Psychic Name or Extension

Through practice, all people have the capacity to connect with their Spirit Guides and receive direct psychic guidance. Learn how to be a clear channel, read tarot cards, and perform psychic readings for yourself. Meet your “psychic within”.

Pendulums are a means to a quick yes or no answer to any question you may have. All you need is a piece of string or rope or chain and an object tied to the end that is significant to you, or you may buy one ranging in size and price. Hold the pendul... Continue reading

Journaling with the Tarot can be a rewarding experience and fun process. Not only does it allow you to do personal growth, but it also helps you engage with the creative centers of your mind, body, and spirit in ways you hadn't imagined.Tarot cards a... Continue reading

Are you curious about the Tarot but don't know where to start? I've pulled together very succinctly some fun facts about tarot cards that can prove helpful in learning how to do your own tarot card readings.The deck is made up of what's known as the ... Continue reading

Many people could wonder about the differences between using a medium and channeler, but few research or ask. There are several people who don't think there is much difference between them as some psychics can do both, but there are stark differences... Continue reading

If you ever doubted whether psychics are real or not, you are not the first person to be skeptical. Much of people's skepticism is something related to the core question: Are psychics real? It is a valid question to research, and it is hard to do wit... Continue reading

When you begin the journey to develop your psychic gifts, you begin to awaken all the possibilities within yourself.Your intuition is the key to the road map of your life path. Suppose you want to understand your purpose in life, taking time to get i... Continue reading

If you're a beginner to moon manifesting or just need a brush up on the real quick way always to do it right, here are two key points to remember.Full moons are for releasing and letting go. This is when you use to let go and forgive anything that ne... Continue reading

Are you looking at developing your psychic abilities? Everyone is born with psychic abilities, but not everyone will take on the spiritual quest to develop them to their highest interest. When you begin this soul journey, you may find yourself faced ... Continue reading

Spirit Guides are non-physical beings that are with us through every step of every life. They are assigned to us to help guide our Spirit through our soul lessons, hence the name Spirit Guides. Developing a relationship with your Spirit Guides can be... Continue reading

Quarantine has been a very isolating experience for most. Even those that are living with others have been cut off from friends, family, and co-workers. One of the lessons that we can extract from time spent alone is that we are never truly alone. Ea... Continue reading

We all wish to connect with our Spirit Guides and receive their insights and wisdom. Sometimes our desire for this connection is out of curiosity, but other times, we need their help in guiding us on our paths. Life can be challenging and we don... Continue reading

Dreams are a unique and enlightening inner resource we all have to explore our mind, our world, and our Universe. Psychics often use dreams as a way to communicate with the Spirit realm and the Angelic realm. Exploring your dreams is also an essentia... Continue reading

Legend has long held that in the United States and other places in the Northern Hemisphere, October is when the "curtain" between our physical world here on Earth and the unseen and often hidden Spiritual realm lifts or fades. Just about the time the... Continue reading

Start slow, practice, and play with the cards. Exploring the cards slowly, one by one will build a relationship with each meaning. Practicing on friends, family, or even strangers will grow your empathy, teaching you how other people connect to the T... Continue reading

It can be a struggle to acknowledge the role we play in the way our lives unfold. It's easy to say, "I had a rough childhood," or "This is just the hand I was dealt." Those things may be true, but that's only a piece of it. There is something called ... Continue reading

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