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Is Meditation a Sin?

Many people wonder about the validity of meditation and if it actually works. It's easy to be hesitant and skeptical about something you've never done before and know little about, but meditation is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It doesn't have to be complex, and it helps you tune into your spirituality. It is the opposite of being sinful. It is the very definition of being spiritual and feeling your connection to the Universe and your place in it.

There are many meditation forms. Not all meditation is cut and dry or easy to do. Some take years of practice, and some are better for beginners. You don't necessarily need to meditate while sitting on the floor, and you can quickly learn how to meditate in bed just as easily as you sleep or take a nap.

The key to learning meditation is to be open and receptive to it. The focus isn't on clearing your thoughts out but on being mindful of your thinking, feeling, and reacting while you meditate and engage with your whole self. It is about allowing yourself to be in tune with your mind, heart, and soul and see what is in and out of alignment with the Universe and your vibration with it.

When we sin, we act out of our best interest and ignore what we know to be correct and valid. Meditation helps us gain clarity and balance. It allows us to review where we are out of alignment with our core beliefs and values and may help us find solutions. Meditation, when practiced regularly, can help us be less reactive and be inclined to commit impulsive actions and behaviors that some may see as sinful and wrong.

Using meditation for anxiety and depression is exceptionally beneficial. Not only does it give you routine, but it helps to relax the mind and body. When we relax and allow ourselves to be, we give ourselves permission to slow down and rest. Slowing down is crucial for making logical and sound decisions in our lives so we don't do something we may regret later. Many find that regular meditation helps them control their anger and make wiser, healthier decisions in their daily lives for both the short and long term. 

Advice for Developing A Meditation Practice 

Be consistent with time and locations. Consistency helps you stick to a routine that will continue your growth.

Be realistic with your expectations and outcomes. Start small and expand, so you don't give up too quickly, but also include room for if you need more of a challenge.

Experiment with different forms and instructors. You may find that one works for you in one area, but not in others. You may also find that you learn more from other teachers instead of just one source.

Take time to get in the mood and process your experience before and after. Meditating may bring up emotions for you at first or create stress at times. Take a moment to engage and disengage, and journal if need be.

Don't give up if it seems complicated to be consistent or get into it first. It may take time to figure out what works best for you. Get an accountability partner or work with a group if this helps you find your center and consistency.

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