Psychic Name or Extension

Through practice, all people have the capacity to connect with their Spirit Guides and receive direct psychic guidance. Learn how to be a clear channel, read tarot cards, and perform psychic readings for yourself. Meet your “psychic within”.

Prince of Pentacles invites you today to enjoy the journey, for your feet are on the yellow brick road, and you are in the flow of reaching your goals. All of the hardships and obstacles that you have overcome to be here, NOW, are behind you.It is ti... Continue reading

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."-Albert EinsteinWhat does it mean to trust your intuition? Where does intuition come from?... Continue reading

The Horned One represents the Sacred Warrior, who peacefully resides alone or with a few judiciously chosen companions, and knows when to stand up for what is right, and is willing to offer all of himself/herself to the cause.The Horned One vibrates ... Continue reading

The Ten of Cups has entered your life today to let you know that you are connected to your Source of Inspiration and Energy. This is a good time to move into a project that you have been wanting to start, whether it is embarking on a new division of ... Continue reading

The Seven of Pentacles has entered your life to let you know that it is time to consider the relationships, and investments of your time, energy, and resources.What would you like to 'Grow' now and in the coming years? It is a romantic relationship? ... Continue reading

The High Priestess has come into your life today to let you know that you are the authentic blend of intuition and pragmatism.You are connected to your dreams in the real world and are able to take the information that has been given to you in your s... Continue reading

The King of Wands has entered your life today to let you know that starting today.You are the Visionary in your life!He invites you to see the patterns around you that need to be changed, released, and replaced.He asks that you connect with your ener... Continue reading

The Nine of Pentacles has entered your life today to let you know that you are vibrating at a higher level than before.You're giving birth to improved health, finances, and circumstances.Your actions are coming to fruition in much more abundant ways ... Continue reading

The Judgement Card has entered your life today to let you know that you are at the cusp of a Spiritual Awakening. A time when you remember so strongly through your dreams and messages that you see while you are out in the world, begin to revive your ... Continue reading

Spirit has sent 'The Eagle' into your life today to encourage you to find your wingspan, courage, and to use your third eye vision to see both the finite and the infinite.Eagle is connected both to Spirit and mother earth. Eagle flies effortlessly in... Continue reading

Blessings, Dear Ones. The Prince of Cups has come across your path today to let you know that the Wind over the Water is entreating you to let go of the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty that is on your horizon today.In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM... Continue reading

The Hanged Man has entered your life today to let you know that the old ways of operating will not work as you move forward. The old ways of seeing, doing, and acting do not serve the person that you are becoming and have been growing into for some t... Continue reading

Today's card, The Ten of Pentacles, has entered your life to let you know that your health, home, and finances are on the forefront. This is also a good omen if you had concerns about your health or the health of a loved one. Next to Aces, the 10 of ... Continue reading

Spirit asked me to share a conversation that I had with a friend, she has also given her permission!:This morning, over coffee, my girlfriend and I were discussing how badly she sleeps, more precisely, wakes up!She wakes up feeling sore, tired, weak,... Continue reading

The Ten of Swords has come into your life today to let you know that the culmination of all of your actions and work is about to come to fruition.Ten's are about endings and beginnings simultaneously, much like Aloha in Hawaii (meaning hello and good... Continue reading

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