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Email Psychic Reading vs Live Chat Readings vs Psychic Message Readings

When there are many types of psychic readings to choose from, it's hard to know which one offers the best psychic readings for you.

It used to be that you could only purchase phone readings from psychics, but with the advancement of technology, that has since changed. Some psychics even offer live video readings. Video readings offer an allure that people love, but they can also make clients feel exposed and vulnerable.

Many people prefer their privacy at home and are seeking online psychics while trying to manage other family members. This is why chat readings and email offer more privacy and convenience.

Some online psychic reading sites offer 3 free minutes plus 70% off regular rates or minutes for just 1.99, but no legitimate site offers free psychic readings. To do so would entail a level of fortune telling that would not benefit the average person.

Email readings offer more flexibility as well as privacy. They give clients a chance to ask questions and allow the advisor to find the right words to respond. They are also one of the best ways to receive dream analysis.

Our site offers message readings instead of email readings. These types of psychic readings are exclusive to our clients and can only be viewed while within your account. This allows for even more privacy than an email, something that we love to offer.

You can find the right advisor here. If you're looking for tarot card readers or just want to discuss your love life, we have options online via chat, phone, text, or message. 

Hesitant, But Curious About Psychic Readings? 

Whether chat, email, or message, these types of readings provide the user with lowered levels of anxiety related to self-consciousness and discomfort, as they know that they can keep the experience private. Clients feel more at ease and relaxed, which makes their energy easier to read for the psychic. It also makes the experience more enjoyable. We love giving our clients a variety of options for their psychic services.

Highly Sensitive People often do better with online psychics because they connect better to more virtual psychic services settings than those that are face-to-face or voice-to-voice. It's the ability of both sides to effectively manage their energetic boundaries, making this a perfect match for HSPs.

Also, if a client isn't a good speaker, using the keyboard to communicate with their real psychic will offer them the opportunity to open up and receive the information they need to ask big life questions. Chat, text, and message readings tend to be popular among second-language speakers as well as those with limited privacy options.

If you live with others who are skeptical of psychics and see them as fortune tellers, you may not want to have your psychic readings by phone. Our more virtual options make it more appealing to anyone who doesn't want their family or friends to hear them via phone calls.

Choosing more of a virtual reading with a psychic can also eliminate cognitive bias and assist the client in hearing information that may otherwise be difficult to integrate or interpret. You may see 100 free opportunities to receive an expert psychic reading, but do your research before taking the plunge and spending time with psychics whose motto is "life decisions 10 minutes no problem!"

We care about our clients and love that we consider their needs when creating our site for our users. Whether you prefer phone, chat or email, we have tailored our site to suit our client's needs and desires. Our goal is to give our clients the ability to select their services that are best for their budget and circumstances. You will love all that we have to offer.

We don't offer a free psychic chat, but we provide the first 3 minutes free for new users. 3 minutes is plenty of time to figure out if the connection is right.

MeetYourPsychic offers all users the opportunity to speak to a psychic online for at least 5 minutes to find the right fit for them. If that match doesn't work for you, then you can receive those five minutes back (as a credit) one time with each psychic as part of our satisfaction guarantee.

Pursuing Accurate and Authentic Readings 

Many people will prefer an email psychic reading or a live chat reading as they feel they will get a better psychic reading.

Because the psychic has to tune in and concentrate on the person's energy without seeing them or hearing their voice, there is less likelihood of giving them a cold reading. In fact, it is impossible!

If you're looking for a free reading, you may want to ask yourself if it's worth the time. It's one thing to give a few minutes to decide if a psychic or a psychic site is right for you, but it's another to get a free psychic reading online. Too many free minutes can cost you. Chances are it won't be as accurate as you hope, and you won't be set up with one of their best psychics.

A real psychic can easily tap into the client's field and gain insight into their past, present, and future. Tarot card readers can even offer a more in-depth analysis of the cards as they come up and how they work together. You can get an authentic tarot card reading via email, chat, text, or message.

We offer the best for love readings. Whether you prefer tarot cards, a horoscope reading, or just want to get right into a conversation with your psychic online, and we provide you with love readings that will help give you clarity and guidance.

With over ten years of experience as a psychic site, MeetYourPsychic has provided many clients with many psychics reading on various topics. Besides working on love, clients can also speak about career, finances, family, spiritual development, and grief.

You can also read our blog, where we offer free guidance. There are over 100 free blog posts for you to gain insight and clarity.

When it comes down to it, you need to decide what type of psychic online reading is the best option for you.

Time Management and Efficiency 

With a chat, message, or email reading, there is an illusion that you will have less time. In fact, with a psychic reading via email you will have more time as the psychic will take more time to consider your questions and can offer you a lengthier, more in-depth response to your big life questions.

An online chat reading makes you more aware of your time as you can generally see your time on the phone or computer. This allows you to control your minutes more effectively, especially when you are paying per minute rates.

The advantage of a live chat reading is that at most psychic sites, including ours, for new clients, your first three minutes will be free. You can even ask for a tarot card reading with your psychic.

One of the best ways to manage multi-tasking and still receive direct answers is to receive your psychic reading via message or text reading. For psychic readings on the go, these are your best options, and we have several love psychics to choose from, 24 hours a day.

A live chat reading can give you the illusion that you can multitask. Don't! Stay fully present in your chat session with your psychic to receive the best guidance. Otherwise, you risk interference, and you may not hear them correctly. We want you to love your experience with your reading.

Video readings can often make you even less aware of the time you are using. This is similar to the feeling we have when we meet with friends and lose track of time. Remember, if you are paying for it by the minute, you may want to be very careful of each minute reading with your advisor.

When we speak with psychics via phone chat, we are more likely to lose track of time and become surprised when our call suddenly comes to an end. In a live chat reading, your psychic can wrap up your online psychic reading with more closure.

Valid Psychic Connection Between Client and Psychic 

Chat readings can be very intense and enlightening. Because neither of you is distracted by any possible noise in the background via phone, you are focused on the live chat together. Your psychic will be able to sense your energy and give you accurate readings.

A chat session with our best psychics will leave you feeling a sense of satisfaction. You will be glad you didn't take advantage of another site's free reading offers.

If you are trying to decide between chat or live video, it's essential to consider that your expectations may be less realistic with a live video reading. The connection may seem even less distant if you can see the person and don't react to you in the way you hoped.

Sometimes the layer in a phone chat or video can make a lot of difference from a chat online or other types of virtual conversation. In other words, video readings are visually distracting and can take you away from experience due to the marvel of technology. Psychic readings by phone can feel the same way.

Your first session will make you love chat readings more than phone readings because of the level of intimacy and details you can acquire from a real psychic very quickly. It is very easy to get help with big life questions over chat, and you can also receive a tarot card reading.

Love readings are always intense, regardless of the format. However, you will find psychic readings online with live chat psychics that can offer your more clarity and insight than a phone reading with a psychic. This is because they can give you information without feeling the need to hold back and filter. Chat readings offer more intensity because they are more intimate and can dive deeper into the subject matter if you are open to receive information.

When you decide between chat or video for your reading, keep in mind that you want what will give you the best experience. Only you can determine what's best for you.

How Do Mediumship Readings Work? 

Many new clients wonder if mediumship is available via chat or email. The answer is yes! You can receive one of the best psychic readings because it allows for an intense connection to form without interference.

Mediumship is a specialty that requires a lot of skill and understanding of the spiritual realm. Accurate readings can be received through this method because the boundaries are clear, and the connection is more potent.

You may find a lot of online psychic reading sites that offer mediumship readings. Sites that offer free psychic reading online may not always provide you the best spiritual guidance. For any kind of mediumship reading, you want to make sure your psychic medium has years of experience and has integrity.

We offer the first three minutes for new clients so they can see if our psychics are the right match for them via call chat or online chat. 3 minutes is plenty of time to identify if it is an energy connection so that you do not waste any of your per minute time. Every psychic reader on our site is covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee, including all psychic mediums.

Things you can ask via chat with a psychic medium:

  • What messages do you have for me right now?
  • How do I best move forward?
  • When will you visit with me next?

Once your psychic connects with your loved one, the reading can fully begin. Your online psychic may take longer to tune in in a message or email reading but may receive a more profound, more meaningful message with love and care.

We don't recommend text readings for mediumship, as they are too quick and will not give you the experience you are looking for in a reading. Text readings are suitable for questions that need brevity, not depth.

Some clients even work with mediums on dream analysis since they often have experience in the dream realm. Lost loved ones will often come to us in our dream states and leave us messages we need help interpreting. You can get clarity on these messages online via chat or through a message reading. You will love having a dream analysis through a message reading!

Get Clarity Before Asking Your Questions 

Make sure you have taken the time to really think about the big life questions you want to ask your psychic reader.

Your time is precious. The best way to approach your online psychic reading is to get the most value out of your time. Take five minutes beforehand before booking your reading so that you can gain clarity about the topics you wish to discuss.

Things to consider when putting together your question for your psychic reader:

  • Decide a place to start that offers context if needed.
  • Determine what guidance on big life questions and love you hope to walk away from understanding
  • Be clear about the psychic services you're looking for. Do you want dream analysis, astrology, tarot reading, dream interpretation, horoscope readings, mediumship, or a psychic reading online on love and relationships?
  • Give them brief questions and allow them to do most of the talking.

A gifted psychic source can give you different types of psychic readings via phone chat or online chat. We also offer opportunities for you to speak with a psychic by text readings and message readings. We do this because we love our clients and want them to have the best experience possible.

We know you will find your best online psychic for online psychic readings here at MeetYourPsychic. You will discover psychics with years of experience offering a wide range of topics to choose from, including love and relationships, career, finance, loss and grieving, family dynamics as well developing your psychic skills.

Engaging in Quality Interactions with Your Psychic 

We don't offer free psychic readings, but we offer you a chance to try out a psychic reader one time, for the first five minutes, to see if you're a good match for each other. This includes chat.

It is essential to decide if someone is the best psychic source for you, and we allow those first five minutes to do just that. At MeetYourPsychic, we feel it is vital to connect with your psychic from the place you start your reading until your psychic reading is completed. We want you to love your reading with us.

Some of our best psychics have over 20 years of experience and can offer a wide range of psychic services and advise you on many topics. Review our available psychics before making your decision, and feel free to speak with one of our member care agents for a recommendation.

If you love psychics, we have many to choose from that are available for phone chat, type chat, text, and message readings. We want you to have the best online experience with our psychic services.

One of the best ways to have a quality interaction with your psychic source is to make sure you are fully grounded and centered. Clearing out your energy is also another great practice to do before and after your reading.

Here is a simple exercise: sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor (barefoot is best if you are in a place where you can take off your shoes.) Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Imagine a rainbow light washing through your body and releasing all that doesn't belong to you. Allow this light to refresh you as well as cleanse you. Bring in feelings of unconditional love and ask for guidance. Open your eyes and shake your body.

Taking a few minutes to breathe and unwind will help you receive the accurate reading you deserve.

For a More Detailed Online Psychic Reading 

Try message readings! Our exclusive message readings offer you a chance to connect with a psychic both at your own time and pace.

Message readings are unique to MeetYourPsychic. They are only accessible via your personal account with us. If you are a new user to MeetYourPsychic, you will need to take advantage of our introductory offer first before being able to access the message readings option.

Types of readings you may receive in a message reading:

  • love and relationships
  • career-focused readings
  • exploring family dynamics and past lives
  • dream analysis astrology
  • tarot reading
  • life path and numerology
  • understanding law of attraction and affirmations
  • dream interpretation or dream analysis
  • horoscope readings and regular astrology readings

Formulate your question or questions, open ended so your psychic source can give you as much details as possible. Love readings are our specialty!

How to Get Message Readings on MeetYourPsychic 

At MeetYourPsychic, we have evolved from email readings and now offer our clients message readings.

Message readings offer the highest level of privacy as they are accessible within your personal account, so you never have to worry about someone reading your psychic guidance accidentally by hacking into your email.

They are billed as a 9 minute reading, but your psychic may take longer than that to complete your reading. You can even purchase a message reading with your favorite advisor when they are offline.

With a message reading, you can send your favorite psychic source your open ended questions 24 hours a day on a wide range of topics. You may even ask for a tarot card reading. Our psychics reading your question will respond within 48 hours, after taking time to tune in to your energy and then gather their thoughts to write a thorough and detailed response.

It's easy to get a psychic reading via message! Simply log into your account and find the right one you wish to purchase a message reading from. After you make the purchase, you will be able to send your questions from within your account. The message will stay pending on your side until you send it to your advisor of choice. Once it is sent, allow our psychics 48 hours to give you their detailed response.

With many psychics reading with over 20 years of experience to choose from, you will be able to receive the best online experience with your purchase. If you love psychics, then what are you waiting for? Book your message reading online today or call us for more information. You can always speak with one of our member care agents at 1-877-987-7792. 

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