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Is There Any Difference Between Psychics and Mediums?

Many people receive psychic readings every day, but few understand the differences in the types of psychic abilities there are.

When selecting a psychic, it is helpful to understand these psychic gifts, so you may choose the online psychic who is right for you. Find one you believe that can assist you and your specific needs. Not all skills are the same, and not all psychics offer the same kind of reading. Always do some research before diving in with a reading.

Psychic skills are not rare, but every psychic who develops them will have strengths and weaknesses and some skills that will never be genuinely honed. The variety of skills and applications are numerous, but it creates a much more in-depth and detailed reading when any of them are combined. Both of them can work with tarot cards during readings.

Before delving into the difference between a psychic and a medium, let's explore the basic types of psychic abilities more fully. Most of them will often tell you if they have one of these or a combination of the following intuitive skills. 

Understanding the four clairs 

Clairvoyance: clear-seeing

Clairvoyance is the strongest out of the four clairs and is very beneficial during mediumship. A psychic and a medium can both have this ability. This psychic skill allows them to see images and get an impression of what they are trying to communicate or get answers to and decipher the means behind them.

Clairaudience: clear-hearing

Clairaudience allows both a psychic and a medium to hear clearly from the non-corporeal realm. Psychics will be able to listen to them communicate from guides and each other's higher selves. Mediums will hear and talk to and from guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, past loved ones, and ancestors and relay what they say. Messages always come in the form of tones, ringing, or whispers.

Clairsentience : clear-feeling

Psychics or mediums with clairsentience will get a feeling about something or someone very clearly. A psychic and a medium can both experience physical sensations in the body related to this feeling that gives them insight or messages.

Claircognizance: clear-knowing

When a psychic or a medium gets a thought instantly, then that is more likely clear knowing. A psychic and a medium both use claircognizance to tune into information, but mediums will use this skill more profoundly and have better skill with it to commune with spirits. Psychics or mediums who have claircognizance are more likely to develop the ability to channel. 

What is a Psychic? 

A psychic is a person who has developed any or all of the four clairs and uses them to assist others on a soul level. They work with past, present, and future events, help people navigate their lives, and make life-altering decisions. A regular psychic doesn't work with the dead but may connect with the spiritual realm to a limited degree.

Many of them believe they are called to offer psychic readings to help others gain clarity and insight into their lives that they may not receive otherwise. Many of them start out with reading just tarot cards until they strengthen their skills. They offer helpful information that helps verify or validate feelings the client has about someone or something.

In addition to having psychic abilities, some of them learn life coaching to further their spiritual guidance to their clients. This way, they can combine psychic insight with spiritual coaching.

What is a Medium? 

A medium is a specialization of psychic skills that allows one to connect to the spiritual realms and read higher energy beings or loved ones who have crossed over. Psychic mediums receive information through any of the four clairs, specifically through clairvoyance, to help their clients deal with loss or raise their vibration.

Generally speaking, mediumship is more about helping living beings be more present and mindful through insight and wisdom received from spirits from the other side of life. They rarely work with instances where they are asked to look into the future unless it is related to a client's present situation.

Mediums are more likely to be able to receive information from Angel Guides and Ascended Masters than those who are just psychic. This is because they have more practice navigating and tuning into higher spiritual realms than regular psychics do.

Another difference between a psychic and a medium is that mediums are more likely to get involved with energy healing, and they tend to become rather exceptional at it. This is because mediums are more likely to be exposed to people dealing with healing regularly, whereas psychics are giving their clients information regarding current relationships and possible outcomes. Thus, some psychic mediums make fantastic wellness coaches, so they are good at working with mental health and wellbeing.

One critical insight not to forget: not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics.

Which One Is Better? 

If you're considering a psychic or a medium, it depends on your needs and situation. Psychics are better at helping you gain clarity in the present moment and help to foresee a possible future. In contrast, a medium is more likely to help you ground and get closure on the past, no longer how long ago. If your needs are about current relationships and forward momentum, then a regular psychic is right for you. If you need help healing from the past, a medium might be a better fit, even if you have no intention of directly speaking to past loved ones.

Are you interested in working with a psychic or a medium? Reach out to us today to book a reading. 

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