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How To Ask Others For Help

There are times when we need help, but are afraid to ask for it. Maybe it's because of how we fear others will perceive us. Perhaps it's the idea that we must let go of our beliefs and patterns that frighten us. Or it could be that we feel ashamed that we can't do it on our own by ourselves. Whatever the reason is, there is no weakness in reaching out to others to help you in your times of need. Asking for help is a great sign of strength and love for your health and wellbeing.

When you are at the beginning stages of reaching help for help in your life, consider making three lists. The first list should be just writing out anything you need help with, whatever it may be. The list could be long or short or feel like it is asking too much. It's not. Writing it out will help you gain clarity.

The second list should be all the pros and cons you have for asking for help or not asking for help. Depending on your first list, it may take a while, but write out as much as whatever comes to mind. Write out your hesitations, fears, worries, and guilt you may feel and how it may play out if you reach for help. When we name our fears, we conquer them by acknowledging them. This exercise also helps us ground ourselves and feel better about whatever is troubling us at the moment.

The third list is probably the most crucial. Write a list of people who you can reach out to for help. Include people you may not know, such as a therapist, a helpline, a crisis counselor, or a spiritual advisor. When writing out this list, consider people who are supportive and cross out any names of people you feel may be judgmental or toxic. Also, consider people who are acquaintances whom you have a good feeling about as these people are most likely being brought into your life for this very reason. To help you.

After you do all of these things, write out your ideal listener and helper for your situation. Be very specific about what you are looking for in a person. Take your time with this part as it will help you to bring this person into your awareness. Not only will this help you manifest someone who you will vibrationally feel connected with to help you with your problems, but it may also help you open your eyes to someone who may already be there whom you have overlooked. Review your third list and take a moment to really dive into your feelings and intuition to see if that person is already on that list.

Sharing our pain with others strengthens our connections with them. We build relationships by acknowledging our humanity. When we feel heard, we feel seen and valued. Make yourself heard if you need it. Rehearse what you want to say, if you need to. Spend time writing it out, journaling it, but in the end, go and ask for the help you need.

Lastly, ask your guides for help. If you put forth into the Universe to your angel guides and spirit guides that you would like assistance with something in your life, they will answer you. It may not happen immediately, but they will send you a sign. Remember, you are always deeply loved even when you may not feel it at the moment. 

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