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Are you an Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur in Relationships? Insights from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy to connect with you! Thank you for subscribing and sharing!

Let's look at the difference between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur.

These two different approaches to life and business can have a profoundly (positive) effect on your abundance, relationships, and career success.

An Entrepreneur is someone who not only takes on abnormal financial risks but does so in (usually) a variety of businesses.

An Intrapreneur manages, markets, and promotes products or services within an established company's framework without taking on the financial risk. The people that are making money on our planet are intrapreneurs. They walk into an already funded operation and manage things. They do not necessarily set up nor establish the environment. Some upper-level managers operate companies globally as subcontractors, making more per month/year than the businesses' owners or investors. In some cases, millions of dollars per month! They don't need to control the degree that the entrepreneur is and are not only affluent but free to set their schedules.

I see this crossover in relationships as well. If you are the entrepreneur in your relationship, you are: investing your time, energy, and resources into the relationship. You are likely the grocery shopper, cleaner, taxi service to the kids, personal assistant sending out cards (birthday, Christmas, etc..), and completely divesting yourself of free time.

If you are the intrapreneur in your relationship: You have a partner, spouse, or significant other that arranges things for you, so all you have to do is plug into the system when you feel like doing so. You reap the benefits without having to invest. Your time is allocated to doing things that are high on your list of priorities. I see this in so many relationships! One person is running in circles, anticipating the needs ahead, and being prepared for emergencies, while their partner/spouse is off playing golf, video games, or decompressing when they get home from work.

While there is the element of being in control with the entrepreneur, there is a silent contract between them. A deal that was established when they met each other for the first time ties into anagrammatic energy, birth order, personality types, and so much more. What I find fascinating is that our chemical attraction is based on the balance (at least in part)) on the entrepreneur/intrapreneur relationship.

When the intrapreneur steps out of the relationship through an affair or gradually decreases their part of the contract's connection, the entrepreneur is forced to take over everything. This is where the dynamic begins to sour and turn toxic, ironically for both of them! Staying present and sharing the load, investing together, dreaming together, and working in tandem places the relationship is much more balanced energy.

Being able to swap out chores, so both of you stay engaged with the relationship versus feeling resentful having to do the same task in repetition. Setting deadlines together will help you both take on ownership of bills that need paying or maintenance that needs to be done in and on your home.

When you INVEST, you are actively a part of the success of your relationship.

If all you are doing is showing up, showering, eating, criticizing, and sleeping, you have checked out of the relationship. You are at a subconscious level willing to let your romantic pairing end up an epic fail. At a deeper level, you are sabotaging through a lack of engagement with your spouse or partner. If you are the entrepreneur on the receiving end of apathy, doing more will not bring them back. Investing more energy and time will not get them to return to you. It will cultivate a codependent relationship. You do not want to be caught in this limbo for the rest of your relationship.

The entrepreneur is more likely to end the relationship than the intrapreneur, as their willingness to invest and continue to burn themselves out significantly decreases over time. When health is impacted, that heralds the beginning of a break-up or divorce.

Spirit asks that you think about the following when you are dating or settling down with someone:

-Do you work well together?
-Do they follow through with the projects they have started? Or do they initiate and then leave the project undone? Is there a trail of failed jobs/projects behind then?
-Are they financially responsible?
-Do they show up for things you are interested in?
-Do they keep their promises?
-Do they arrange date night at least every other time, or do they leave it up to you?
-Do they show up when you need them? Do you show up for them? -Who is paying in the relationship? Both of you?
-Do you feel you trust them more or less as you know them?
-Do you have excellent communication, including talking about feelings?
-If they have children from a prior marriage/relationship, how are their parenting skills? If they pay child support, are they up to date? Or are they dodging it?
-Do you support each other unconditionally?
-Are you religiously/spiritually, at least in the same mindset?

Your potential to be in balanced and loving relationships is in your energy!

Do an honest self-assessment in your romantic history: Do you invest? Or DO you plug into the matrix of your partner's efforts? Once you see this pattern, you can change it into a healthier format and find your law of attraction and who you are attracted to changes (always for the better).

Spirit says that you have their unconditional love and support as you move into your best self and your best relationships!

Thank you for this time together. I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira 

Shira can be contacted at MeetYourPsychic at extension 1093. It is her greatest joy to assist you in seeing your unlimited potential and empowering you to shine. 

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