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44 Journal Prompts To Help You Find Your Purpose

One of the hardest struggles you may find in life is finding your purpose in life. For some, it can cause an existential crisis or lead you in many different directions. Yet, sometimes your path may be complicated, so you may learn what you need to know before discovering your purpose. 

Daily journaling is an excellent tool to help you in finding your purpose. Writing out our thoughts and feelings, working through our daily struggles allows us to create context and see patterns we may not otherwise see.

Below are 44 journal prompts divided into four sections to help you in various places in your journey. Read through them and pick one that speaks to you for a journal exercise and then refer back to this list from time to time to see if you can find more insights and wisdom in your journey of self-growth.


In this section, we have 11 prompts that will help you to dive deeper into acknowledging your purpose in life. This first section is a profound exercise that is best completed in order of the questions.

What five things trigger you, and why?

How does each of these five things relate to one of these emotions: envy, regret, sadness, or shame?

What do you fantasize about doing, but are afraid to do?

How do any of these things you fantasize about relate to the first two questions?

What five emotions encompass your personality?

What five emotions do you wish encompassed your personality?

How do the last two questions make you feel about your life path right now?

What moment in your life stands out the most, and does it give a good feeling or bad feeling?

How does that feeling relate to what you want to do in life, and is it helping you or hurting you in moving forward?

What are the five steps you can take over the next few years to develop your spiritual and personal growth?

Do you feel that you accept yourself as you are, and if so, why not?


Once you feel you have an idea of your purpose in life (and by the way, purposes can change over time, and you may have more than one!), it is beneficial to do in-depth research and outer work with others to understand that purpose.

Who is your mentor, or where do you intend to find one?

What books or blogs do you intend to read about your purpose, and do you intend to keep a journal about your thoughts?

What activities are related to your purpose, and how are you planning to engage with them?

How often do you plan to meditate on your purpose to understand it better?

Are you planning to use any tools in your understanding, such as Tarot, dream journalling, or speaking with Spirit Guides?

What three steps will you take to contact people you don't know to help you with your purpose?

How do you plan on inspiring people?

How do you plan on staying motivated on challenging days?

What type of emotional intelligence exercises will you do to help you better understand your purpose.

How do psychic beliefs play into your purpose?

How does your soul purpose differ from your life purpose?


When you live your purpose, you are stepping in fully to who you are, and the work is more energized. You may find yourself more in sync with people and possibilities. The following prompts are to help you with your momentum, no matter where you are in this stage of life. It's also that when you are in the stage that you will become a mentor to others.

How do you plan to live a life of purpose?

What does it feel like when you are living with purpose as opposed to lacking purpose?

What do you say to others when they say there is no purpose in life?

How many times have you talked to a psychic about your purpose, and would you share that with others?

How do you share the purpose of your soul with others?

How do you plan on inspiring others towards purposeful living?

How do your abilities to forgive and accept people as they are playing into your purpose?

How did you let go of the past so you could be living a life of purpose?

When was the last time your felt anger at yourself for not accomplishing something you set out to do?

How did your emotional intelligence play a role in coming to the stage in your life?

How did spirituality figure into living with passion and purpose for you?


When you entirely believe in your purpose, you have reached the final stage of growth. During this stage, you may continue with your beliefs or have a crisis of faith. That crisis will either force you to deepen or challenge your ideas regarding your purpose to realign them correctly, OR you may find yourself on a path to another purpose in life. Consider the following questions and see how they guide your path.

When was the last time you believed in yourself?

How did that belief make you feel, and do you still feel that feeling? If so, where has that feeling been moved to?

How many emotions pop up for you during the day that makes you question your value?

When it comes to your sense of self-worth, do you feel it is connected to your purpose?

If you let go of your beliefs regarding your purpose, how does that make you feel?

What would happen if you began to live an entirely different life than the one before, and what would you let go of entirely?

How are your beliefs holding you back, and how are they moving you forward?

Do your beliefs energize you or drain you?

What is the purpose of your soul, and how has that purpose shaped your beliefs?

Are your beliefs and self-acceptance connected to your sense of self-worth, and if so, how do you change that?

If your belief in something has changed, does that make you a bad person or one that has evolved?

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