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The Mystery Behind Crystal Ball Readings

When we think of psychics, we automatically think of a psychic doing readings with a crystal ball. It feels cliche, but this is one of the oldest and most respected tools of divination.

Over time, television and film, and stage magic shows have diminished our respect and admiration for a genuine crystal ball reading. It takes real talent and skill to be able to perform the act of crystal gazing. Only psychics who have clairvoyance can use the crystal ball to see the answers that you seek.

Although there is no complete guide for the crystal ball for beginners, the information in this article should help you decide whether crystal ball readings are for you. 

How Does a Psychic Reading With a Crystal Ball Work? 

Interpretation of imagery and symbolism is the hardest part of reading a crystal ball accurately. Patience and practice come from learning from a mentor on how to use this divination tool. The art of crystallomancy (crystal ball reading) is a skill that can take years to master. Remember that the crystal ball is a way for experienced psychic practitioners to communicate between our physical and spiritual realms.

When a clairvoyant psychic peers into the crystal ball, they will see images that require interpretations in order to decode. This type of decryption is often more complicated than mastering Tarot card readings. A crystallomancer must learn how to engage with the spiritual realm and communicate using the crystal ball as a focal point or meditation tool. As the psychic gazes, the images become more apparent to them. A strong second-generation psychic will receive the images more immediately than others who are newer to this practice.

Making sure there is specific lighting and a tailored environment for the crystal ball reading is crucial. The lighting and environment in which you receive a crystal ball reading are essential in getting an accurate psychic reading. If it is too bright or too dark, the images the psychics see may not be precise enough for them to interpret or may not come through at all. Also, making sure the space around the crystal ball is sacred and cleansed regularly is vital to ensure negative energy or other people's energy in general or not interfering with your psychic reading. Energy needs to be balanced for clarity and clear communication.

History and Significance of Crystal Ball Readings in the Psychic World 

It's hard to say for certain when the first use of the crystal ball began. Evidence of use exists with Chinese, Egyptian, and Persian history as well as many indigenous cultures such as the Incas, Mayans, and the Iroquis, among others.

In the earliest recorded use of crystal balls, soothsayers used crystal ball readings during the 1st century CE, according to Roman author Pliny the Elder, who documented it before his death around the time of the end of Pompeii.

It has also been recorded to have been used by ancient Druids who preferred beryl stones as their choice for crystal ball readings. Today beryl stones are still used in modern-day scrying as divination tools and are still used by some crystallomancers. A crystal ball was the first scrying tool used for easy divination.

Romani fortune tellers between the 9th and 14th centuries relied on crystal ball readings as they were an easy-to-use divination tool for master psychic clairvoyants and their European audiences preferred them. The Catholic church frowned upon these practices, so much of the skepticism and misinformation psychics experience today (especially when it comes to crystallomancy) is due to their dislike and campaigns to get rid of psychic beliefs and practices.

Crystal ball reading became very popular during the Victorian era. This was due to a renewed interest in spiritualism and using crystal balls during stage magic performances. These types of performances and shows diminished the value of the crystal ball in many people's eyes. They became less and less respected as a traditional and valuable psychic divination tool.

John Dee, an advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, was a famous crystal ball reader. His crystal ball can now be seen on display at the British Museum. Crystal ball readings during this time were often referred to as scrying sessions. Dee believed these sessions were one-on-one communication with Archangels and the angelic realm.

One of the most famous modern crystallomancers was Jeane Dixon, who became one of Nancy Reagan's trusted spiritual advisors.

Different Types of Crystal Balls 

Historically, the traditional type of crystal balls was made of a kind of sea-green stone known as beryl. Soothsayers in the past loved using beryl for their crystal ball readings as the stone emitted an energy that represented the psychic energy of the moon.

Beryl is still used today for scrying, but not many current crystallomancers use it as it is hard to find it in the shape of a crystal ball form, and many opt for natural quartz or glass for various reasons. It also tends to be the most expensive of all crystals.

During readings connecting to the angelic realm, some crystallomancers will use a selenite crystal sphere, which has a higher vibration and allows for more profound clarity. This particular crystal ball can also be used to help cleanse the energy of the space continuously as well as any crystals in close proximity. Selenite spheres tend to be reasonably priced for their immense value.

Nowadays, in the twenty-first century and beyond, some psychics who continue to use crystal balls in their readings have opted for Orgonite spheres. They will ward off EMF energy and block the energy that may interfere with a psychic reading. Orgonite is artificially created by a mixture of fiberglass resin with added crystals into the mixture Copper is also infused into the mix in various ways and techniques sometimes included in the base. All of this is said to make it a strong healing sphere that neutralizes electromagnetic pollution. The addition of specific crystals can heighten its positive effect on the creation of the sphere.

Expectations and Types of Questions  

When going into a crystal ball reading, expect to be fully grounded and prepared to receive answers you may or may not like. Clients will often receive information from their psychic reader that may take some time to understand and process thoroughly like all psychic readings. Make sure to relax and set positive intentions before speaking with your psychic.

Unlike traditional tarot card readings, when a psychic provides you a reading with crystal gazing, the information may come out more slowly, so you will need to be patient and allow divine timing to arrive. The more mindful and centered you are, the quicker your psychic will obtain answers and see images clearly and decipher them readily. As with any psychic reading you may have when you are focused on being still and open, you allow the energy connection between you and the psychic to be more significant and potent. You also allow for your guides to interact with you and your psychic too.

If you come in with a negative mindset or skepticism, you will receive a murky reading. Crystal ball readings are only for people who are very serious about their psychic readings and are typically not something you should try in your first psychic session with your psychic. Part of this is due to the fact that you will need to be patient. The other part is that these types of psychic readings are best for people at the point in their lives where they want soul evolution and spiritual growth and not to satisfy their level of uncertainty.

Allow your psychic to focus and receive information while crystal gazing. This may require you to be quiet and open-minded. Make sure to ask open-ended questions so the information may flow in more readily and clear for the psychic to decipher.

When selecting a psychic reader for a crystal ball reading, make sure they are skilled in using the crystal ball. Ask them questions about their cleansing practices and how they define the sacred space their crystal ball resides in during reading and after. Also, ask them if they use any other crystals or stones during this practice. The tone and detail of their answers should provide you with enough information to decide if this is the right psychic for this type of experience.

Practical Tips for Working with a Crystal Ball Reader 

Meditate and ground yourself before your crystal ball reading.

Be prepared to ask open-ended questions yet specific to what you are seeking advice on receiving.

Allow yourself to be in an open and positive mindset to receive your answers and clarity in your psychic reading.

Be patient for your clairvoyant psychic to get into trance by crystal gazing and allow the imagery to come to them in divine timing.

Ask your crystallomancer what the future holds, along with your open-ended questions. This way, your psychic can focus on what is before you instead of what has transpired.


Crystal ball readings have a long and varied history among psychics. It is one of the oldest and most challenging to master divination tools. Although it can offer you an amazingly accurate psychic reading, it takes years and the ability of clairvoyance to use crystal balls to their fullest potential. Anyone can experience a crystal ball reading in person or online as long as they are willing to pursue the best crystallomancer for themselves. 

Are you interested in having a psychic reader gaze into a crystal ball for you? Call us and we can set you up with one of our top online psychics available. 

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