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We are all energy at the cellular level.  How we feel about ourselves on a spiritual level will have a direct effect on our physical being.  Discover how to manifest physical and spiritual balance by implementing techniques posted by our most popular psychic advisors.  Learn to live the best version of you!

Many people wonder about the validity of meditation and if it actually works. It's easy to be hesitant and skeptical about something you've never done before and know little about, but meditation is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It doesn't hav... Continue reading

There are times when we need help, but are afraid to ask for it. Maybe it's because of how we fear others will perceive us. Perhaps it's the idea that we must let go of our beliefs and patterns that frighten us. Or it could be that we feel ashamed th... Continue reading

Salt is a crucial component when adding some flavor to your plate. Not only is the salty rock ideal for cooking it is essential in working with magical practices. There are various types of salt, and each own properties to benefit its purpose. The sa... Continue reading

The truth about self-love some people believe that it's just about buying something new and putting on make-up to look pretty. However, those can be incorporated with self-love gestures! Self-love has to exist on the inside, and that doesn't mean if ... Continue reading

Hey! This is Psychic Willow at extension 1587 at MeetYourPsychic, and I have been a Reiki Master for over twenty years. Before my training, I had heard of chakras, but like many people, I wasn't entirely sure what they were. I had no idea just how cr... Continue reading

My name is Psychic Royal, and I am here to give you advice on how to accept the goddess within and live within the alchemy of the heart.1. Realize day by day that you deserve Greatness. Oftentimes we forget to remember how much we sacrifice, and we f... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for reading, liking, sharing, and subscribing. I hope that you find the blogs inspired by my Guides uplifting and enlightening. If you would like to have your personalized consultat... Continue reading

Once and twice and thrice again, bring your heart into the glen. Four and five and plant your feet. Bring your breath from the ground beneath. With your skin against the sod, Start from your soles and the ground you trod. Breathe from your ankles and... Continue reading

Being prepared and being in a healthy mental state for a psychic reading is essential for obtaining accuracy.Having your specific questions ready beforehand enables you to relax and be open to receiving the information from your psychic and what mess... Continue reading

When reading tarot cards, most readers will select a spread. The spread is how readers designate meanings of the cards. While it is possible to do a psychic reading without a spread, spreads help clarify the cards based on their positions. This is on... Continue reading

We live in an age of modern medicine, yet we don't always treat our illnesses through the lens of health problems created by our lifestyles. Our daily choices impact our emotional health as well as our physical health. Spiritual healers help us shift... Continue reading

Today, I'd like to talk about managing the spiritual transition of healing. Leaving our old selves and mindsets behind is like moving into a different space. Sometimes, that move can be at odds with the pace of our personal lives and the microwave cu... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with you! Thank you for subscribing and sharing! My afternoon tea ritual has been with me for many years. My children, as adults, have also kept this as part of their d... Continue reading

Many people begin the journey of learning Tarot for spiritual development, but it can also help you improve and enhance your memory.Each deck contains a variety of symbols and illustrations that tell a story. The traditional deck is of 78 cards, incl... Continue reading

Have you ever considered how tarot cards can help you with your mental health and wellbeing?Tarot cards can give us spiritual guidance into current events and an in-depth look at our inner selves and life path. You can even ask your tarot reader for ... Continue reading

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