” meaning prison and is a place of stress and strange mental orientation for Aquarians. With such a placement, Aquarians feel the unconscious need to set free, set apart from everyone else, and attain victory in the greatest tests presented by Saturn.

What’s more, this placement teaches Aquarians perseverance to fight life's hardest battle, and emerge out as strong winners.

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarians are firm believers of independence and freedom, that’s precisely why they may come across as a little rebellious sometimes. They are also confident, determined, and intelligent. When they set their mind on a goal, they do everything in their power to achieve it. However, they will never indulge in wrong practices.

They are temperamental, emotional, and expressive. Thus, they may be easily hurt by people they consider to be their closest. Although they are focused on doing something big in life, they are easily distracted by the events occurring in the whole wide world. This is where their philanthropic qualities kick in.


Aquarians love traveling -- they acquire the free-flowing tendencies from their element Air. Although they can be cold and arrogant from the outside, when their reformer gene kicks in, they are all about fighting for justice, no matter if the person in question is a friend or foe.

Sometimes, they are also considered eccentric, as their ideologies keep changing.


Intellectual and intelligent, Aquarians love solving problems and innovating new solutions. They are passionate and observant, often working towards the bigger picture and ignoring the state of present reality.

Those born under the Water Bearer’s sign are idealistic and optimistic, they believe that they can change the world, and more often than not, they do. Ruled by Saturn, they don’t shy away from adversities. They love challenges and stay calm throughout to make sure the victory tastes sweet.

Their highly intuitive qualities make them a good judge of character.


Oddly enough, their strengths give birth to their weaknesses. Their highly intellectual capabilities may make them seem cold and heartless. Their typical trait to look at the bigger picture and solve worldly problems may also make them care less about individual relationships in life.

Sometimes the need to feel righteousness clouds their judgment and makes them lose sight of humanity. That’s very rare though. Even their inquisitive nature can make them come across strong and nosy.

Aquarius Compatibility

Compatibility aqu

Aquarians are rather unconventional lovers. They are a people person and tend to love everyone, which makes it difficult for the other person to understand their value in an Aquarian’s life.

The most compatible signs with Aquarius are Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. The least compatible signs with Aquarius are Taurus and Scorpio.

Aquarius Health

Aquarians usually face problems related to their weak bones and fragile body. They are also prone to throat infections and heart ailments.

Their overthinking nature may also give rise to issues related to blood pressure and anxiety attacks. Hence, they must take some time to unwind and relax their bodies.

Esoteric Aquarius

The Three Decans of Aquarius

According to traditional astrology, each zodiac sign forms a 30-degree piece of the 360-degree band of constellations. The thirty degrees of each sign are further divided into three decans of ten degrees each. Each decan contains a slot of 10 days, and every decan is governed by different planets and different characteristics are attached to it.

First Decan of Aquarius: Venus

Born from January 21 to January 29 (Degrees 300 through 309)

Venus is the ruler of the first decan of Aquarius, which makes the people born in this range artistic, creative, and romantic. These rational individuals may crave for security in a relationship, but won’t push the other person too much in order to get it.

Second Decan of Aquarius: Mercury

Born from January 30 to February 8 (Degrees 310 through 319)

Mercury is the ruler of the second decan of Cancer, which makes the people born in this range logical, witty, and have the ability to connect with people intellectually. They excel in academic fields, with an inclination towards literature and higher studies. They don’t let emotions come in the way of their decisions.

Third Decan of Aquarius: The Moon

Born from February 9 to February 18 (Degrees 320 through 329)

Moon is the ruler of the third decan of Cancer which makes the people born in this range emotional, sensitive, and sentimental. Moon’s placement in the third decan gives these individuals strong psychic abilities.

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