Psychic Name or Extension

Through practice, all people have the capacity to connect with their Spirit Guides and receive direct psychic guidance. Learn how to be a clear channel, read tarot cards, and perform psychic readings for yourself. Meet your “psychic within”.

Claircognizance is the psychic ability to have a clear knowing without images or voices. It is not a feeling, but a direct insight that comes into a thought-form. Many creative artists, writers, and musicians use claircognizance instinctively to crea... Continue reading

Clairaudience is the psychic skill to detect messages from the Spiritual realm that are beyond the normal hearing range. It is especially useful in communicating with Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, and other energetic beings. The focus of this ability ... Continue reading

Essential oils have many uses, and one of them is to help us develop our psychic abilities. Each oil has unique properties that can help us engage with our Angel Guides and our Spirit Guides and the spiritual realm in general. Some essential oils wil... Continue reading

If you have started to awaken to the fact that you have psychic abilities, it is time to consider using exercises to develop them further. Developing psychic skills takes time, faith, and practice. As you experience this growth, know that you will ex... Continue reading

All of us have latent psychic abilities, whether we realize it or not. Some of us are naturally born with a more profound sixth sense, while others study with other psychics around the world to hone their skills. It is not a comfortable journey but c... Continue reading

Are you going through an intense personal awakening right now? Are you viewing reality in a brand new way? Does it leave you feeling detached from society? It could be a spiritual awakening, don't worry, you are not crazy, and you are not alone. For ... Continue reading

Are you an energy vampire? Are you draining people of their life-force energy and leaving them depleted? Are you the one being consumed? How do you know you are in the presence of an energy vampire? Do you know how to protect your energy? Are you und... Continue reading

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