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What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye

When you open your third eye chakra, you begin to see the world more clearly and with deeper appreciation.

Your third eye is connected to both your higher and lower self. It is the soul spot that helps you divine your life path and what you're meant to do with this life. It is the cornerstone of your imagination and the seat of how you manifest your destiny.

The third eye is located above your nose and slightly above the middle of your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead. It is connected to your sense of intuition and can help you see your past, present, and future with absolute clarity. Opening your third eye allows you to reveal your inner truth and develop your psychic abilities.

Once activated, you will experience a variety of sensations and adjustments. Some experience headaches and nasal issues. Others have vision problems. You can even experience an exasperation of mental health problems, but as always, seek medical advice for a consult if you experience these symptoms to rule out any undiagnosed medical conditions. 

How to Open Your Third Eye 

Meditation is the primary way to open up your third eye chakra. The key is consistent use and finding a form of meditation that works for you. If you have trouble meditating, try using a hypnotic and/or repetitive type of exercise that keeps you grounded and in the flow with the Universe, such as tai chi or qigong.

Visualization exercises will help stimulate your third eye and strengthen your ability to see. Your mind's eye will begin to learn how to become in tune with your intuition by opening up your imagination center and experiencing the images internally in your mind, and becoming familiar with its vibrational energy. Imagining a flower opening and closing is one powerful visualization technique that you can use to open and close your third eye.

Crystal therapy has also been known to help open up your third eye. Using crystals such as clear quartz and amethyst can help you with activating this chakra. You can use the crystals during meditation or visualization. Some psychics will also use them in a crystal grid or altar at a place of spiritual significance.

Learning to read tarot cards can help with developing psychic abilities. Tarot reading is an excellent way to connect with your intuition and learn how to activate your third eye. The imagery within the cards helps you develop your imaginative skills in psychic imagery interpretation and learning the story behind each card and how it relates to you in your tarot card reading.

Any divination tool will help you awaken your psychic abilities. Besides tarot and oracle cards, many psychics will work with scrying stones, runes, crystal balls, and dream interpretations.

Working with psychics can also help you open and develop your third eye. All psychics have gone through the experience of developing their intuition and psychic abilities. Booking an online psychic reading with an expert psychic can offer the guidance you may be looking for to open up your third eye and begin your journey towards psychic development.

You may also find affirmations used daily can help you open up and strengthen your third eye chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations 

I see with clarity.
I am open to receiving.
I allow my inner knowing to activate and guide me.
I trust my intuition and connection to the Divine.
I allow my psychic abilities to grow and flourish.
I believe in my inner wisdom and guidance.
I accept the Divine Timing of the Universe.

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