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Learn how the planetary influence can empower, inform, and assist in making decisions that are aligned with the natural flow of your psychic energy. Dive deeper than your sun sign to understand how Astrology can be utilized in your day to day life.

Saturn is known as The Lord of Karma. Where we find Saturn in our chart is the area in which the authoritative parent in our life said or says we will never be good at that. Saturn represents Labor commitment and responsibility, commitment*sarcastic ... Continue reading

If you feel a heavy weight of energy around you lately, you are not the only one. Many of my clients express how they have little motivation and feel such a heavy weight around them. I can see, based on the readings I do for all the zodiac signs, we ... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. It is a joy connecting with you. If you would like a reading with me, I can be reached at extension 1093. I love the moon phases; each one hold... Continue reading

Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign is connected to the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the Tarot?Below is a brief guide of the top tarot cards of each zodiac sign. It doesn't matter if your sign belongs to cardinal signs, mutable signs, or ... Continue reading

Did you know how complex the Cancer sign can be? On the surface, they may seem easy to read, but so much depth is hidden within those layers. You may even say they can be more of a mystery than a Scorpio!Cancerians have conflicting characteristics th... Continue reading

Sagittarius (22-Nov thru 21-Dec) is the Archer and most far-reaching of the zodiac signs in a multitude of ways. Whether it's by idealistic thinking or action-oriented steps, people under this sign are always thinking about the future and how to get ... Continue reading

During the Mercury Retrograde, which ended June 22nd, I got many calls from clients expressing that unusual and weird things were going on in their lives from all angles: love, career & family issues. When we are experiencing a Retrograde, time m... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for subscribing, sharing, and liking. It is a pleasure to connect with you. Retrogrades get a bad rap. Retrogrades are about looking back and reflecting on aspects of your past. Ret... Continue reading

If your Sun sign is Cancer, you might be wondering if another Cancer sign is compatible with your needs. The answer may surprise you.Unlike the combination between a Cancer and Sagittarius, Taurus and Aries, and Aquarius and Gemini, the match Cancer ... Continue reading

To be a Virgo (23-Aug thru 22-Sep) is to be taken on a lifelong journey for the pursuit of perfection. The need for order and practical solutions is the driving force behind Virgo's existence. It is the need for a structure that helps to provide a se... Continue reading

To be a Gemini (21-May thru 20-Jun) is to be flying inside the beauty within one's own mind and being guided to communicate that with the rest of the world. Free-flowing and free-thinking, the Geminis are the most fun-loving and curious of the zodiac... Continue reading

Are you a Taurus and wondering who might be your ideal partner?If you're looking for a soulmate, any of these signs could be your ideal match: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.It's a blessing that Taurus has so many combinations that are a perfec... Continue reading

If your astrological sign is Taurus, the Tarot card that represents you is The Hierophant.As a Taurus, you are stubborn and sentimental. You prefer to spend time at home and go to great lengths to ensure financial security. You are dependable and con... Continue reading

Regardless of whether your signs are compatible, there are ways to both attract and repel each of the zodiac signs.Keeping and maintaining someone's interest when you are dating them isn't always easy, so it is essential to know ways you may make the... Continue reading

Hello Everyone! Aries season has started, and there's a lot of chaotic energy in the world right now. Maybe you thrive on chaos, or perhaps you're just trying to get through it, but here are some ways to not only survive but thrive using the Aries en... Continue reading

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