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What You Need to Know About The Legitimacy of Online Psychic Readings

Within the first three minutes of speaking with a real psychic source, you will understand that psychic readings are a valuable source of information and insights.

The best psychics don't take long to get into your reading either. They will immediately start receiving information and giving it to you. The less they sugar-coat and hold your hand, the better of a real psychic they are.

Don't be taken in by gimmicks such as 1.99 for 10 minutes. No reading has a 100 satisfaction guarantee. You will receive information you may not like, but that doesn't mean it isn't accurate. It just means you need to sit with it for a while and allow it to sink in fully.

When working with psychic advisors, view them not as fortune-tellers but as a real psychic hoping to help you with big life decisions. Treat them like you would a life coach or a therapist with respect and an open mind. Listen and be receptive to the spiritual guidance and insights they offer you. Show up with a humbled mindset and receive a hassle free psychic reading. Leave content with a satisfaction guarantee.

Let's dispel some myths and misconceptions about psychic readers and psychic networks.

#1 Myth vs. Fact

Psychics read minds.

Psychics can't read minds, but they can read energy and see possibilities. They can tune into people's emotional fields, see images, hear messages, and get a sense of how they feel or what is coming into their energy field. They won't know precisely what you or others are thinking, but they can gain insights through symbols and messages that they receive from one of the many "clairs" or through Spirit Guides and Angel Guides.

#2 Myth vs. Fact

Psychic readings don't work over the phone.

Psychic readings online can be done anywhere. A psychic source doesn't have to be in front of you to read your energy. Energy fields can be read over many miles as psychic readers tap into timelines of past, present, and future. When reading over the phone or any other virtual format, psychics use the same skills they would in person. In some ways, psychic readings over the phone can be less distracting than an in-person reading.

#3 Myth vs. Fact

All psychics and networks are con artists.

Of course, there will always be con artists in any field, so one must do due diligence and research with whom they are working, but many psychic networks are legitimate and out to help you. Many psychic readers have done in-depth personal development to become a psychic and have overcome many obstacles. Once they decide to pursue the path as a working psychic source, they must endure even more hardships to work with clients. Psychics offer their services because they are passionate about what they are doing and genuinely want to help people. It is their calling in life.

#4 Myth vs. Fact

Psychics can predict the future.

During psychic readings online, keen psychic readers can see possibilities. Timelines are constantly in flux, but they can tap into the past, present, and future and see how an event might unfold or whether someone new is coming into your life. Everything is dependent on free will, and every time we exercise our free will, the timeline changes.

#5 Myth vs. Fact

People are only born psychic.

We are all born psychic, but not everyone chooses to develop their psychic abilities. Some will have more potent gifts than others, just like any other type of skill. Developing psychic skills takes time and patience and doing a lot of inner work to work through any blockages and clear our energy fields. Anyone can choose to develop those abilities at their own pace and on their own. Most people begin their journey into becoming a psychic source by learning tarot cards. Tarot is not fortune telling, but guidance.

The only exception is mediumship which is a specialty that some grow into after a life-altering experience or a skill they have since birth. Not all keen psychics are mediums, but all mediums have psychic abilities. 

Good Psychic Networks vs. Bad Psychic Networks 

If you want to make sure you're working with a legitimate psychic network, take time to review the site and see the signs of an honest service versus one that is sketchy and not in your best interest.

Over the last ten years, the psychic network industry has become a go-to in spirituality and personal growth via phone call or online chat. The ease of the Internet and workable apps on our cell phones have made the growth possible and allowed people who didn't have access to psychic readers within their towns or cities to connect online through the miracle of technology and innovation. All they need is to pay-per-minute rates to receive keen psychic insights.

Psychics can speak with clients over the phone, through chat rooms, text messages, email, and even through video calls. These days, the format of communication with your psychic source is unlimited. We've gone from psychics working a stand-alone practice by in-person, phone, or chat to working within networks from the comfort of their own home. The best part is that this has also benefited their clients as much as them to get a worry free psychic reading online.

Good Psychic Network will have:

  • Live customer service hours
  • Social media presence
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Years in business
  • Transparency

Bad Psychic Network with have:

  • No customer service or hard to find
  • App-only
  • Pseudonyms
  • Inflated Fees
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Reselling of your private information

What Kind of Psychics Work On Networks? 

On a psychic network, you will find a wide range of psychic skills and specialties. Review a psychic's profile to get an idea of their skillset and specializations are precisely what you are looking for in a psychic reading online.


A majority of the practitioners working on a psychic network site will be regular psychics using one more of the "clairs": clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance. They may also have other psychic skills or training, such as mentioned in the skills below.


Empaths come in many different varieties and can also have other skills, especially energy healing. What makes Empaths unique is their ability to feel others' emotions and feelings, which is a great skill to have for a relationship reading. They tend to be the best love psychics you will find on a psychic network.

Tarot Card Readers

The majority of psychics that read tarot cards will be a combination of psychic abilities and practitioners. Still, it will most likely be someone with a deep appreciation for a Tarot reading. These types of psychics are undoubtedly more of a spiritual style and will focus the readings on releasing karmic debt, healing trauma, and past lives as these are all interconnected with our life path and life lessons.


Psychic mediums offer psychic readings that focus on the spiritual realm. They may work with clients to help them speak with Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, or those who have crossed over into the spiritual realm. Mediums are sometimes referred to as the wellness coaches of the spiritual community because they help people with their well-being.


Channelers will often relay information from channeled beings to help raise the vibration of their clients. They may receive daily downloads or work one-on-one with clients during sessions for spiritual insights. Psychics who use the Akashic records are channelers.

Energy Healers

Energy healers are an expanded skill that any psychic practitioner can either learn or innately have the skill for, even if they realize it or not. Empaths, Mediums, and Channelers are natural healers who can learn how to develop their healing abilities by honing training modalities like Reiki or Quantum Healing. Sometimes just their deep listening skills and high energy vibration alone can help others heal.


Esoteric specialties that some psychics decide to learn to heal themselves in their life lessons. These specialists love using their knowledge of astrology or numerology to assist their clients in the same ways. They may use their detailed knowledge of the zodiac signs and their traits to understand better yourself and any relationship conflicts you may have. They can also help you plot your own life path and help you understand any obstacles along the way.

Life Coach/Spiritual Counselor

Psychics who love to help others improve themselves will often seek out additional training in coaching and counseling. These psychics are patient and compassionate and are excellent listeners. They will ask you insightful questions to help provoke real change to occur within you and often work with your higher self during your psychic readings.

Terms to Know 

PPM/ Price Per Minute - how a psychic network will typically charge you for readings with one of their psychics

Clairvoyant - a psychic who has the ability to have visuals through extrasensory perception, i.e., in the mind's eye.

Clairaudient - a psychic who has the ability, an inherent psychic skill, to comprehend messages behind the physical realm beyond the normal hearing range.

Clairsentient - a psychic who has the ability to sense the feelings from an environment and a person or group.

Medium - a type of psychic that can speak with spiritual and angelic realms specifically for the purpose of reaching those who have passed on from our earthly existence or who were never from this realm.

Empath - a highly sensitive intuitive who can sense the emotions of others.

Manifestation - the act of taking an abstract idea from the mind's eye and bringing it to reality through a series of actions and beliefs.

Affirmations - generally "I am" statements that reprogram our subconscious mind in order to free ourselves from negative beliefs and toxic patterns.

Timeline Prediction - a set of variables a psychic sees that tell a client how a particular outcome will manifest and unfold.

Spirit Guide - non-physical beings that are with us through every step of life. Each person typically has three: Soul-Spirit Guide, Lesson Spirit Guide, and Purpose Spirit Guide.

Angel Guide - depending on your spiritual beliefs, they come in the form of Ascended masters, Guardian angels, Archangels, Spirit animals, among others.

Soulmate - an individual or individuals with whom you connect quickly and instantly from having known them from previous lifetimes.

Twin Flame - an incredibly intense relationship between two people who share the same soul.

Karmic Relationship - a relationship with life lessons and karmic debt attached, usually resulting in a toxic relationship that needs to be resolved or healed.

Reincarnation - the spiritual belief that when we die, we come back again and again in earthly forms until we have completed a series of lessons for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Numerology - a type of occult knowledge that deals with the belief that all numbers hold a significant value in shaping our lives.

Astrology - the study of celestial bodies and their influence on our lives, behaviors, personality traits, and compatibility with other people.

Tarot - traditionally, a deck of 78 cards that slowly evolved into a divination tool.

Life Path - the path we have chosen to complete within our lifetime. Often, a term used in numerology associated with a specific number, such as a Life Path 1.

Life Purpose - the reason you incarnated in this life; typically a mission.

Soul Purpose - the expression you hope to embody in your life from your spiritual being.

Reiki - a type of energy healing most popularly used by psychics for distance energy healing.

Energy Healing - transmuting energy within the vessel of the body for the purpose of releasing anything that no longer serves a purpose. Types of energy healing include Reiki, Quantum, Qigong, and Pranic, among others.

Meditation - a practice to help ground and center a person's consciousness and maintain mental health and well-being. Psychics and mediums use meditation practice to evolve spiritually and clear out negative energy.

How Do Tarot Card Readings Work? 

Tarot cards are a divination tool for guidance. They provide a narrative story of your life as it currently is, was, and how it might be. They do not provide definitive answers. Hence, the term guidance.

Each card has many symbolic meanings that provide helpful information to whoever is seeking spiritual guidance when combined with other cards in a particular spread. Tarot readers review these cards to offer guidance on big life questions you're seeking answers to understanding.

Sometimes during tarot readings, the cards will reveal hidden truth and meanings that may stay with you long after the tarot card reading. This is especially true during love readings as these may be more complicated than others.

Tarot readers will pick a spread to use during your reading depending on what they feel from Spirit or what you specifically ask them. The most popular spreads are a three-card spread, the Celtic Cross, or a general Yes/No question reading.

The Yes/No variant is mainly used at the end of a spread when a client asks more questions as these will provide answers. Still, sometimes a keen psychic will only use this type of card pull during your tarot card reading as they will rely on their connection to Spirit Guides and psychic abilities more heavily than this divination tool for answers.

A tarot card reading can include a spread for specific categories such as career and finance. You can ask for a career spread or a money spread, and any keen psychic should be able to accommodate this request. Regular tarot readings for career paths can be constructive if you seek to make gradual changes in a fluctuating work environment and economy.

To receive a trouble free psychic reading online, find a psychic source that can accommodate Tarot readings as well as no tools reading so you can pick what style works best for you. The more variety you experience in psychic readings, the more you will love psychics and see them as a valuable resource.

The Industry of Psychic Networks 

Believe it or not, the psychic industry is a billion-dollar industry where the top businesses are psychic networks.

People who seek out psychic readings aren't always looking for predictions. Most are looking for healing from past relationships and resolving toxic patterns in their current relationships. Psychics work with clients to better understand their current life circumstances and make choices to improve their lives through creative problem solving and intuitive investigative strategies.

Psychics who are also mediums work more intimately with the spiritual realms and help clients converse with those who have recently passed and their ancestors for generational healing. Not all psychics will be mediums, but all mediums are always psychic.

On the psychic's end of things, the psychic gains advantages by joining a network instead of being a stand-alone operation. With a network, they no longer have to invest time and money into advertising and promoting themselves. The network does that for them.

Networks started to gain more popularity via phone until the explosion of the Internet. Over the last twenty years, many psychic network websites have been created, offering psychics and clients opportunities to receive online psychic readings from the comfort of their own homes and offices.

Can I Use Psychics to Help Boost My Career? 

Most definitely! Psychics are great at helping you understand complicated workplace situations, seeing possible timelines for promotions, and giving keen psychic insight on how to manifest the career of your dreams.

Working with psychics regularly can help you develop strategies to plot a career path and help support you during a significant career change. Daily readings can help you overcome challenges and obstacles that come up unexpectedly and help you stay on track even when you feel defeated and discouraged. They allow you to understand and keep in alignment with your long-term goals so you don't lose sight of them and can serve as a career coach as well as your psychic.

Psychics can also teach you how to clear your energy field and develop energetic boundaries, which can be extremely helpful in a toxic work environment. Other techniques that they can teach to help you in your workplace are developing your intuition and mini-meditations. Some may even be able to offer you energy healing to assist you with managing work-related stressors.

Highlighted Tips

  • Take note of when there are live customer service hours and how to contact. Any site where you have to research this information or can't find it may be a suspect.
  • Review the psychic's profile of whom you wish to speak with and make sure they are a good match for you. Look at their skills, testimonials, and experience level.
  • Do a simple search engine search on the site to see if anything suspicious comes up in search results. Also, scour through social media.
  • Investigate how they process credit cards or gift cards. Make sure your information is safe and secure, and use safety protocols with your credit card information.
  • Find out if they are BBB accredited.
  • Any site offering a 100% guarantee of timeline predictions is a red flag that they are a fraudulent site.
  • Don't miss out on introductory offer rates to try out a legitimate psychic network and see if they are right for you!


Many psychic network sites offer legitimate psychic readings with real psychic readers. Most charge per minute rates and offer psychic guidance, not fortune-telling. The psychic industry provides a valuable service for people seeking insights from valid and credible psychic sources. Take a chance on MeetYourPsychic and experience the best psychics online. 

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