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Are Psychics Real? The Ultimate Guide To Psychic Readings

If you ever doubted whether psychics are real or not, you are not the first person to be skeptical. Much of people's skepticism is something related to the core question: Are psychics real? It is a valid question to research, and it is hard to do without using science to back it up.

Still, the validity of psychic experience has been said to be an ongoing debate for centuries. Certain religious beliefs might steer people away from exploring this untapped potential while other entire philosophies are interwoven with its ability to transform your mind and your life. The variety of beliefs are really found to range in awe, fear, and mystery.

As a whole, it is much pretty easy to say that the science behind psychic intuition is fake because to try and collect scientific data is a task many people that work in the field of psychical research struggle with the undertaking. The biggest struggle they have found with validating results is accurate verification of future events in the news. For most people, believing in psychics comes from repeated exposure to living with the results of psychic readings and timelines predictions unfolding to their surprise. For them, it is not something they found in science but a leap of faith they find from experience.

Here is a straightforward truth we know about humanity: we fear what we can't understand. The unknowable frightens us so that we might demonize it in more ways than one. It has been said that a lot of our skepticism is rooted in people in power in our shared past with needing to suppress the development and uprising of conscious social change and social movements for the overall betterment of humanity.

Still, you should make sure to take something others have said in the past regarding the skepticism of psychic abilities with much-added suspicion. Do your own psychical research on the science of psychics. One good way is to get referrals from trusted friends.


Most find that being skeptical about psychics is actually really healthy. Not all psychics are found to be equal, and those pretending to be professional psychics may not always believe in your best interests in mind. When trusting an unknown third person with private information and your future, it's a good idea to be discerning and ask one or two questions.

All that being said; still, people pretty believe much of the skepticism comes from people unwilling to open their minds to the possibility that not everything in life has an exact answer or cause. Not everything can be measured with science or in facts. Nothing in life is set in stone, not even timelines or fates or our future.

Even with skepticism, people are often pretty curious about psychic insights. Whether it's trying to figure out how a psychic might pick up details or what kind of details they may or may not reveal, everyone is really fascinated by psychics themselves.

History of Psychic Beliefs

The term psychic is said to have come from ancient Greek terminology, but French astronomer Nicolas Camille Flammarion coined the term back in the 1880s. His original psychical research focused heavily on the scientific method of investigating psychic phenomena and the beliefs in reincarnation. He believed in using science as a way to prove his theories.

He embraced these ideas with discernment and interest so he would be both open-minded yet reasonable when reviewing his findings so others would believe them. It was also Flammarion who coined the terms clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, etc. Most of Modern Spiritualism and New Age Theory is an extension of Flammarion's early studies and beliefs in psychic abilities, the human aura field, and past lives.

Flammarion's research is said to have also included going back and trying to really understand the history of seers and prophets from the Delphic Oracle to the priests of Ra and eventually including the works of the visionary Nostradamus.

Myth vs. Reality 

When it comes to psychics and psychic readings, there are many misunderstandings about what psychic readings help you find and what people believe psychics can and can't do.

One of the biggest misconceptions that many believe say is about timeline predictability. Timelines are not set in stone, so predictability is about seeing possibilities and possible outcomes. Free will is pretty much a significant factor that plays into how a prediction will unfold, and that includes the free will of all people, not just one or two involved with an event or situation.

Psychic readings are a way to converse with a third party who can tune into your psychic energy and give insights and perspectives. Majority of the time, people seek psychic readings is to validate, verify, or disprove what they suspect is accurate from their intuition (i.e., psychic abilities). These situations are usually about ongoing events and not ones taking place in the future.

A psychics real power is to tune into your field, but they will not read you accurately if you are blocking them. Psychic readings have to be a consensual process for accuracy to occur. You have to verbally and spiritually say yes. If you are too skeptical, acting like you don't believe, testing your psychic, or arguing with their insights, it is said that then you will not receive valuable insights within your psychic reading.

Many people believe that psychics can read minds. They believe this without research. Psychics read energy and interpret images. This is not the same as reading minds and can be challenging to do. They have to learn how to understand a broad spectrum of symbology, archetypes, and subconscious cues that give us the information we want to understand life better.

Over time, psychics real sense to learn a lot about people and patterned behavior deepen, but they also know that everyone is unique and free will is a part of our design. This doesn't mean that they can cold or hot read you with various methods. Cold and hot psychic readings are generally just frowned upon among the psychic community and somewhat unethical as far as research goes. Anyone who does that is problematic and more than likely a scam artist posing as a psychic. A real psychic uses their gifts of intuition and not their analytical mind to give psychic readings.

There are many misconceptions about who a psychic is and the lifestyle they choose to live.

The reality is that often a psychic practitioner has a day job where they work as a teacher, a nurse, a customer service representative at a department store, a lawyer, a construction worker. You will find that psychics come from all walks of life. This is because psychics are just as regular people as you are.

Understanding Psychic Abilities 

Believe it or not, everyone is psychic. We all have these skills, but they are often dormant and unused, especially when we are highly skeptical. Our psychic abilities usually show themselves through socially acceptable ways, such as the phrase "gut instinct," "déjà vu," or meetings of synchronicity. All of these are examples of psychic phenomena.

When people want to develop their psychic abilities, they need to start first by releasing any negative beliefs concerning themselves and psychics. Spiritual growth and enlightenment is the first step in becoming a practicing psychic. Step two is in learning about the different psychic powers one can have.

The Different Types of Psychic Skills 

Clairvoyance: aka "clear seeing"

When a psychic uses clairvoyance, they are seeing images and pictures that help guide them to the information they want to know. These images may be exact places, people, or events, OR they can be symbolic. Using their intuition and working with you on interpreting these images can often improve their accuracy and understanding.

Clairaudience: aka "clear hearing"

When a psychic uses clairaudience, they hear sounds, ringing, or words from either ear or both that offer them insights into your question. Clairaudients will often hear from outside their head and around. The right ear can be positive signs of communication from your Spirit Guides and information about people in your life, whereas the left ear can be a warning sign of things not going your way. Understanding which ear the messages are coming into can help you better understand what the real meaning behind the sounds is trying to express.

Clairsentience: aka "clear feeling"

When a psychic uses clairsentience, they feel things that can't be explained. One example is getting the sensation of chills and then sensing something is not as it should be. Being in tune with your body helps to fully develop this skill as it is closely related to all bodily sensations.

Claircognizance: aka "clear knowing"

When a psychic uses claircognizance, they have a clear understanding of something without any direct knowledge or insight. It's as if a thought appeared inside their head and gave them the answer. This psychic skill often heightens other skills and can be masked underneath them, so it may be hard to strengthen on its own. The practice of journaling, or even Automatic Writing, will hone this skill.

Empath: sensing the emotions or mental states of others

An Empath comes in many different types and tunes into energy effortlessly. An Empath's path is to learn their energetic boundaries so they can distinguish which feelings and thoughts belong to them and which belong to other people and entities. A Psychic Empath during a psychic reading will be able to tune into your thoughts and feelings as well as those in your life. They are exceptionally excellent with relationship and friends readings.

Mediumship: communicating with the spiritual realm to review the past, past lives, or communicate with spirits passed on from Earthly means.

Mediums assist the living with coming to terms with their mortality and connecting them with those who have passed on. Because mediums have spent time communicating with the spiritual realm, they have a greater understanding of our mortal being and our non-corporeal existence. During a psychic reading, the role of the medium is to help people reflect and renew their sense of life and purpose and connection to others.

Channeling: a translator for interdimensional communication meant for creating a deeper understanding of our world and other worlds.

Channelers help guide us into being a better version of ourselves and raise our vibration. A psychic channeler will relay messages they receive from non-corporeal entities to assist in our transformation and give us hope when we need it. They are the psychic community's dedicated lightworkers as they hope to ignite the light within us all.

Energy Healing: The ability to receive healing in the form of energetic vibration.

When a psychic offers energy healing, they have received some formal training in one of the many arts. The most popular energy healing practice among psychics is Reiki.

A final note on psychic skills

Psychic skills are almost always intertwined with one another, but one is usually stronger than the rest. Clairvoyance tends to be the most powerful of all the "clair" skills, but others can hold their own, especially when combined. 

Real Psychics vs. Scam Artists 

For those who have spent their life honing and developing their psychic abilities, they are the real deal. These psychics are the ones who will work with you on getting your life back on track and helping you understand yourself better. They aren't out to exploit you, but to help you heal as other psychics helped them before you came to them.

You can always tell a real psychic by their ability to listen deeply to you and expand your worldview. They will tell you things that affirm who you are and may say something you didn't know. A real psychic serves to improve your life, not drain your bank account or make you second guess yourself. They will not try and be friends with you but will act as a spiritual counselor and guide.

Scam artists who pretend to be a practicing psychic will only be interested in scare tactics and tricks to keep you coming back for more readings. They will make you feel dependent on them the way a narcissist makes their victims towards them.

The best way to spot a fake psychic is to see if they are gaslighting you and spinning you around. It's one thing for them to give you information that you disagree with, but it's another thing entirely when they try to convince you that their interpretation is the only reality.

What Psychic Readings Can Do For You 

Spiritual and Personal Growth

Working with psychics daily can help you grow spiritually and raise your vibration. Several people work with psychics to help release any obstacles holding them back and gain perspective on things that may not seem as problematic in their daily lives. Once we begin to open ourselves up to spiritual guidance, we start our awakening to the awareness that life is much bigger than we imagined. Psychic insights can help us take journeys to the unknown and help us evolve individually and collectively if we are open to it.

Plan Your Future

You don't have to rely on the accuracy of possible timeline predictions to speak with a psychic about your future. Psychics real abilities to tune into the aspects of your current situation and see your personality, strengths, and weaknesses. Doing this allows them to engage with you about making changes and the possible pros and cons of those changes. They can also help you psychologically prepare for obstacles with emotional support and help you to build confidence in your abilities and intuition.

Allow You to Let Go of the Past

Psychics can give you perspective on past events and experiences. They can help you see the lessons in a specific situation with loved ones and friends and give you insights into others' struggles and their life paths. When they deeply listen to you, you feel heard, allowing you to heal and let go.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Some people seek out regular psychic readings purely for validation and verification. This is common and nothing to be ashamed of doing. Several times as we were a child, we may have felt invalidated because our needs and feelings interfered with plans and inconvenienced others. As an adult, we have to unlearn this and feel better about our own instincts. Psychics can help you learn how to re-parent your inner psychic and trust yourself more with decision-making instead of asking friends. The more you work with them, the more you will see and acknowledge your wisdom, beauty, and growth.

Gain Confidence in Developing Your Intuitive Skills

For several, psychics real gift is to help you become a real psychic! All psychics have had to take an inward journey in honing their gifts. After they did a lot of inner work, they had to engage with other psychics to learn more about what they didn't know themselves and to fine-tune their craft. Psychics can easily help you harness your intuition and help you to trust your feelings. They can also help you to become a practicing psychic!

Do's and Don'ts on Getting an Accurate Psychic Reading 

  • Don't test your psychic
  • Do ask them about their psychic powers and divination tools
  • Don't ask them for lottery numbers
  • Do ask them about your ability to manifest
  • Do you have questions prepared beforehand
  • Don't have a general reading unless you are open to receiving random and unexpected insights
  • Do spend time grounding and centering yourself before and after
  • Don't get a psychic reading when you are highly emotional and upset
  • Do be open-minded and willing to receive guidance
  • Don't interrupt your psychic when they are sharing information
  • Do let go of preconceived notions of what you want the outcome to be
  • Don't get angry at your psychic for not meeting set expectations

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