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How Do Psychic Readings Work? Insights from Psychic Divine Intuition

First, let's analyze what psychic readings are not: they are not push-button oracle answers to all of your questions. Psychic readings are the result of two people connecting with each other's energy. The more open and honest you are, the better results your reading will bring you.

Imagine going to a doctor and keeping your symptoms secret to see if she/he can pick up on your illness. Similarly, by putting forth the energy of deception, you thus block the flow of energy. You then muddy the telepathic and empathic bond between you and your reader.

Most often, people come for readings asking about other people involved. You then connect through the internet, the phone, or sometimes just a text or chat. This is a challenging way to communicate with someone's energy for any reader. Now on top of that, you are expecting answers to come lightning fast. You can't go into it thinking I need to talk to a psychic for free. No other profession has clients with expectations these unrealistic!

Imagine going to a doctor while not telling her/him what is bothering you and expecting her/him to diagnose you this very instant accurately! Going to a psychic reader is very similar to seeing your general physician. You are dealing with a problem in your physical world; let's say a relationship isn't going the way you had hoped. Your psychic reader will then find the spiritual problem or blockage in your energy field, tell you what you then need to work on, so you can see different results.

Your reader will most likely also tap into the person you are asking about and 'diagnose' their energy field, blockages, and issues. And your reader will also tell you the karmic entanglement and reason behind the 'why' of what you are experiencing and how to solve it. No small matter! This is a highly complex process that requires many skills and a finely tuned empathic sense from your reader.

The more you open your energy to your reader, the more accurate the reading will be. Furthermore, most psychic readers are highly developed spiritual guides and understand the human condition in all its facets from a higher perspective. Only if you are open to listen and learn and willing to try seeing things from a new perspective will you be able to learn and grow and mature.

If you come to a reading with a closed mind, you most likely won't get satisfying answers, and you won't learn to understand your life's lessons from a higher spiritual level. It requires a great degree of self-involvement and inner work to take advantage of a psychic reading. Remember, there are infinite timelines, and a reader is merely taking a snapshot of your current energy, which could change at any point in time.

Trusted psychic readings can give you an accurate reflection of where your current predominant energy will lead you down the road, which timeline and outcome are most likely based on your present energy, attitude, and emotional state. There are, however, multiple options at all times. The future is fluid. Only a few life events are fixed. We call these 'markers' - which are certain life events that are fated to happen. However, most decisions in your life are not fated, and you have the power to change current and future circumstances.

The more you are willing to trust your psychic reader and stay open to learning and understanding yourself. The laws of the universe, the more likely you will be getting a fulfilling, satisfying reading that helps you grow, feel empowered and gives you answers you need and guidance you seek.

Best of luck, stay blessed, stay positive, and, most of all, stay hopeful, and remember: a closed mind is like a parachute that doesn't open.

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