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Learn how the planetary influence can empower, inform, and assist in making decisions that are aligned with the natural flow of your psychic energy. Dive deeper than your sun sign to understand how Astrology can be utilized in your day to day life.

If your astrological sign is Aquarius, the Tarot card that represents you is The Star. As an Aquarius, you are eccentric in the most beautiful way. You stick out like a bright star in the sky. This can make you feel detached from others and make you ... Continue reading

If your astrological sign is Capricorn, the Tarot card that represents you is The Devil. As a Capricorn, you are very strong-willed and determined in your pursuits. Your persistence is one of your key strengths, but it can come at a cost. You may fin... Continue reading

If your astrological sign is Sagittarius, the Tarot card that represents you is Temperance.As a Sagittarian, you are naturally drawn to philosophical thinking. You may even have spent your time seeking the truth for yourself and your place in the wor... Continue reading

Many and astrologers believe that the long hoped for AGE OF AQUARIUS arrives "officially" on December 21st, 2020. I put quotation marks around the word "Officially" because not everyone entirely agrees when an astrology age begins. But they do agree ... Continue reading

If your astrological sign is Scorpio, the Tarot card that represents you is Death.Don't fear the Death card! This card is all about transformation and significant changes. What do Scorpios and the Death card have in common? For starters, they are oft... Continue reading

Psychics and astrologers are telling people everywhere to gear up for a BIG shift this week! As we wrap up September 2020, we are collectively going to be feeling another sudden change. This week is set to be another BIG week in a rather BIG year in ... Continue reading

If your astrological sign is Libra, the Tarot card that represents you is Justice. Libras and the Justice card have one crucial element in common: fairness.Fairness comes hand in hand in alignment with social justice issues, which is perfect for... Continue reading

Back around four years ago, we were all introduced to Twin Flames as a new relationship with an energy signature that was off the charts. This couple would represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in their ways, and through this connec... Continue reading

Are you feeling all revved up with no place to go? Welcome to Mar's Retrograde 2020! History is not likely to forget the year 2020 any time soon! Astrologers have been predicting mass chaos for this year-long before it arrived. For a lot of complex a... Continue reading

As the New Moon comes, this is a pivotal time to settle down with a cup of tea, a candle, and a nice notebook. Look back over the last month. Ask yourself this question so you can bring about positive change in your life:  What do you want to ch... Continue reading

If you're a Virgo, chances are you are very detail-oriented and possibly a bit of a perfectionist. You're analytical, both a pro and a con, because sometimes you may overthink things. That's okay! No one is perfect, even if we try and give it our bes... Continue reading

The full moon is all about gratitude, manifestation, and empowerment. Now is a beautiful time to show gratitude for the blessings in your life. Gratitude is the perfect way to kickstart your manifestation energy. It is a time of intense emotion, and ... Continue reading

With many psychics available on our network, we know that choosing one that is right for you is very important and can weigh heavily on the mind. Psychic Raven Heart put together a very concise post to explain to you why you should consider her as yo... Continue reading

Virgos are all about self-care, solitude, and searching of the soul. They are also perfectionists to the core and may find themselves withdrawn from socializing. Knowing all of this, does it surprise you to find out that the tarot card that represent... Continue reading

It will prepare you for the day ahead.Reading your daily horoscope will help set the tone for your day and help you adjust your perspective or tone when interacting with people. Horoscopes will generally give you a guideline of suggestions to help yo... Continue reading

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