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Psychic Alice Shares Insights About The Loving-Kindness Spread

When reading tarot cards, most readers will select a spread.

The spread is how readers designate meanings of the cards. While it is possible to do a psychic reading without a spread, spreads help clarify the cards based on their positions. This is one of the most helpful ways to pass on the right information to the querent (aka, the person receiving the reading). I use many resources and am constantly trying to build my knowledge base to help clients as much as I possibly can.

In the book Tarot Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide to Casting Spreads and Reading the Cards by Liz Dean (author of The Ultimate Guide to Tarot), there are many excellent spreads for every topic under the sun! In this blog post, I would like to share the "Loving-Kindness spread" as people forget the importance of having compassion for themselves. This spread starts with one card in the center and five cards surrounding the center card.

The directions say to place all cards down to begin and then one by one turn them over as you go.

The card positions are as follows:

1 (center card) represents you, yourself, or your current situation.

2 (bottom left) describes what you need less of

3 (bottom right) what you need more of

4 (top left) How to be more compassionate to yourself

5 (top right) How to be more compassionate to others

6 (top center) the outcome, based on the following cards 2-6.

This spread can be done with variations but is extremely helpful in getting important messages from your higher self. After the reading, it can be beneficial to meditate on cards 3 and 4 while having the attitude of loving-kindness for yourself.

Self-care is a huge deal, and through my blog, I will keep promoting the most important act of kindness there is. Just remember the airplane rule; put your mask on first before helping someone else!


Psychic Alice 

Alice is a psychic medium and tarot card reader. She has been providing tarot card readings for more than a decade, online all over the world. She can be reached at MeetYourPsychic at extension 1500. 

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