Psychic Name or Extension

Learn how the planetary influence can empower, inform, and assist in making decisions that are aligned with the natural flow of your psychic energy. Dive deeper than your sun sign to understand how Astrology can be utilized in your day to day life.

Gemini may be your most energetic friend, especially when it comes to quick action and boosting your mood. These change agents are the best at elevating the atmosphere in the room and making everyone feel warm and comfortable. All Geminis are excelle... Continue reading

The PAST is Back! Three reasons why... Have you recently heard from an old lover? Are you just dying to text the ex? Have you been ruminating on the past more than usual? Astrology can explain! The month of May 2020 is unusual because we have three p... Continue reading

Astrology is a very in-depth study of the placement of planets and luminaries at specific times that affect certain aspects of our lives. This is a great way to plan and optimize your success in certain areas and also to prevent negative influences f... Continue reading

Greetings all and especially to all of my Pisces brothers and Pisces sisters! Let's talk about the two swimming fishes: one swims high, and one swims low! First, what is a fish? In the natural world, we see the fish as an aquatic animal that swims in... Continue reading

Though astrology is not an exact science, it is a helpful tool in guiding you in making the right decisions. It can also give you self-awareness about who you are, where your life is headed, and how to make changes for the better.AriesIf you're an Ar... Continue reading

Ever fretted that your Sun sign isn't compatible with our person of interest? It can be a huge stressor for those of us who take our astrology very seriously, but sometimes it helps to take a step back and see the big picture. Astrology is a tool tha... Continue reading

Virgos (August 23 - September 22) are organized, detailed-oriented, critical thinkers of the world. They are very hardworking and think thoroughly before making any life-altering decisions. A Virgo's ability to remember is one of their greatest gifts... Continue reading

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) are practical and stoic people who have tendencies to love luxury and comfort a bit too much at times. They are very hardworking and patient and incredibly loyal, but their stubbornness can have adverse effects on even the ... Continue reading

Scorpios (October 21 - November 20) are mysterious, bright, and highly intuitive. They are incredibly clairvoyant but also very analytical. They tend to be passionate and persistent in all their pursuits, and sometimes that can make them lean into a ... Continue reading

Sagittarius (November 21 - December 21) is adaptable, brutally honest, and fiercely independent. They tend to be optimistic in their view of life and prefer to take their own path. Although they can be naive, they can also come off as a selfish know-... Continue reading

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) are amiable, artistic, and idealists. They are incredibly empathic and very in tune with their emotional depths. Friendly to a fault, they can become victims when they don't put up the proper boundaries. Pisces struggl... Continue reading

Libras (September 22 - October 20) are wonderful listeners who are very diplomatic. They can be very effective at communicating with others but have difficulty in making decisions. They are idealists to a fault. They adore the beauty in the world. At... Continue reading

Leos (July 23 - August 22) are magnetic people who are fun and active. In careers, they tend to be successful no matter what occupation they choose. In love, they tend to fall in love too quickly. They can be generous and kind, but always want what t... Continue reading

Geminis (May 20 - June 20) are a jack-(or jill)-of-all-trades. They love the diversity in all aspects of their life and dread boredom. Geminis can become easily lost if they don't ground themselves and hold themselves accountable for responsibilities... Continue reading

​Capricorn (December 21 - January 21) is highly driven, organized, and responsible. They are good at management and enjoy working independently or in a leadership role. Their serious nature can make them a bit too stubborn and unforgiving. Because ... Continue reading

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