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5 Steps To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Quarantine has been a very isolating experience for most. Even those that are living with others have been cut off from friends, family, and co-workers. One of the lessons that we can extract from time spent alone is that we are never truly alone. Each of us has a team of Spirit Guides ready and waiting to assist us in navigating this experience called life. They are connected to us to guide our spirit through our soul lessons, hence the name Spirit Guides. When you make decisions based on information that you receive from your Spirit Guides, you can often avoid unnecessary drama and challenges. Following these five steps will enable you to "hear" the messages from your Spirit Guides, reminding you that you are never truly alone.

In order to strengthen the energetic connection between you and your Spirit Guides, you must first communicate a clear intention. When you begin your day, take a moment to invite your Spirit Guides to be with you throughout the day. Your Spirit Guides never leave you, but you will find that you will feel their presence and hear their message much more easily when you communicate the intention to listen to them.

The most powerful way to communicate with your Spirit Guides is to write your daily intentions in a journal and then read them aloud. This can be as simple as, "I hear the wisdom of my Spirit Guides and take action to benefit my highest good." When you write out your intentions, you take potentiality and create reality by bringing the energy into our physical realm. When you speak the words out loud, you further activate the energy, speeding up the process of manifestation. This is one reason why many people work with online psychics; discussing their potentiality often assists in co-creating precisely what they desire. Once you have communicated with the Universe what you want, it is vital to create a space in which to hear and receive the messages from your Spirit Guides.

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with noise. We have music, social media, videos, ads, smells, sounds, people, and these are just external distractions. Internally, we are often replaying what happened in our past and trying to plan out our future. All of these factors make it more challenging to hear those whispers from our Spirit Guides. To clear out the distractions, you need to create stillness.

Take a moment to focus on your breath. I find that using the mantra, "Breathing in, I am breathing in. Breathing out, I am breathing out", enables me to focus solely on my breath and begins to quiet my ever squawking monkey mind. The beautiful part of creating stillness is that you have the ability to do this anywhere. You can create stillness while on the train, in the grocery store line, even while waiting for others to join a Zoom call. It is unnecessary to make a big production out of stillness. Simply direct your attention to your breath, and when your attention strays, redirect your attention to your breath. Once you are comfortable with creating stillness, then you are ready to raise your frequency.

When you understand that everything in our realm (that which we can see and even that which we cannot see) is simply a wave of energy resonating at a particular frequency, you will more easily connect with your Spirit Guides. We resonate at a lower frequency than our Spirit Guides. (All energy in physical form is resonating at a lower frequency than energy in the non-physical form). To strengthen the line of communication, we must raise our frequency. We can do this by limiting or removing low-frequency choices from our life (IE toxins, animal products, alcohol, disturbing images) or adding high-frequency experiences (meditation, yoga, volunteer activities, calming music, relaxing smells).

My essential oil necklace (thanks, sis) was a lifesaver when I was on a particularly turbulent flight. Focusing on my breath and breathing in jasmine allowed me to hear reassuring messages from my Spirit Guides, even while many people on the flight were becoming ill or overcome with anxiety. There is no one right way to raise your frequency. First, create a list of go to choices that you turn to daily, then you will discover what is most effective for you in any given situation. Once you have your list of frequency shifting activities, make sure to use them consistently.

Consistency is key. Every time you repeat an action or thought (meditation, focusing on your breath, repeating positive affirmations), you create neural pathways in your brain. When you take steps to connect with your Spirit Guides consistently, it is like using a Fastpass at Disneyland. Instead of starting at the end of the line, you can skip the line and jump right to the experience.

When you are just starting a conscious relationship with your Spirit Guides, you have to overcome the fear, doubt, and uncertainty that your EGO will create to hear them clearly. Reaching out to your Spirit Guides on a daily basis will provide you with daily gifts of connection so that you can leave doubt and fear behind. Whether you are manifesting a parking space or success on a big work project, consistency will help you to trust the connection with your Spirit Guides so that you can receive the messages more clearly. When you receive these messages, a celebration helps you receive more messages from your Spirit Guides.

Everyone loves praise. Our higher-self is no different. When you "hear" messages from your Spirit Guides (even if you did not take the needed action), celebrate. A simple acknowledgment such as, "I am grateful that I am able to hear the wisdom from my Spirit Guides," can make a huge difference. Notice that the celebration is connected with hearing the message, not the following of the message. Your first goal is to simply hear the messages. As you begin to trust your Spirit Guides, following their guidance will come more naturally. When you receive a reading from an online psychic, and you begin to hear messages from them that you have already heard from your Spirit Guides, this is reassurance that you are connecting with messages for your highest good. Pay attention and celebrate the relationship with your Spirit Guides!

Everyone has several Spirit Guides that have been assigned to journey with them and assist them in all situations. Whether you are reaching out to your Spirit Guides for day to day assistance or life-changing decisions, they are here for you...always! To strengthen your ability to hear their messages, five steps are critical. Communicate a clear intention so that there is no doubt in your mind what you desire. Create stillness so that you can hear their whispers. Raise your frequency so that you can more easily connect with their energy. Create consistency so that connection becomes second nature to you. Most important, when you do hear their whispers, celebrate.

When you celebrate, even the smallest of steps, your higher-self will then focus on creating more moments to celebrate. You are so precious and so deserving that you have a council of wise spirits assigned to you. Cultivating a relationship with your Spirit Guides to navigate this realm can help you avoid unnecessary challenges and detours. If you find yourself stuck in any of these steps, a reading with an online psychic can help you to clear the blocks so that you can strengthen the relationship with your Spirit Guides.


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