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Success can come in many forms, but we must be spiritually aligned to receive the gifts of the Universe.  It is never too late to make a change for the better. Do you have issues with money or your career path? Enjoy the psychic guidance within.

Typically, the number one reason that people call online psychics is to discuss the relationship area of their life. Due to recent economic changes, people call psychics more and more to learn how to manifest their desired experience at work. For tho... Continue reading

Manifesting your desired job can be daunting, even more so in this economically unprecedented time. When you remember (your soul knows, even if your ego does not) that you have the power to co-create your heart's desires, you will realize that you ca... Continue reading

With unemployment high right now and uncertainty on which careers will become high in-demand, many people are putting all their hopes for financial stability on developing side hustles to get rich quick opportunities. The truth is that any side hustl... Continue reading

When you prepare for a career shift or transition, you are basically doing personal growth. Careers are a reflection of our life path and our destiny. They may not be what we are destined to do, but will often lead us to our future. In other words, p... Continue reading

They can see the work environment in your timelineWhen a psychic tunes into your energy, they can also get a sense of places you've been and places you'll go. If you've been on a job interview recently, they may even get a feeling of where it happene... Continue reading

If you work a job where you have to work with people in public, it is especially challenging right now. Your health and mental wellbeing are being tested continually, so you must do your best to manage whatever challenges come your way. You may be fe... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a pleasure to connect with you! Thank you for liking, sharing, following, and subscribing. I am on optimist; I believe that you and I can traverse all types of terrain in our lives. I l... Continue reading

Have you been stressed out about your job situation? These times are unprecedented, and many people are finding themselves at a loss to continue on the path that was laid out before them previously. We've all had to pivot, re-prioritize, and figure o... Continue reading

We are all dealing with a lot of financial worry and stress at the moment. There are no easy answers or solutions, and the timelines that psychics are seeing are shifting more rapidly than before. This is because everyone is making decisions that hav... Continue reading

Are you getting extra sleep? Yes! Let's face it; we all need it. Early Spring cleaning? De-cluttering household items?… I mean junk. Yes! You know the house feels lighter and far comfier when it is clean. Besides, we can all breathe a lot easier wi... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a pleasure to connect with you. Thank you for looking, sharing, subscribing, and following. Thank you for your patience with the new Meet Your Psychic website and format, it is a signif... Continue reading

Sometimes when life throws us a curveball, it is the Universe's way of getting our attention. Right now, many people are feeling the pressure of uncertainty that is being created by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. There are health concerns for ourse... Continue reading

Get up and Go! Move forward. Set a goal. Words to Motivate? Absolutely, but not always so easy to get started.I know I have had plenty of times my "get up and go" "got up and went" - without me! As for moving forward, too fast, I might add, I stumble... Continue reading

Do you show up at work and have an instant feeling of despair? Do you have a nagging feeling that your time is up? Is there that one co-worker who makes things unnecessarily tricky, no matter how hard you work? These are the beginning signs that you ... Continue reading

We spend a lot of time at work with other people, and we must get along with them as best as we can. Sometimes some are a little less friendly and make our days longer than we would like. If you're an Empath or an HSP (highly sensitive person), these... Continue reading

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