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7 Psychic Ways To Move Through Grief

Moving through our grief can be one of the hardest struggles we may face throughout our lifetime. Grief takes on many forms, and changes as we grow older and our relationships change along with them. How do we move through grief? This is a question many real psychics are asked, so we have put together an insightful list to help you in these challenging times. May these ways serve you well and offer you strength, healing, and guidance.


A daily meditation routine will help you move grief through your body and process the loss in your mind. You may find sitting still tricky, which is why so many psychic mediums recommend a walking meditation or crying meditation to assist them during the beginning stages of grief when it is the most difficult for us psychically. Walking through a labyrinth is one way to do a walking meditation, but you can simply go for a slow, mindful stroll in a park. A circular path works best. A crying meditation is precisely as it sounds, and it can help you release built-up sadness. It can also give you a designated time of day to release any sadness that you had to withhold in others' company.

Spirit Guides and Angel Guides

Contacting and engaging with your guides will help you through the grieving process. They can let you know they are around you by giving you signs and messages through your psychic reader. This kind of support can be crucial as we move through various stages, ebbing and flowing. Spirit Guides can help direct us to what we may be neglecting in our self-care, whereas Angel Guides will give us the unconditional love and self-acceptance we need through the lifelong process of grief.


One of the best psychic gifts for dealing with grief is Reiki. Reiki can help you move stuck energy in our bodies. We experience a substantial amount of pent up emotions while we grieve for various reasons. Psychics can help us move through our grief with energy healing. They can even teach us how to offer Reiki to ourselves and others.


Many of our members reach out to us for psychic mediumship readings to connect with their loved ones who have passed. This often gives people comfort in letting them know their loved ones are safe and are looking out for them in their afterlife. Sometimes people have unresolved issues before someone passes, so a mediumship reading can help give people the closure they need to move through their grief. These psychic ties will often keep us in our grief state if we don't have the proper resolution.


A certified hypnotherapist can help you in your grief by connecting with your higher self and inner guidance. Like Reiki, hypnotherapy can help you move through grief by moving stuck energy in the body. It can also help us transform any negative thought patterns we are locked into and teach us how to reframe our experiences. Hypnosis can be psychically useful in dealing with grief because it allows us to see our inner blockages, work through them with affirmations, and take action. A lot of times, this type of healing can happen rapidly with the use of hypnotherapy.


Journalling is a fantastic psychic tool you can use to help you move through grief. If you write out your feelings every morning, it can be meditative as it will help you process your thoughts upon awakening. A lot of times, we end up dealing with some of our grief while we sleep. Journaling as we wake up can be part of a dream journal, but our focus isn't on what we dreamed, but what we are feeling and thinking upon waking up. Being more conscious of this helps us move through grief more effectively as it takes it from our unconscious mind and transfers it to ourselves. This type of journaling creates the foundation for mindfulness. Developing a mindfulness practice can give you resilience and perseverance while you are grieving and assist you with adapting faster and more fully to life.

Tarot Cards

Learning to read tarot cards and becoming a tarot card reader can help you transform your grief into supreme enlightenment. Using a daily tarot practice can help you deal with your inner turmoil and bring about proactive awareness about how to go about your day and deal with your complex emotions. Doing daily tarot card readings can also help you connect with your guides and your higher self. It can even assist you with connecting to the loved one who has passed. Choose your deck wisely and begin this practice as a way of channeling your grief into guidance.


Grief is a lifelong process in which we can take advantage of many tools, including psychic mediums, to help guide us through pain and loss. 

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