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3 Tips On How To Balance Career and Love

When you're on the road for a specific career trajectory, it can make relationships challenging, especially if you're single. Settling for someone who fits some boxes and not all may seem like a good idea but will end up hurting both of you down the line when things eventually fall apart. The key to balancing love and career is honest with yourself and your partner. Transparency will give you both the best relationship possible, even if that relationship isn't meant to last forever.

Take time to get clear with yourself with what you want and need as they may be in opposite directions. Be mindful of the importance of your relationship alongside your career. Is the timing not right for both of these at the same time? You may need to be honest with yourself and your partner, or potential partner, about what you are willing and able to give and visa versa. 


Setting healthy boundaries for your work and life is essential. If the boundaries are off in either of these or worse, you will have a lot of unnecessary drama and turmoil. All of it is preventable by being transparent and firm with your boundaries. Saying no to something is more of an act of love and respect than anything else. Don't allow someone, including yourself, to guilt you into saying yes when no is the right thing to do.

In a relationship, healthy boundaries will look like being respectful of each other's time and availability while also expressing miscommunication issues. For better communication, get familiar with Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication components so you may work out any feelings of misunderstanding and neglect.

At your work-life, healthy boundaries will show in your ability to turn off thoughts about your job and the stresses of the day so you can be with your loved one or unwind. If you're having issues doing this, you may want to look into a meditation practice after ending your workday or an exercise routine to release stress and negativity.


Making sure there is support in your relationship and your career is critical towards balance. When you don't feel supported, it will show up most prominently in your attitude and tone. The most important person who should be supporting you is YOU. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and taking steps to give you the internal support you need without seeking validation. Validation and support are not the same things, and we will often seek external validation when we don't get the help we need.

Within a relationship, support looks like showing compassion and deep listening. We can be our most supportive selves when we decenter ourselves from what is happening to others. If your partner isn't listening to your cares and concerns, it may be a sign that the relationship is not as strong as you think, and you may have to make some stuff decisions. It is crucial to have support to have a healthy balance in your life.

Mentorship is the best way we can receive support in our careers. Finding someone who is more experienced to help guide you is vital but not always easy to find. Sometimes seeking out a career coach or a psychic who specializes in career paths maybe your best option for support as they can give you clear guidance based on your individual needs.

Pursue Your Passions Together 

If you are in a relationship where there are shared passions, there will be shared growth. This is a relationship that has synergy and can manifest a fulfilling life overall. Shared passions don't have to be a career interest but can also take shape in hobbies and values. Often passions that are values can be the most significant to build a long-term relationship.

When your chosen careers are not each other's passion, this can create some friction. It is not implausible to have a healthy balance as long as you support and respect each other. With healthy boundaries and the ability to support each other, you can have a fantastic relationship, but that support has to come from both sides.

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