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3 Psychic Keys to Unlock Your Soul Purpose

When we manifest into this realm, we come here to evolve. Our soul has agreed to take on particular lessons in each lifetime in order to integrate these lessons into our collective consciousness. There are many sub-lessons, but the main lesson is love. We are in this physical experience to learn to love ourselves and to love each other. Part of learning to love yourself includes spending time each day dedicating yourself to your soul purpose. Your soul purpose is that which your soul has come to give to the world in the form of your energy and love. There are three psychic keys to unlock the doors to your soul purpose and lead you to your best career path. Let's open these doors together.

What Brings You Joy? 

Manifesting the life you desire takes many steps, but one of the most important is creating while you are in the space of joy. When you are "in joy," it is easier to "enjoy" whatever it is that you are doing at that moment. In order to unlock your soul purpose, you have first to uncover, examine, and explore what brings you joy. You will spend the more significant part of your waking hours in this realm, exchanging time and effort for financial income. If you do not receive joy from your job or career, you are spinning your wheels and just passing the time. Time is too precious to spend your life following a career path that is only about stability or financial gain.

As you start to examine what brings you joy, you will attract potential career paths that include those joyous activities. If teaching others brings you joy, you could be a teacher, a professor, a life-coach, a psychologist, a corporate trainer, a fitness instructor...take the experience that brings you joy and examine all possibilities. Finish these statements:

1 - My heart is filled when I …
2 - I feel purposeful when I …
3 - I am grateful for moments of…

I'll share with you my statements.
1 - My heart is filled when I am a bridge to another person's healing.
2 - I feel purposeful when I am able to teach another person's love and acceptance.
3 - I am grateful for moments of fearless connectivity.

Knowing what fills my soul enables me to create a path where I am able to experience those joyous moments daily. You deserve the same daily moments of soul-filling joy. Attracting a career path does not mean that you will enjoy every task or every moment, but your soul purpose is met by following that path. Once you understand what type of activity brings you joy, it is time to ensure soul growth.

What Challenges You to Grow?

If you are not growing, you are dying. Even if the career path that you choose brings you joy today, it will become monotonous if you are not being challenged. Who you are today is different than who you will be in five years. Creating a career path that will match you as you evolve and help present you with opportunities to grow is key to long term satisfaction. When we learn new skills, we often discover unique traits within ourselves. Practice these affirmations.

1 - I am excited to learn new skills, such as...
2 - I am ready to take on new challenges, such as…
3 - I am willing to step outside my comfort zone to achieve...

Practice these daily until your desire to grow outweighs your fear of a new experience. If you are having difficulty understanding how your current skills can be utilized to open new doors, a reading with a psychic empath will help you see what options lie in front of you. If you have already identified how you want to grow, it is crucial to ensure that the path that you choose also feels like home.

What Feels Like Home? 

When we incarnate into this life, we bring with us skills, experiences, and talents that we have integrated over past lifetimes. This does not mean that we have to use all of these skills, only that they are accessible for us if we choose. Building on talents that we have already integrated during a past life means that these tasks will come more easily to us, and feel more comfortable learning them. For example, suppose you have been a shaman or healer in a past life. In that case, you may choose to be a chiropractor, a pediatrician, a massage therapist, a psychologist, or any other number of paths that will pull on your past life experiences. If you feel drawn in multiple ways, experiencing a past life regression with an online psychic could be just the answer you seek.

When I would guide my clients into new experiences, I would often see a sweater on the correct path. I would feel like I was putting on an old, comfortable sweater. If you are embarking on a new direction, but the thought of this new path allows you to breathe deeper...you have found your way. Although we experience new career paths, different soul partners, and new lessons in each lifetime, we are not starting from scratch. When you research a career path, you get the feeling that "I have done this before," pay attention. If you have found the field that you desire, but you are unsure how to create the actual path that matches you, receiving a tarot card reading from an online psychic could open up possibilities that you have not even considered. It is time for you to unleash your soul purpose and put it to work!

We are all here to love, first and foremost. How we use our skills, talents, and gifts to exchange time for financial gain is up to us. Are you ready to uncover your soul purpose? Are you prepared to live the life that the soul desires? Examine what brings you joy and make sure that the path you choose enables you to experience that joy, in some form, each day. Choose a course that requires you to grow and be challenged. You are so much more than you realize at this moment. Dig deep and tap into you that is waiting to be uncovered. To balance the space of new experiences (which can often be a bit scary), make sure to choose a path that feels familiar in some way. This will enable you to explore and discover talents that you may not yet realize are just waiting to be unearthed. Live your truth, share your abilities, and unlock your working soul purpose to live your most fulfilling life.

Psychic Kileen

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