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Uncovering your personal divine plan can be life-affirming. Learn how to shed your past wounds and live each day in the flow of the Universe. Connect with your internal psychic guide to shift into a higher frequency.

Knowing exactly what to ask a psychic reader during your Tarot card reading to find the answers you're looking for can be trickier than you thought. Psychics will often tune into your energy and see many possibilities and may pick up on information t... Continue reading

For many of those of African descent, the day after Christmas and leading up to the new year holds a special significance. Many Americans may be oblivious to the spiritual and emotional meaning of Kwanzaa and how to celebrate it with the community. T... Continue reading

If you are on the path towards your spirituality, you may need some guidance on what steps you should be taking in your journey. Everyone's path is different and tailored to their life path and karmic lessons. You may think that you've wasted your ti... Continue reading

One of the easiest ways to move through a sad or 'stuck' moment is to pull your attention back to yourself and acknowledge that you are in the business of living. It is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and get distracted or get lost... Continue reading

Bright Greetings,Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, subscribing, and sharing. It is a joy connecting with you. I can be reached at extension #1093 for your life-changing reading. I want to talk about the Matrix and the Jew... Continue reading

Whenever you feel lost and vulnerable, there will always be two types of people who come to your aid. One kind will be genuine and altruistic; the other will be out for personal gain.Why does this happen?Sometimes we all need to learn karmic lessons,... Continue reading

Bright Greetings. Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy connecting with you. Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing. I hope that my articles empower, encourage, and inspire you to be your best, authentic self. If you would like... Continue reading

Many times in our lives, we feel lost and lose our path. When it happens to people we love, we may feel powerless to help them, and we can't solve their problems for them. We all are on our learning and healing journeys, so we must respect people fig... Continue reading

One of the critical aspects of having a healthy lifestyle is maintaining and creating appropriate boundaries. Boundaries are more than just our relationships with others and our ability to manage our own time and self-care. It can even be our own abi... Continue reading

At some point in our lives, we will experience feelings of disappointment towards something we love that does not meet our expectations. Whether it's a relationship, a job promotion that didn't occur, or an event that didn't turn out to our expectati... Continue reading

When we manifest into this realm, we come here to evolve. Our soul has agreed to take on particular lessons in each lifetime in order to integrate these lessons into our collective consciousness. There are many sub-lessons, but the main lesson is lov... Continue reading

One of the hardest struggles you may find in life is finding your purpose in life. For some, it can cause an existential crisis or lead you in many different directions. Yet, sometimes your path may be complicated, so you may learn what you need to k... Continue reading

If 2020 is teaching us anything, it's that all of us need to rise up and develop grit. Developing grit and perseverance aren't easy skills to cultivate. They build over time, experience, and learning to evolve from our mistakes. One of the critical i... Continue reading

‚ÄčEach day is a transformation in the process of life.As life happens, there will be times of ups and downs. The trick is in learning how to appreciate the flow of the spectrum. Not every moment is abundant joy. Not every moment is consumed with pai... Continue reading

Bright Greetings, Welcome to my new and returning readers. Thank you for liking, sharing, subscribing, and sharing. This is our time together to celebrate the love and connection that we have together. I thought that it would be helpful to introduce ... Continue reading

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