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Moving Through Grief While Bouncing Back To Life

Whenever you're grieving, it may feel like the world is going on without you. Friends and family may pull away after a while to give you space to heal and process, and you may have mixed feelings about all of it. While you're going through the motions, they are going on with their lives in ways you may not be able to at the moment. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being still and sitting with your emotions.

After a while, however, you may feel yourself being too stuck in your thoughts and feelings and unable to bounce back. This hesitation is usual and nothing to fear, but you need to be mindful of it when it settles within you. We are often kept in a loop when we need to release something we are struggling with understanding. The loop helps us process, and we are unconsciously drawn to things that help us process this in the back of our minds, such as a movie we resonate with or a book or tv show. Storytelling helps us heal in ways our conscious mind may not fully understand.

The easiest way to get out of it is to start small every day if you feel stuck. You may feel yourself going back and forth between that stage of stuckness and moving forward. Consider it the tango between then and now. Don't fight it, but learn to dance with it. There is a rhythm to it which you may or may not be familiar with as it is a new dance. Learn you are not the actual lead in this dance, but someone who is following that lead. Listen to the music, let yourself take each step back and forth, and don't fret about how it looks or makes you feel. The journey is not knowing and learning along the way.

You may not immediately bounce back into life either. Bouncing back to life is more of a metaphor than an actual practice. Getting back to our life may feel awkward, and you may feel out of sync with everyone else. You may even feel like you haven't aged and that everyone around you has gotten older, more mature, and that you have been missing out on things. You may even get unsolicited advice and feedback that makes you resentful and angry. All of this is normal. This is your grief, not theirs. You move through it, with it, alongside it; however, it feels for you to do so. Don't let anyone else tell you differently.

Grieving has many sizes and shapes, and there is no one way to process it. For most people, grief is a lifelong process in which they adapt over time. It is not something to get over, but it is something that you need to take time to process and incorporate into your health and wellbeing.

During this tango, you may feel the need to reach out to experts to help you process what you are feeling and get back into the swing of things as fast as you can. When we feel that urgency to get back to normal, it may also be our need to reach out and seek help from others who can help us through this stage of life.

There are tons of spiritual advisors, psychic mediums, counselors, and therapists specializing in grieving and giving people advice and perspective. Please focus on the expert who feels right to you and take that step to dance with them in your grief. You may learn some new dance moves after all.

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